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1 mile under the 911 rubble . NYC 2001.

When the Saudi Arabian terrorists smashed the 747′s into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. They started a ‘chain of events’ which has dominated; almost every second, of my life.

On September 12 th, 2001, I ‘sucked in my breath’ and crawled into a pile of rubble  which already contained the corpses of 340 rescuers . I found a little hole and crawled for 1 1/2 miles, most of the time, on my hands and knees. I went 6 levels deep. I went past the area that FEMA refused to enter. They painted a sign on a collapsed beam. “Do not enter unstable” I crawled under that beam into an area of Hell. The air was black from burned jet fuel and the particulate of computers, furniture, carpets, walls, people..everything had been turned into ‘particles in the air.

On September 12th. I was kneeling over the toilet, convulsing, vomiting. I was coughing up blood. My nose was bleeding. I was soaked with fever. Peter Donahue, was with me when a Doctor/ intimate friend of Thompson Lang ( one of the most evil people, in America) told me don’t worry about it.

I got up off the floor and went back to work, as a volunteer. I went back down into the rubble 3 more times. This was the beginning of a battle to survive which continues, to this day. I became poisoned. My skin, eyes, lungs and sinus soaked poison, into my body. The descriptive list of poisons, that the Laboratories have found in my body is 35 pages long. Many of the poisons are at astronomical levels. I have enough lead, in my body, for 492 people to legally qualify for ‘lead poisoning’ compensation, according to the Laws of New York.

Many things happened at 911 which were NOT made public. David Letterman, Jay Leno and many others made much about the American Red Cross stealing the 6 billion dollars that they were supposed to give to victims. They kept they always do.

Few people know about the billions of dollars in ‘things’ ARC kept. BMW SUV’s, computers..many things..but most importantly the 750,000 dollars in respirators that they kept in their New Jersey Whorehouse, for later sale. 3MCorporation donated them, to ARC, for the rescuers.


I was  personally told this, 2 years, later, by the President of 3M.

I became deathly ill. More dead than alive. 47 simultaneous medical diseases and symptoms simultaneously. My IQ went from 164 to less than 70 ( They can’t measure an IQ any lower than 70.) I couldn’t speak; didn’t know my own name; didn’t know how to take a shower etc etc etc..

My enemies, primarily Thompson Lang ( who I had refused to provide a Rescue Badge; so that his newspaper could have exclusive media access to the 911 restricted area; consequently, expanding his $140 million inherited fortune and become the ’cause celebre of the media world’) and the bureaucrats, and insurance companies who opposed ‘the triangle of life’ because it was cheaper, less trouble and more profitable (for shareholder return) to let the school children die ( duck and cover) ; rather than, survive (triangle of life).
I was literally beaten and pulverized into the dirt. My illness made me helpless. Thompson Lang published 702..yes, Seven Hundred and two Documented lies. The analysis and ‘proof’ of these lies exceeded 1,000 pages.

My attorneys,  spent 3 years trying to get Lang to be cross-examined. Lang brags that he ‘controls’ every elected official, in the State of New Mexico. That he (thru his Newspaper and fortune) dominates, bullies, threatens and bribes every elected official. He spent more than 1 million in legal fees; however, he escaped from our $131,000,000.00 lawsuit; never was questioned; never was exposed; never ‘came to justice’. He remains a virtual Dictator of New Mexico. Now, I know that Lang was telling the truth when he bragged about being the ‘most powerful man, in New Mexico.


Nevertheless, Thompson Lang and the Presidents of the Insurance Companies who endanger the lives of schoolchildren and cause their deaths; to increase and maximize profit will burn in Hell. I believe that the truth always comes out, justice is always done, in the afterlife if not on earth.

Anyway, I am sick every day. I struggle, to stay alive. My IQ has risen to 144 and I am blessed to have wonderful people, in my life; including, my incredible wife who took care of me when I couldn’t take care of myself.

By the way, I got compensation from becoming permanently disabled at 911. I got an average of $1.40 per hour for lost income and I got enough money to pay for 1/100th of my actual medical expenses. I moved to Canada to ‘save my life’. Health Care is a basic human right, in Canada. Nobody is allowed to die form lack of medical care. In Canada it is considered murder to allow 911 rescuers to die from lack of medical care or money to pay for it.
and some other UNKNOWN facts.

