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SVT: Analysis of the anomalies of the Neumayer Station and the deposits in SOHO in the last few months.

From the StarViewerTeam.


Mysteries of astrophysics. 

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Analysis of the anomalies of the Neumayer Station and the deposits in SOHO in the last few months.

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For a long time, we are following the analysis of the anomalies detected in several of the satellites and space stations.

There are various computers that are being investigated at the global level the anomalies. For months there is a group of coordinated follow-up to the pulse "G", which are also measuring equipment with "private".  Repeat for all those who read this article. We are talking about groups of independent analysis and study of cost " 0 ".  The efforts of those who deliver hours of study and research to write articles as they are going to read deserves respect, because we believe that this type of research should be "also" carried out by the institutions that have millionaire budgets and not only by independent experts.

Therefore the effort in itself is worthy of respect and consideration. There are thousands already the that at the international level are coordinating and watching for a correct sequencing and explanation, without pressure from agencies or institutions, to conclude with explanations that departed from the official version, deserve to be read and heard.

Remember that the access to tools for monitoring and research on the Sun and the anomalies here explained, are open and you can join any proceed voluntarily and free to conduct their own investigations and share in working groups in the open community. Also remember, that one of the advantages of the Internet is to be able to share knowledge in open without the confluence of territorial barriers. The knowledge already has no barriers of access and is a world heritage site. For our part we fully agree with the interpretation and explanation given by SOZT"Conceptual Diagram of Dark Twin Positioning"

I. -let's start with the anomaly has been detected on 4 September 2011 in SOHO, detailed analysis of the image.

The object filmed on 4 September 2011 obviously, is not a reflection on the lens when the camera moves around this object, nor it is a reflection in the window of the car, which by the sounds of the traffic is obviously open remains stationary, in line with the Sun, and seemed to establish convergence with the sun. It can be seen where there is a clear mist, and that the sun is shining through the object that has definition, retains its shape, and even seems to have a shadow at the bottom, as if it were reflecting the sunlight, and as if it were aligned slightly below the Sun. Can phantom is a projection of the Sun, or a reflection of the shadow of the Sun within the camera?

If it were a ghost or shadow projection of projection, the image would be parallel to the shape and size of the Sun, but this object disappears before the sun sets on the horizon, what kingdom to the shadow in the bottom of fact implies that the object is just in front of the Sun along the ecliptic, settling in the first place.

DDO that Venus is located in the immediate vicinity, although you should follow the sun goes down, along the line of inclination of the ecliptic, but if it is slightly out of its orbit by the pressure of the compression within the area, might be found in that position. Therefore this object would be Venus, while closer to the Earth, due to the abnormal action of another object that alters both orbits (Earth and Venus) compared to Planet X.

Normally when Venus is only visible as the Lucifer of the morning or afternoon, when compressing closer to the ground and in the line of sight between the earth and the Sun, the sunlight reflected allows another object projecting their shadow on the satellite.

[Also appeared in a station in the Antarctic Station Newmayer] Watch?v=q8YkbpgjnJU * For the capture of the foreign object: See the article in SOZT 13/14/12

II. -Diagram Newmayer positions the day April 10 2012.

You can see the positions of the event in the Newmayer corresponding to the date and time of the April 10 2012.

Analysis of the incidence of the light of the sun. It is not a "Lens Flare". 

Top selection of images taken of the Newmayer.


 StarViewerTeam International 2012.

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Comment by Amy Evans on April 26, 2012 at 10:47pm

In one of last years Webbots reports ... fairly close to the end ... was a warning of something BIG that would be approaching ... don't remember if it was crewed, or some kind of robot/computer thingy?

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on April 26, 2012 at 9:41pm

Can SVT determine if it is a natural object or an artificial object?  It's been said by one of the channels that it is an ET space station monitoring Earth. 



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