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Remote Viewing Team Sees Catastrophic Situation by June 1, 2013

I am not one for promoting fear but I listened to an interview where it's described that a team of military-grade remote viewers, viewing targets under strict scientific conditions, has seen a potentially catastrophic situation in the near future.  Below is a summary with links to audio and other data for your review.  I believe these events may occur on a number of timelines, but I also believe we have the power to steer away from this type of a future, both individually and collectively.


Emory University professor Courtney Brown, Ph.D., is the only academic scholar who has delved into the study of remote viewing from a scientific perspective.  Brown and his team of military-grade remote viewers at the Farsight Institute have demonstrated remote viewing accuracy of targets not only across space but also across time (both past and future).  These experiments have been done repeatedly and with verifiable data made available to the public.

One experiment led by Brown looked at the possibility of climate changes between the years 2008 and 2013.  The remote viewers were blind as to the targets as well as the dates on which they were viewing those targets.  The following locations were used as targets:

1. Vaitupu, Tuvalu
2. Fort Jesus, Mombasa Kenya
3. Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia
4. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
5. United States Congress Building, Washington, D.C.
6. Malé International Airport, Malé, Maldives
7. KITV Building, Honolulu, Hawaii
8. The Vehicle Assembly Building at Launch Complex 39, Kennedy Space Center, Merritt Island, Florida
9. Key West, Florida

After compiling the results, the viewers painted the following pictures:

On June 1, 2008 - every location showed normal activity -- tourists walking about, standard vehicular traffic, and a general state of normalcy.

On June 1, 2013 - every located appeared in a state of catastrophe.  Buildings were battered, coastal areas showed signs of major tsunami impacts, people had fled inland by foot, people were foraging for food as existing food distribution had broken down, cities appeared as if they were destroyed, there were no signs of cars or electricity, and there were no signs of any rescue operations.  There was evidence of large meteor impacts, tidal waves, possible volcanism, severe storms, and excessive solar radiation.

The following link is an approximately 10 minute clip of some of the results of the study.  Brown states he and his team are NOT predicting these events, but merely reporting what the data show.  These results cannot be verified until June 1, 2013.

The full interview can be listened to here:

For more details on the 2012 Climate Change study, visit the following link:

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Comment by Alex Cortes on June 29, 2012 at 9:42am

Right. Another date ..... guess they are prepping for post 12/21/2012

Comment by nicholas fowler on June 16, 2012 at 10:05am

I have listened tk this, all three hours, and it is a much a kick in th gut so to speak as anything I have listened s far. utterly frightening in its implications of what seems to be heading our way. basically, Courtney places all our theorizing, all the data we have had so far, on what is coming, in a very scientific framework based on his team of top class remote viewers.

he also goes into the dynamics of what seem to be the earthchanges but also what seems to be the increasing energy hitting the earth and transmuting its present vibration int a higher frequency coming from the galactic core.. this had me dumbfounded and it bears exact identity with what Tolec and mark Kimmel amongst others are saying. all I can say is, get ready for a very big  ride indeed, it could be very interesting indeed, and only eighteen months to go.

Comment by Chrys Jones on June 15, 2012 at 10:10pm

Vickie: Thank you very much!

Comment by Chrys Jones on June 15, 2012 at 8:13pm

Vickie: Thanks for the update.  I didn't catch the livestream broadcast but would be interested in hearing it if I could find it posted somewhere.  One thing I have been wondering is if the results would be different if the experiment was done again now.  I think we've shifted quite a bit in terms of our timeline since the data was collected in 2008.

Comment by nicholas fowler on June 14, 2012 at 11:55pm

forgive my typing, can't type , can't even read my own damned words.!!!!! I meant 'intelligent people' not pope  LOL

Comment by nicholas fowler on June 14, 2012 at 11:24pm

I have listened kt Courtney Brown and he is one of the most intelligent pope I have come across, bristeling with integrity.

I have not Listened to this as yet, but hope to maybe today. something is out there, Vickie, and you more than anyone have reason to believe this....

I could say a lot on this but am it feeling ti good at the moment, blame it on the suns activity perhaps....

I do think we should all prepare, I am getting into survival mode again, reading all this. Thank you for the post, Vickie ,

Comment by nicholas fowler on May 29, 2012 at 11:40am

the question I ask, are they perceiving trends , ripples in the collective psyche shall we say, or ripples in the timestream, and accepting these are fluid, and not pre determined, one would assume they can be changed.  the larger more massive  the event seen,  the greater its probability of its coming to pass.

Comment by nicholas fowler on May 28, 2012 at 11:12am

I wonder, Chrys, if these viewers are quite often simply latching onto trends in the collective psyche of the human race. thus may not always be the case, but take Cliff high, and his webot work. could it be there is a similar principal at work here? Time is non linear and is fluid, therefore on this basis, events may be forming somewhere in time, like a mist lets say, but as the timeline approaches of these events, the fluid nature of time allows for new influences to enter thus changing the final outcome. thus, every moment is the aggregate of all the choices, we have made and all the quantum fluctuations from  the small to the macro level. therefore, is it best to listen to these remote viewers as we listen to Cliff High, then see how events work out?

Comment by Chrys Jones on May 28, 2012 at 11:03am

Just to add one additional comment, it appears this experiment was done in the months prior to June 1, 2008, so it's very possible that we were collectively on a more negative timeline back then but, due to more and more people waking up and/or positive intervention, we may have shifted into a more peaceful timeline.

Comment by Kim B on May 27, 2012 at 8:01pm

Yes we do all have the power to change the course of the future.  The future is NOT written in stone.  As I have learned through reading many prophetic messages, prayer is the answer along with kindness, respect for all life and love.



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