The Victim’s Compensation Fund (Special Mater Feinberg) gave the least money to the widow of a Mexican cook, killed in the rubble. His widow got $500, to compensate for her husband’s death.

Feinberg gave the most money to a young woman who was also a member of his Long Island Jewish Community. She was a passerby who had a temporary injury to her leg. She got $6.4 million.

Below is a reprint of a previous post, to my BLOG. It contains many more UNKNOWN 911 FACTS.

Sept 10,2012.

Doug Copp


1 mile under the 911 rubble . NYC 2001.

ARTI and Doug Copp*** Minute by Minute*** Timeline at 911

You will read some amazing things:

1) You will find evidence concerning Eric Wade, one of Thompson Lang’s gang who had already been sanctioned by the New York Stock Exchange, go berserk by screaming at and then repeatedly punching the corpse of a New York City Firefighter ; as he lay, in an ambulance outside of the Roosevelt Island Fire Station, NYC.

2) Members of the Chicago Fire Dept, who Doug Copp took in his van and used Copp’s credentials to allow entry into the 911 security zone; actually caught members of the FBI..RED HANDED..smashing glass jewelry cases, in the underground shopping mall, and stuffing their pockets with gold Rolex watches. Guns were pulled. Lives and jobs were threatened. A  world globe encrusted with jewels was taken and later showed up at FBI Headquarters, in Washington, DC. This became a big news an honest FBI Agent exposed the theft to the media. The Globe was given to a museum. The gold watches stolen by the FBI Agents disappeared.

3) Read about the disgusting behavior of Thompson Lang, owner of the Albuquerque Journal, his unscrupulous assistant Leslie Linthicum and his gang of cutthroats, thieves and liars.

Here it is, Minute by minute:

A Timeline of Doug Copp’s Activities relating to 911 During the fall of 2001. The Timeline starts on Sept 11; continues thru, the second mission to 911, during November and ends when The ARTI search ends in December 2001.

The following are some of the activities of my everyday routine, during September 2001. (It is followed by a specific bullet list of additional activities I undertook on a specific basis for each specific day I worked at 911):

Basic Functions: at 911, time allocated; typically, a total of 5 -6 hours per day:

**Ate food and insured that active ARTI members had food. I never spent more than a total of 20 minutes per day eating food. Always stood up while eating and carried on active work and project evaluation, mitigation and future schedule activities and problem solving while eating.

** I went to use the toilet no more than 5 minutes per day.

** I had a shower every 2nd or third day except when I was very greasy from toxins. This lasted for 10-15 minutes.

** I went to a restaurant only once in 12 days; although, it was free.

** I didn’t sleep for first few days. I slept 3-4 hours per day for a total of 23 hours during my entire NYC Time.

** Transportation: 1-2 hours per day ( Lang had our hotel farther away from the rubble than Peter Donohue (ARTI-NYC) had arranged. This was a big fight but my volunteer driver was getting very upset so I caved-in to Lang and Linthicum’s demand.)

My everyday routine other than basic functions took up to 5-7 hours per 24 hour period.

**Coordinated, arranged driving and operational transportation schedule for all ARTI personnel with ARTI Police Driver to and from Ground Zero on a repetitive basis and any other isolated trip to places; such as, Roosevelt Island NYFD Headquarters or etc.

**Communicated with Bill Reeves, ARTI Manager Daily Report on activities of all ARTI members. Problems, obstacles, goals, achievements, projections, schedules and efforts to get experienced personnel into 911.

**Sent update to Vince, ARTI webmaster to be disseminated to all ARTI members who were anxiously waiting for updates.

**Communicated with ARTI New York City Personnel and supporters.

**Communicated with members of NYFD, NYPD and other relevant organizations who were actually involved in a positive way to mitigate 911

** I kept all equipment serviced, charged, repaired and maintained. My room was completely filled with equipment.

**Contacted Hotel desk for messages left for ARTI Command Center.

** Received and acted upon all messages, dealings, concerns and activities of ARTI and all ARTI members while at 911.

** Trained ARTI personnel and others; such as, NYPD, Chicago FD with relevant information so that they would not be killed, injured or harmed while at 911.

