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Prof. McCanney's October 4, 2012 Lecture On Comet ISON (Sounds Like It Could Be A Planet X Object)

This is linked directly from his website Science Hour archives:

Starts about 25% in.

Around June 1st will be first interaction with inner solar system, with Venus.  Will interact electrically.  Venus may acquire a cometary tail. 

Between 10/4/12 and 6/1/13, orbit of the comet could slow down because of tail drag.  Jupiter could also give it a tug, give it a slight orbital change, get closer to Mars. 

Around August 18, 2013, some activity with Mercury. 

Those are initial interactions with inner solar system.

Around October 3rd, will have extremely close interaction with Mars, just above, Jupiter could pull it down a little bit, plus the tail drags.  There are some simulations on the internet... these computer orbital simulations done with certain assumptions.  They don't include Jupiter, tail drag, augmentation of the tail drag, interactions with Venus and Mercury, not with Mars once close to Mars.  By then, will be in the morning sky.  If big enough, some amateurs could possibly see. 

Electrical interaction with Mars.  Ancients talk of lightning bolts from comets zapping planets.  If comet nucleus small, will interact gravitationally with Mars.  If larger, similar to Mars mass, Mars could have significant terra-forming, get huge atmosphere of water, could transform Mars overnight.  Earth had it in past 10,000 years. 


Mars could lose its two moons.  Lots of things could happen, depending on certain factors.

Earth's population will be able to see this happen.  MSM is silent.

ISON is significant enough that we will see some scarring on Mars.  All the chemicals pouring into Mars, could cause terra-forming.  I can't provide all details of what could happen.  Could we have mountain building, if this object is big enough?  Orbital dynamics are difficult to understand.  This object will be moving in almost directly towards the sun.  Mars will pass in front of, a little below, the object.  Difficult to predict.  NASA has the capability of measuring this nucleus but are silent.  Did same with Hale-Bopp.  Could measure with radio telescope.  I think their show is coming to an end.  6+billion people are going to look up into the sky and know NASA has lied.  And they say it's a whopping 600 feet across.  It's going to be damaging to the population of the world.  If Planet X object comes into the solar system, people are going to be hurt by their silence.  I'll be talking more about this Mars interaction.  It's going to be an amazing interaction, October 3, 2013 (could start late September and go into mid-October), if orbit doesn't change.  I think there will be knock down, drag out with Mars.

October 29, 2013, it will be 2 million miles from sun.  Very, very close to the sun.  We are 93 million miles from the sun.  By this time, we should have a good handle of the size of the nucleus.  Mars will probably change the orbit of Ison, hard to know where it will end up because of tail drag.  {Explains tail drag.}

I don't know if it will get to the sun by Oct 29th.  If it does, will it go through the solar atmosphere like Comet Lovejoy?  Will it discharge the solar capacitor?  We will be able to see the physical size of that object.  If that happens, and the orbit has not been significantly changed by this time, on January 15, 2014, Earth, Venus, full moon, and the comet will have a direct electrical alignment... we could have 5-6 major hurricanes in Atlantic and Pacific at the same time.  A lot will happen that could change that comet's orbit. 

I don't see it being the end of the world.  I wouldn't want to be on Mars, though.  Mars will be within Ison's coma. 

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