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Occupy Oakland Started Early, May Day Eve Quickly Turns Ugly

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Comment by Byron wilkins on May 1, 2012 at 4:14pm

LIVE: Protests Are Getting Physical In New York, Hundreds Of Arrests Expected

Dina Spector, Gus Lubin and Linette Lopez
Source: Business Insider
May 1, 2012, 8:19 AM

May Day


They’re out in Bryant Park

LIVE! Scroll down and refresh this page for updates.

MORNING: Occupy Wall Street has been mostly silent since Zuccotti Park was cleared last December, and they planned it that way.

The point was to wait out the colder months until the day that the movement could rise up again with numbers enough to impress the world. That day is supposed to be today.

first arrest occupy wall street may day

The first arrest?

But here in New York City the sky is gray, and rain has been falling since the early morning hours. It’s supposed to let up during the afternoon, when a big concert featuring Das Racist and Immortal Technique and march is planned in Union Square.

One of the first arrests occurred at 9:04 when a Vietnam Vet was booked for blocking traffic. Don’t worry, the protesters have instructions for when they get arrested.

Occupy NYC

Michael Kelley/Business Insider

Capitalism Kills Fun in Continental Army Plaza

Our reporter Michael Kelley reported from Occupy Bushwick that there were as many cops as protesters, but that protesters are hoping for a larger crowd from Occupy Williamsburg.

The protest picked up as the rain faded and the crowds merged to march over the Williamsburg Bridge. We filmed one group of protesters with a pretty catchy chant.

A bunch of protesters were arrested on the bridge.


Michael Kelley

A bunch of arrests on the Williamsburg Bridge

We also spoke to Occupy Wall Street founder Phil Arnone, who is counting on hundreds of arrests today. He says demonstrators also plan to visit three popular restaurant chains this afternoon to protest for labor and immigration rights,

Occupy London


London Calling

The biggest protests may be in London, Oslo, California and other locations away from Wall Street. Here in New York, the morning looked like protests from the fall, but was marred by r...

EARLY AFTERNOON: May Day planners expected New York’s protests to gain traction through the day. After 1 o’clock, observers in Midtown Manhattan reported that a couple hundred to 1,000protesters were heading down 42nd Street toward Third Avenue.

Occupy NYC

Michael Kelley/Business Insider

Biker arrests at Lafayette and Spring

Protestors are now sweeping through the streets of Chinatown after several “very physical” arrests near Roosevelt Park.

Two bicyclists were also arrested at Lafayette and Spring for “blocking the street.”

Five more arrests on Sixth Avenue and Waverly left one protestor with a badly bloodied face after being thrown on the ground.

See pictures here >

Watch the OWS live stream here >

Read the full schedule here >

Looking to protest? Here’s what you need to bring >

Read our interview with an OWS founder >

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