** Attempted to enforce good conduct by reporting on malfeasance of FEMA and others; such as, filing a NYC Police report after we caught the FBI looting watches and jewelry from a damaged jewelry store under the rubble.

** When relevant and necessary: Located and informed ARTI members of logistics, support, caches of food and water, and escape route should we be trapped under the rubble.

** As required, on a daily basis: Met with members of NYFD.

** As required, on a daily basis:  Met with members of NYPD.

** Either met personally with relevant political 911 participants; such as, New York City Police Commissioner Kerrick or arranged for ARTI personnel to meet with them to acquire their assistance with ARTI work; such as, Efrain Huamann meeting with Governor Pataki.

** Attempted to enlist the maximum possible ARTI participation in 911 by either arranging for ARTI members like Efrain Huamann to come to NYC or unsuccessfully attempting to get other members; such as, The National Fire Dept of Peru to participate.

**Worked to stop FEMA from self glorification and preventing rescue, recovery by real rescue and disaster mitigation personnel

**Warned members of NYPD, NYFD and many other organizations that FEMA would try to exclude, prevent or otherwise destroy their efforts to save lives, recover victims and help people.

**Insured that ARTI members were not showing signs of ptsd and if so had proper care given or rest.

**Took active steps to calm or assist the General Population with coping with tragedy.

**Met with ARTI members and supporters who would assist in 2 nd phase of general population ability to cope.

**Assisted the Spanish speaking community to cope.

**Assisted the Chicago FD to help with 911 efforts.

** Planning 911 rescue activities.

** arranging for the casualty locator to be used to locate dead victims, whenever, time permitted from busy schedule of locating survivors and helping the survivors cope.

** I met with Politicians, Police and Fire Chiefs, Community Leaders and media on a constant basis; as required, to gain support to achieve the ARTI mission.

Searching for live or dead victims at 911, took 8 to 12 hours per day.

**Searched the outside of rubble for a possible subterranean entrance where victims may be located.

** Searched inside the rubble when it was warranted to do so.

The Problems created by Lang and his entourage typically wasted 2-3 hours per day:

**** Insured that supporters of ARTI work at 911 were content, problems were mitigated and ARTI ‘s Reputation was not tarnished because of : 1)  Steve Lentz drinking bouts and fights, 2) Miller’s nervous dilemma by having Vietnam flashbacks and his preoccupation with pleasing Lang and getting some of his money, 3) John Grace’s cowardice, 4) Eric Wade’s cowardice and flight from NYC due to malfeasance, 5) Mike Holley’s attempt to sneak into 911, his demands that I help him so that his lover ( we presumed) , T. Lang could paint him as a hero, 6) Thompson Lang’s outrageous and public outbursts and insults against myself, ARTI,  NYFD, NYPD and any and all victims who were witnesses to his contempt, disrespect and lack of empathy for everyone involved with the 911 tragedy. This was an enormous burden to carry on a daily basis and took time away from my efforts to satisfy my duty to my conscience and my responsibilities to ARTI and the 911 victims. This burden started before the plane left New Mexico and never ended until I was finally rid of them after throwing Lang and his gang out of my room and I had incorrectly thought ‘out of my life’. I have come to realize that Lang created a problem, outburst, or a demand every single time I met him.

Sept 11

**The attack on America begins.

**Contacted by Idi Callahan of Fox news and asked when I would be arriving and what I would be doing at 911. I started to prepare for a tidal wave of activity. As Miller described in the video, usually 2 calls simultaneously but at one point I had 3 simultaneous phone calls. I placed the phones in front of me and spoke to everyone at the same time.

** started to pack 3 expedition bags of equipment ( weighing 200 lb.) and the O3 Emergency DeTox System which was composed of 3 trunks of equipment and weighed 150 lbs. a total of 450 lb.

** I made arrangements and detailed my drive to 911 if I had NOT received approval to fly by tomorrow, at the latest.

** Contacted by Miller re traveling to 911 and that he would take care of all arrangements; since, I was newly arrived to area and he claimed to ‘know everyone’. I had many calls from Miller who was arranging for Political support from Congresswoman Heather Wilson, The Director of the FAA, a US Air Force General at the Air Base in ABQ. He told me that he knew the owner of the Albuquerque journal who should be willing to fly me to 911.

