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Possible Meteorite Hits Near La Paz, Mexico

La Paz, BCS-insistent calls being received in the emergency services indicate that a meteorite fell in the vicinity of the capital city, which caused a loud explosion which rocked blast all homes in the south.

According to witnesses who were in contact with Pericú Collective writing, there was a light on the horizon between red and white combined with a trail.

He fell into the San Pedro, seconds later esuchó strong explosion that rocked the walls of several homes shortly after four in the afternoon. This intensely felt what those living in the south of the city.

At present public safety elements, both State and municipal head to the area where you raised a great dust cloud to find out what exactly happened.

The explosion was heard up to the center of the capital city.

Pericú Collective via Reporters Without Borders continues to oversee the development of the news.

Police looking for traces of meteorite
Posted on May 18, 2013 | 49 comments
     Brigades go towards Chametla
     Civil Protection in the area also

La Paz, BCS-The fall of a mysterious object that occurred at 4:08 pm today and caused a loud explosion was heard in the capital city, has originated and mobilization of elements of the Municipal Police and Protective Civil Chametla area and El Centenario.

Still others have been admitted to San Pedro gaps, however from there report that the giant dust cloud that was lifted by the tide of Chametla-El Centenario.

Camino Real, Progress, October Eight, Villas del Encanto, Santa Fe, Fidepaz, Guaycure Pueblo Nuevo, Fovissste, Bellavista, are part of the colonies which are calling emergency services to know what had really happened.

Witnesses report that a ball of white / red that left a trail, crossed the horizon and seconds later heard a loud explosion.

At the time the National Weather Service has not deployed any information regarding earthquake.

Reporters Without Borders is the slope and any news they will tell you in the same way.

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