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March Against Monsanto ~ October 12, 2013 ~ Everywhere

The March Against Monsanto is less than two weeks away. We hope you've invited all your friends on Facebook to your local March (and if you are not on Facebook, you've done your best to contact the organizer and/or invite your friends through email). We exported the official MAM Google Doc, posted the locations & Facebook URLs to our website, and we are pleased to say there are over 350 scheduled marches. We anticipate this number to grow even larger.

Don't have Facebook or not interested in marching against Monsanto? Moms Across America has over 50 scheduled events taking place this month.

Outside Monsanto's HQ in St. Louis

In August, our friends at the Are We Eating Fishy Food? campaign drove cartoonish GMO art cars from Washington, DC to Seattle, Washington to help get 522 passed. Last week they published their documentary about the cross-country road trip. From a Fishy tailgate in Pittsburgh to camping out at Monsanto's HQ in St. Louis to interviewing March Against Monsanto creator Tami Canal in Salt Lake City to protesting the Grocery Manufacturers Association in Seattle, Washington, the 13 minute documentary highlights how Americans across the country support GMO labeling.

Outside the Grocery Manufacturers Association conference in Seattle, Washington

The Grocery Manufacturers Association just surpassed Monsanto as the biggest donor to the No on 522 campaign with a $5,000,000 contribution last week. Here's the full list of companies that are members of the GMA. We need to boycott these companies and force them to stop associating with the GMO-loving GMA.

But what happens after the Moms Across America & March Against Monsanto events are over? There will be one battle that we can all take part in- helping pass I-522 in Washington state. There is a little more than one month before Washington state election officials start counting the mail-in ballots and ample time for us to volunteer our time & money to counteract big bucks from the GMA, Monsanto, and the junk food industry. As of today, the No camp has raised $17,160,729 to stop I-522 and if every person receiving this email donated just $10 or volunteered 10 hours, we'd make a huge impact countering that corporate money. Never forget how much power each of us has to change the course of the future!

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March Against Monsanto October 12


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Comment by Byron wilkins on October 6, 2013 at 8:55pm

This is a step in the right direction but still has a great flaw. WHY do you want to label something that has proven to kill you. Ban the garbage from the beginning other countries already have and why is the greatest country to ever exist to cower to a stinking label. When that label is so small it takes a magnifying glass to read it will you be happy you did something good, you can be sure Monsanto will still be laughing at your stupidity. I would not be surprised if Monsanto started the labeling program themselves to stop the total ban like most civilized countries have already done.    


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