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Mighty Victory speaking on the Seven Sacred Weeks (This year begins in 11.23.2017, America Thanksgiving’s Day)

Mighty Victory speaking on the Seven Sacred Weeks (This year begins in 11.23.2017, America Thanksgiving’s Day):

I come this morning to charge you with the reminder to keep acknowledging my victory in all that you do! The sinister force has threatened certain things in America, if those who stand for the light move into their outer authority and hold command! I WOULD APPRECIATE VERY MUCH OVER THE NEXT THIRTY DAYS, or at least until the Thanksgiving Class begins AND DURING THE SEVEN SACRED WEEKS, if in your “I AM” decrees and as much of your private application as possible, you would keep acknowledging my victory of light, Saint Germain’s victory and freedom of light, Hercules’ victory and power of light, Lord Maitreya’s victory and love of the light, the Silent Watcher’s cosmic silence and power of light! The more you can give acknowledgment to the victory, and then the special quality of each of the cosmic beings whose assistance you have been calling, the more you will intensify the protective power and the pressure which is the impelling victory of light, forward into outer authority, into conditions of the physical world!

Call forth the cosmic victory and authority of the light from the Great Divine Director! Call forth the victory and wealth of light from the Mighty Lord Maha Chohan and the Mighty Virgo, and I would call it also from the Great Beings who direct the forces of the elements. Call forth the victory and power of light from the Goddess of Light and the Queen of Light! Call forth the cosmic victory and healing by light from the beloved Nada, the Beloved Mary, the beloved Meta, beloved Quan Yin, and beloved Diana!

Call forth the cosmic flame of cosmic victory, and then whatever other qualities you desire in all your “I AM” decrees for the next thirty days; and let us see how much pressure and momentum that will release into the physical structure of earth, as a barrier against threatening riots and revolution! The sinister force has made the threat that if they do not go into office, then they will have a revolution in America! Well, there are other people in the universe beside themselves, and we happen to be some of those others! That is the reason for the next thirty days we want the acknowledgment of your victory, your light, your freedom, and the authority of the American people in command of the physical octave!

Great assistance has recently come forth from out the Great Silence to you here and to your beloved America, and that assistance I am sure you will greatly appreciate. In the recent star which has appeared, there is an intensification of the outpouring of the fire element for the accomplishment of peace! Therefore, if you will concentrate on the acknowledgment of my power of victory, the cosmic flame of cosmic peace, and all the cosmic assistance required to compel it into physical action; then command it to take possession, produce perfection, and go on with the rest of that decree – you will give us an opportunity to draw forth certain actions of the cosmic law which otherwise would not be possible. We would deeply appreciate your concentration on this acknowledgment over the next thirty days.

Discourse I, p. 302
Chicago Illinois, November 5, 1944
SGP#09 – I AM Discourses

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