**Contacted by Peter Donahue. Gave instructions to peter to arrange for logistics –material support. I gave specific instructions regarding a Van and an Official Driver; who would be at our complete disposal during 911…24 hours per day. Also, I told Peter to get a Hotel donated to the team that would be close to 911, a place to put our gear and setup my room or a room as a Command Center and equipment storage and treatment Center.

**Steve Lentz came to my home.

** Miller faxed or emailed me a doc, for me to sign, which would help him use my ARTI documents to obtain co-operation from Governmental Officials.

** Arranged for liaison with ARTI-Member Rob Verhauf to drive from Wisconsin FD to 911..

**As Mike Miller stated in his video I was receiving phone calls from ARTI members and other rescuers from around the USA and the world who wanted to join with me at 911.

** I spoke with Randy Haverd who was driving with his team from Texas. We arranged to rendezvous at 911. I asked him to contact his friend Dr DuPuy to arrange White House assistance if any only if it was necessary (which I told him I did Not think it would be necessary.) I reminded Randy that FEMA would try to prevent rescue but it would be very difficult for them; since, 911 was a much more difficult area for FEMA to control the media, the local authorities and to squash rescue than OK City was. I told him that NYFD and NYPD would NOT let their friends die. He agreed. (NB.Chief Norman who Linthicum portrays as a NYFD Fire Chief and falsely claimed that he was in charge of ALL 911 rescue and recovery operations actually writes in a FEMA magazine that the NYFD and NYPD Officers nearly rioted when he exercised his authority as a FEMA Officer in excluding the NYFD and NYPD from working at 911 and making it a FEMA only event. ( I have a copy of this article.)

**I packed all the major pieces of equipment need for a 15 member rescue team which I had expected to join me. This included equipment for processing hundreds of Urban Heavy Rescuer Personnel per day with one of my inventions the O3 Emergency DeTox Unit. The fact that I had equipment for 15 personnel and FEMA prevented them from working at 911 created a great problem for me, logistically, to transport the equipment back to ABQ.

** I am NOT sure if Lang called me or whether it was Miller. I do NOT think Lang called; however, I have a vague recollection of speaking with someone concerning the flight.

Sept 12

**Went to local TV Station to talk about NM participation at 911 and to put pressure on Government Officials to arrange for clearance for flight. Mike Miller arranged for this interview.

**** Continued to pack 3 expedition bags of equipment (weighing 200 lb.) and the O3 Emergency DeTox System which was composed of 3 trunks of equipment and weighed 150 lbs. a total of 450 lb.

** I continued to make arrangements and detailed my drive to 911 if I had NOT received approval to fly by tonight. Had made arrangements to pick up Rob Verhauf enroute to 911 if I was driving by car.

** Communicated with Miller re traveling to 911 and that he would take care of all arrangements; since, I was newly arrived to area and he claimed to ‘know everyone’. I had many calls from Miller who was arranging for Political support from Congresswoman Heather Wilson, The Director of the FAA, a US Air Force General at the Air Base in ABQ. He told me that he knew the owner of the Albuquerque journal who should be willing to fly me to 911.

**More pre arrival work with Peter Donahue. Gave instructions to Peter to arrange for logistics –material support. I gave specific instructions regarding a Van and an Official Driver; who would be at our complete disposal during 911…24 hours per day. Also, I told Peter to get a Hotel donated to the team that would be close to 911, a place to put our gear and setup my room or a room as a Command Center and equipment storage and treatment Center.

**Steve Lentz came to my home to go to the airport.

**As Mike Miller stated in his video I was receiving phone calls from ARTI members and other rescuers from around the USA and the world who wanted to join with me at 911.

** I continued to communicate with Randy Haverd who was driving with his team from Texas. We arranged to rendezvous at 911. I asked him to contact his friend Dr DuPuy to arrange White House assistance if any only if it was necessary (which I told him I did Not think it would be necessary.) I reminded Randy that FEMA would try to prevent rescue but it would be very difficult for them; since, 911 was a much more difficult area for FEMA to control the media, the local authorities and to squash rescue than OK City was.

