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Preparing for The Event - Message from the Pleiadian

If you go with rice, the Indian white Basmati rice strain has the least lectin load.  Be sure to pressure cook it.  Pressure cook beans to also reduce the lectin load.  (Best done with a modern, one-touch pressure cooker.)  Alternatively, Eden sells canned beans that have been pressure cooked in the can, and the can does not have BPA, though this is a more expensive route. 

Lectins and BPA are health killers.  Plus, this may make the beans less explosive.  (Since I'm diabetic, I haven't tested this because beans are to high in carbs, but I've read things that indicate this.)

Other things to consider:

Have a supply of a multi-vit/min supplement, because you can't get everything you need out of beans and rice.

Have a supply of clean water or a way to clean water.  The rule of thumb is a gallon a day per person.  So, for one person, a month's supply is 30 gallons.  Times that number by the number persons in the family.  Just remember, water is extremely heavy and takes up room.  I'd still have a way to clean water in case a month supply is insufficient.

Top off your prescription meds, your OTC meds, and pet food and their other needs--flea abatement, meds, whatevers.

This is a good month to have this happen.  The heat of summer will soon be fading and the cold weather is still a ways off.  Still, have a way to heat and cook.  A couple of oil lamps (with smokeless lamp oil) can keep a room warm (with the door closed and in conjunction with sweaters, socks, extra blankets if it is cold weather).  Tea lights under a pot can warm already cooked food (think canned soups, stews, and such). 

Stay at home, if possible, if things get crazy.  If you are out and about, maintain a high situation awareness.  Be aware of everything around you, as well as down the road. 

Search this site for more information.

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Comment by Kim B on September 3, 2018 at 8:58pm

I have a 25 lb sack of basmati rice :)

BTW it is said in prophecy that Jesus will double all supplies at all refuges during this time.


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