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Morgellions IS the Neural Lace: FORCED Trans-Humanism, Human Experimentation & Depopulation All In One!

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Comment by Carolyn on Saturday

Until were in the right frequency format i find this life meaningless. Sorry to say it... but a life build on a weak foundation of lies and spiritual trickery is worth losing.  Until this stolen planet is reclaimed and returned to its original divine blueprint..back to the living library it used to be and will be once again.. all we are doing is going through the motions.

This is why people try to fill their spirit with consumer goods and gadgets and become lost in the material world. Its because life is so meaningless and our lives so empty because of the Reptilian schism were all under that they get excited over that thousand dollar dress or that new Iphone that they bought. 

They are looking for spiritual connection and when your disconnected from Source it becomes very easy to become entangled in these distortions they artificially create for us.

Doing the same repetitive shit job day in and day out and then when the weekend comes I'ts we better go have some fun because come Monday its back to the same shit again.

When youve come from a heavenly realm...  A higher frequency and awareness you know on a soul level there is more because you have experienced more. YOU HAVE AN UNCONSIOUS KNOWING. You knew when u came here you'd have to redo certain cycles of experience you no longer need for your personal levels. We knew that.

Our mission here is not just to be light but to come in with the determination to draw others into it when the time was right. Were here to harvest as many earth humans into the new frequency as we can. Its tough 300 0 00 yrs of programmed junk don't just go away. Combine that with humans Having their DNA tinkered with and that adds to the challenge.

Comment by Byron wilkins on Saturday

We should be paying attention to a possible time line change with a good ending and it looks like it may be happening with the bad people are all being exposed. For the longest time it seemed we were domed to a terrible existence with no hope of changing even the smallest thing but now there is hope again for this sick and dying planet and its diseased inhabitants. Living in a world where no one really gets cured unless you take your health into your own hands, Yes it has been very depressing to live like this if you can call it living at all. Spending much of your time trying to not get poisoned. I am very tired of all of this daily deception game.   

Comment by Carolyn on Saturday

I agree that its important to stay as high vibe as you can but having to live with the physical manifestations of their insanity can just be too much at times . That's what poses the greatest challenge right now and is the ultimate soul testing we face as light not to get pulled into the distortion. Especially since many of us in the Indigo starseed families are being directly targeted for dark attacks as a way to try and derail us.

I think I'm going to have to step up my game and meditate even more than i do already. I'm just so soul tired of trying to navigate within a cognitive sewer with no end to the madness in sight. 

Were getting our asses kicked down here in the lower form (3D) world!

Comment by Byron wilkins on Saturday

We have all been doing it for years how do you stop watching what is going on in a time like this when everything is being exposed and most people didn't even have a clue what was going on other  than things weren't right. Where do you stop talking is it chemtrails is it blood pressure is it the conviction of pedophiles where do you draw the line. What is coming ?  

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on Saturday

Bill's right.  Time to raise our vibs so we don't get sucked into what's coming.

Comment by Bill on Saturday

Stop reading the shit you already know whats going on, it is all a game, how else does one that comes from Divine Light get to know Separation. Now is the time to let loose of all that bothers you drop it on the ground turn and walkway! It more important to rise your Vibs now the Storm is coming to a head soon and we all need to be on top are game Grounded and Centered! Light Workers!

Comment by Byron wilkins on Saturday

I agree it is very hard to hold any form of compassion for satanic monsters.

Comment by Carolyn on Saturday

I'm trying Bill... I'm really trying... but being so sensitive and empathetic  as i am,  this is all just making me heartsick

Comment by Bill on Saturday
When the tipping point finally hits, and the dominoes of truth start rippling into the consensus reality, our greatest service will be to maintain a grounded, compassionate, and balanced presence in order to minimize chaos.
This could mean choosing not to rev people up with more information than they can process, not to force-feed them our take on the truth, not succumbing to saying “I told you so,” and not falling into old patterns of dissecting who’s at fault and who needs to pay.
Digesting radical change is not unlike digesting food: it needs to be done one well-chewed bite at a time. Yet this may not be possible once the avalanche of truth (and disinformation) hits the masses. It is important for us to understand the value of holding a balanced, loving vibration as the ultimate transformer of discord and distortion.
This isn’t about shying away from or denying the truth but, instead, having the courage to digest the truth without being poisoned by it. We may be called to act as grounding rods or pressure cooker valves to diffuse other peoples’ unbalanced energy, or we may need “to put on our own oxygen mask” and rebalance before we attempt to help anyone else.
The goal in the transition is to choose love over fear and to model peace and unity over divisiveness. The new energy asks us to take responsibility for ourselves, including our thoughts, intentions, emotions, and actions. This is the only way out of the old divide-and-conquer energetic that has crippled humanity for millennia.
Being awake isn’t just about awareness of the global control agenda. Humanity has been purposefully corralled into a limited bandwidth of linear logic, reactive emotion, and competitive survivalism, but all along our expanded, innately creative consciousness has been waiting in the wings for us to perceive and retrieve it.
Comment by Byron wilkins on Saturday

Most of the world has and is being sprayed and soujourner and I have been on another ning for years fighting chemtrails, It is like trying to get to the bottom of 9/11.



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