** Mike Holley came to my home.

Sept 13

** Paulina drove me to airport in the middle of the night.

** arrived at NM Airport

** I stopped at a mailbox and mailed a postcard to myself. This was a tradition with me. The postcard said: “Dear Doug: Congratulations. You made it back alive.” I got into a habit of doing this because I would come back from disasters, broke, sick and traumatized. It helped to cheer me up and overcome my own ptsd.

**Lang gave me dirty looks and sneers because I was driving an old car and he didn’t like my shorts.

**The plane wasn’t ready to leave. It was necessary to wait for an hour. I waited, on the tarmac outside of the plane with my wife, Paulina Copp. Lang started an argument on the tarmac because he wanted exclusive media control of 911. he refused to permit the TV crew which Miller had arranged on the plane. I was forced to allow Lang to prevent an objective media presence at 911 or walk to NYC.

** Miller informed me that Lang would not speak with me directly because Lang was too important. If I wanted to communicate with Lang then I had to do it through Miller who had taken on the role of working for Lang. He asserts his authority in the video provided by Lang’s attorneys. Miller, also, declares, in the video that Lang was in absolute charge of the flight.

** Miller, also, states that he was going to be in charge of all political matters and that he had made arrangements to go with the New York Police Dept at the Javitz Center. After we arrived he actually went, against my strongest objections, to see FEMA NOT the NYPD.

** I told everyone that someone was working thru the night to get the support of Gov Pataki and the White House, if necessary. This was TRUE. Dr Du Puy, a high ranking member of the Republican Party who had asked me to provide a situation report on the 2001 earthquake in El Salvador for Andrew Card Jr and for Bush was working on these efforts on behalf of myself and ‘HIS GLORY’, for Randy Haverd.

**I used the time in the aircraft to brief everyone on safety and security issues which would be required for their personal protection while at 911. This briefing was interrupted and stopped by Lang’s demands that he be the center of attention and be in charge. I was told by Mike Miller that Lang had told him that Lang didn’t want me to speak to anyone on the plane. I thought this to be very weird and not understandable.

**Lang prohibited ‘fair media’ from observing his misbehavior at 911 by prohibiting them from aircraft. In the video, the film crew had arrived with and were filming Miller and Wade before I ever got to the ABQ Airport.

**arrived at Teaneneck Airport for 911

** Quoting Peter Donahue: “Doug spent time overcoming Lang’s demands that he would not use the donated van which was arranged by ARTI-NYC Liaison Officer Peter Donahue. Lang insisted that someone of his eminence required a limousine and a mere van was not good enough for him. I overcame his objections and delays; in order, to get to work. Now, that I was in NYC and could go to work it was not necessary to cow tail to Lang’s offensive demands.”

** Conflict with Lang and Linthicum in ARTI Van re Lang changing Hotel to 5 star. This was to cost me 15 hours of time in which I could have either slept or did ‘rescue work.’

I quote Peter Donahue’s affidavit: “Originally I had arranged for the team to stay for free in donated rooms at an inexpensive motel in Long Island City. I chose this motel because it was the closest and most convenient for ARTI to have as a command center, located near the Brooklyn Queens Expressway with ready access to Manhattan. The choice of this place would make ARTI’s contribution to the WTC rescue most effective. Doug said: “Let’s get to the motel. Drop off our equipment and get to work.” Upon finding out that the motel was not first class, and was not located near the tourist sites and entertainment center of Manhattan, both Lithicum and Lang said: “Let’s go to the Marriot Marquis.”  At this time, Mike Miller, who I understood to be working with Lang as liaison with ARTI but later found out he was actually working for Lang, agreed with Lang. I responded to Lang, Lithicum and Miller by asking them: “Does it really matter where we stay?” They continued to insist that they wanted to stay in Manhattan. Steve, the volunteer driver, pulled over to the side of the road and said: “Make your minds up!”  Doug was irritated and wanted to get to work.  Doug said: “Fuck it, Let them have what they want, I just want to get to work.”  I agreed with Doug and wanted the same. We drove to the Marriot Marquis. Miller went into the Marriot and arranged for the rooms to be donated while we waited outside. I felt and still feel that Lang’s behavior was inappropriate. I understood that Miller arranged for Lang and his reporters to get their rooms for free too, because they were pretending to be “rescue specialists” so they could gain site access.  The only true “rescue specialist” there was Doug Copp.”

**I checked into the Marriott Hotel at approx 1 pm.

**I set up the command center, checked into the hotel and gave the hotel my credit card as a deposit.

** Notified Hotel of Command Center status

**Contacted ARTI Manager and informed him of location of Command Center

**Set up equipment at Command Center

**Started Charging Batteries at Command Center

** I went down to the Van to leave.

**Lang wasted more of my time by going off and site seeing while I was waiting for everyone to return to the Van and go to Ground Zero. I got very angry and expressed my anger over his wasting my time getting to rescue .


**I quote Peter Donahue: “We drove the van to ground Zero. Lang wasted more of my rescue time by exerting his ‘control’ over everyone present and ordered Miller to go into FEMA headquarters. This was done against my demands and was “another power play by Lang.”. I was ready to go to work inside of ground Zero and I was stopped because I was required to go get Miller out of FEMA Headquarters. I quote peter Donahue’s affidavit: “Once we checked in at the Marriott, around 3 pm, we made our way to the Javitz Convention Center to seek official permission to enter the Ground Zero area and perform rescue and recovery work.  The Javitz Command Center was controlled by officers from the Federal Emergency Management Authority (“FEMA”).  Doug advised us to avoid these people, because they have a personal dislike for him due to his many public criticisms of the agency, criticisms which have proved remarkably prescient in light of FEMA’s disastrous performance at the Katrina disaster in New Orleans.  However, several of the members of Doug’s entourage insisted on seeking FEMA authority because it would benefit them personally in terms of their desire for news coverage and publicity.  Doug never entered the Javitz Center and did not seek FEMA authority; when the others did so, they were rejected.”

**I went to the NYPD Command Center and got immediate entrance and assistance from Officer Kevin Masi. He took me to his Captain and within 5 minutes I was given a police escort, for our van and equipment into Ground Zero. Somebody took video from our van of the Police Car with Lights flashing giving us an escort into ground Zero.

** I quote Peter Donahue’s affidavit: “Doug then resolved to seek credentials from the New York City police, and visited their nearby Command Center.  Almost instantly, the officers recognized Doug because of the news coverage on his rescue work in Turkey where he pulled a young girl from the rubble, and authorized him to enter Ground Zero.  They provided him with a police escort (two officers and their patrol car from the Town of Ossining) for our van and we proceeded immediately to the site.  At the final checkpoint, manned by 94th Precinct officers of my acquaintance, I left the van with my wife and child and returned in the company of the escorting officers to the Javitz Center.”

**I arrived inside of the final 911 checkpoint and at Ground Zero. I told everyone to sit down and wait while I went and spoke with a Chief of the NYFD. He was in charge of a on-site command center composed of a tarp-tent covering a couple of desks. Radios were on the desk and back-up equipment were stored here.

The NYFD Chief who was dispatching ‘teams’ into the rubble was speaking on the FD radio. I introduced myself and said that it would be a pleasure to work with him. He told me that the ‘teams’ were being rotated; since, this immediate search area was ‘confined’. He told me to put my name down on the rotation list and he would send me in on the next rotation. I wrote down my name and ARTI on the rotation list. I told him that I really didn’t want to wait. He suggested that I go to the other side of the rubble which was much more expansive. I thanked him and went on my way. I thought I would return and ‘rotate in’ should the other side of the rubble prove to be not a worthwhile search area. I left for the other side of the rubble after returning to see Lang’s group and tell them that I was going to the other side. I told them that they could follow if they wanted.

**Lang started to complain again. This is when he arranged to have a picture taken of my crotch.

** I rapidly traveled to the other side of the rubble. I never paid much attention to Lang or any of his gang because I was now ‘like a dog on a hot scent’ and thought of nothing except getting to work and finding an entry point under the rubble. I thought to myself that I was glad to be rid of Lang, his gang and the problems and delays they were causing me.

**I approached a NYPD Officer. He was very polite, helpful and he took me to an area where there was the possibility of crawling into the rubble. Without my knowing Grace filmed video this.

** Found subterranean entry point to ramp area. Lentz took a camera with him and came with me. This was filmed and later broadcast on Inside Edition.

**Searched with 2 Police Officers for victims

**Heard noises of rhythmic pattern underground searched to see if noises were human.

**The noises turned out to be heavy equipment working dangerously just above our heads.

** worked through the night. I think that I made contact with Rob Verhauf, at this time.

**I think this is the time that I went to Peter’s home for him to get equipment and we met Ron Hadani enroute. Hadani told me his background as an Israeli Fighter Pilot and an Engineer and asked if I would let him help. I told him that he could.

Sept 14

** Steve (our volunteer driver) got an emergency police pass for our rescue van

** continued to work at 911 from night before

** I telephoned Peter Donahue, briefed him to report ARTI activities to all interested NYC Mitigation participants. I quote peter Donahue’s affidavit: “The next day, Friday September 14th, Doug telephoned me and told me about his initial work at Ground Zero. Doug had told me that he had found a hole in the rubble which allowed him to crawl inside far enough to gain access to the collapsed and flooded Path Station, at the very bottom of the WTC rubble.”

**I started to get sick from my exposure to 911 poisons. I quote Peter Donahue’s affidavit:” The next day, Friday September 14th,  ….. Doug summoned me to meet him at the Marriott and I arrived there in late afternoon.  Doug was already coughing and slightly disoriented. I did not know what to make of it the, but I later came to understand that Doug was having reactions to being poisoned by hazardous material found under the Ground Zero site.”

**After meeting with Peter Donahue at ARTI’s Command Center we went to Roosevelt Island to co-ordinate with, offer assistance to and provide technology to members of Chief Ray Downey’s Special team who had NOT been killed, with Ray during the Tower Collapse. At Roosevelt Island Lang again started interfering with my co-ordination with the NYFD. Lang’s bad behavior was escalating and getting out of control.  Miller and Grace, also, started displaying their greed, selfishness and lack of empathy for the victims of 911.  I quote Peter Donahue’s affidavit: “At my suggestion, we went to Roosevelt Island, Special Operations Command so that we could let them know about the availability of the device.  We traveled in the ARTI van in the company of most of the members of the New Mexico group. I went inside and saw some of the firefighters who I knew personally, including especially Dave Dangerfield from Rescue Company #3. I told them about the casualty locator. They wanted to see it. I went back to the van. I told Doug to bring the casualty locator inside to show to retired Captain James Ellis, who was a colleague friend of mine and wanted to see it. Doug agreed.  Lang wanted to go inside too, but I refused to allow this. I was fed up with his attitude which looked like obsessive-compulsive disorder because he wanted to be in control of everything and have his own way. He treated everybody in a very verbally abusive manner. He was condescending. I tried to explain to him that the people inside were looking for their brothers whom they loved and did not want to deal with anyone with an attitude. He said:  “Fuck that! I wasted my time here. I’m going to leave.” At this point, he turned to Doug and said: “Are you going to get me my ID to get me in or not?”  Doug saw the firefighters waiting for him and me and said to Tom Lang: “I’ll be right back, we’ll discuss this when I get back.” Doug was trying to keep things together and stay calm.

Doug and I met with the firefighters. Doug took the lid off of a jar with rotten meat inside that he uses to calibrate the casualty locator. The casualty locator started beeping and flashing. The Captain and three firefighters from Rescue 3 were extremely impressed and they wanted to get the machine inside Ground Zero ASAP. Eric Wade, who was going to be involved in the manufacturing of the casualty locator, was appointed to lead the group of firefighters and train them in the use of the casualty locator.  He was invited inside and made arrangements to meet up with the group at Ground Zero.

We returned to the van.  At the van, Lang still whined like a baby, having a temper tantrum and insisted that he wanted Doug to get a badge for him. Then, Mike Miller said that if we could get video of the casualty locator working at Ground Zero, we’d make millions. I don’t remember his exact words, because I was arguing with Tom Lang. Doug never said anything about money or making money. At this point, Mike Miller offered me 10% of all sales of the casualty locator if I worked to facilitate Doug’s cooperation. Like me, Doug got very angry and starting yelling at both Mike Miller and Tom Lang. I left in disgust. All I cared about was finding my friends and colleagues who were missing at this time.  It seemed to me that the others couldn’t have cared less about that. As a result of the disgusting behavior of Lang and his group, I left the van as soon as it reached Manhattan.”

** After Peter left I was very angry with Lang, Miller and Grace. I believe I had our ARTI driver Steve take me to Ground Zero so that I could get away from these people; especially, Lang.

** I went to Ground Zero and started searching for another entry point to the subterranean area.

** During my searching for an entry point under the rubble I met with the NYPD Special UHR Rescue Team. I offered my hand to the Captain, in charge, and was in mid-sentence of introducing myself when the Captain said: “ I know who you are. Thank God, you are here!” I saw you on TV saving the little Turkish girl. He turned to his second in command, a NYPD lt. and he told him to take myself and Rob Verhauf over to Stuyvesant Temporary Command Center to have my Official ID issued. The Captain told the Lt to stay with me, not to come back without me and to make sure that I didn’t wait in line. He told him to tell the Officials there that everyone was waiting for me so please hurry-up and expedite my approval by placing me at the head of the lines. Myself, the Lt and Rob Verhauf went to Stuyvesant School with the Lt. It normally would take 6-8 hours to process. We were done in an hour. We went into the FBI Headquarters. I showed my passport. The FBI did a NPSIC check on me. I passed the test. Then we went to the Head of the Military Line. I was fingerprinted, computer checked, provided a copy of my signature which was entered into the computer laptop which was set-up at the processing table in the middle of the formerly busy main street. After all of this processing by a US Soldier I was issued Emergency badge number 3119.

**We returned to the Captain. I was given some NYPD elbow and knee pads to protect myself while searching. They were an excellent design and very functional. I included them as part of my regular uniform.  The entire NYPD Team which now included myself and Rob Verhauf ( I am NOT sure if Steve Lentz was with us.) loaded into an open NYPD Police truck and we left to go into our deployment area. Once we got to the deployment area we searched open rubble for victim’s remains and an entry point under the rubble. After a while I told the captain that I wanted to go over to another area which was close by. It had many open entry points which where located above ground level. I told him that I would return to get him and the rest of the team if we were lucky to find a good entry area. We made the arrangement that he would do the same. We decided to broaden our joint search area with the understanding that we would join forces if an appropriate entry point was found. I went to this part of the rubble. Rob Verhauf and myself were talking with some NYFD Officers. I thought it would be good for ARTI and the NYFD if Rob was to spend time working with them. This was agreed upon.

I wanted to be able to spread myself around, as I usually do to multi-task as much as possible and to give the maximize the most benefit I could give to the entire 911 effort by providing my experience and expertise to as many people and tasks as possible.

At this point I was approached by Police Commissioner Kerrick. He was wearing a very expensive civilian suit and tie and he was accompanied by the Police Dept Professional Cameraman with a Sony TV Camera which cost in excess of $120,000.00

Kerrick extended his hand to me, introduced himself as NYPD Commissioner Kerrick. He asked me who I was. I told him that my name was Doug Copp, that I was the rescue Chief of the world’s most experienced rescue team and that I had the personal experience of crawling inside of 894 collapsed buildings and having worked at more than 100 major disaster events.

All on film, Kerrick pulled me closer to himself, lifted up his other hand which was free and grabbed my hand with both of his hands. He vigorously shook my hand and said: “Thank you! Thank you very much for coming to help us!”

I thanked him for his kindness in his response and informed him that I was very pleased to be able to help and that I



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Comment by Rosemary S on September 15, 2012 at 12:19am

It was not the place to play the celebrity game. People need help and this Lang is hampering the rescue process.

Comment by Kim B on September 10, 2012 at 6:18pm

There are many things that can detox a person of any types of poison(s).  If you still have metal toxicity in your body, you can get a homeopathic called "Metex" and take it for many months.  This will remove metals out of your body.  A good integrated M.D. can help a person get poisons out of the body which would help improve health.  There is a very good integrated M.D. in Maryland if you need his information I would be glad to supply it.  This Dr. has done miracles on the sickest of patients.


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