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The Brown Dwarf's extream outermost planet Sedna ... And a request for you're help

The Brown Dwarf's extream outermost planet Sedna



There are members in this group that have abilities with Computer Programs I would almost die for, So I am turning to you for you're help.

I simply fail not to be amazed by the amount of information we know about this Dwarf System, and how much was hidden right in plain site.

Here is the orbit of the outermost planet of this Brown Dwarf Star ... the Planet Sedna

Dwarf System outermost planet Sedna 2010 

I am wondering what the orbital tilt angle is? If you notice from this image, the Planet Pluto appears to have almost the same angle to its orbital path. Dr. Robert S. Harrington projected it to be somewhere between a 40 to 45 degree up/down to our systems ecliptic plain.

I am sure that if we were to center this CGI image of the Dwarf System into center of the Gold orbital track of Sedna, we will finally have what we need.  It's size will habe to be adjusted to allow the red highlighted planet Nibiru orbit through our system near the orbit of Mars.

Dec 2009

According to the Anunnaki, Nibiru orbited through our system at about the same angle as Sedna's orbit shown here ... and also orbits Clockwise as apposed to the Counter-Clockwise movements of the planets in our system.

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Comment by Amy Evans on July 8, 2012 at 9:58am

Agreed :)

Comment by Amrah Aoson on July 8, 2012 at 12:38am

Being prejudice to any information relating to this subject at the moment would be anathema. As many different parts of every theory may hold some truth. Whose mind is so genius that they can see the whole truth of it?Sometimes it is by the comparisons of many different counselors that Wisdom may be found!

Comment by Amrah Aoson on July 8, 2012 at 12:29am

From everything i have studied,Planetx and Nibiru are usually two different objects. The brown dwarf star is usually referred to as Nemesis. While the planet is referred to as Nibiru mostly. One of the pics i have on my desktop shows the brown dwarf orbiting in a clockwise orbit relative to our sun and its planets orbiting clockwise as well.It shows Nibiru as the outermost planet of its system, and its orbit coming thru our solar system while the brown dwarf itself goes past the outer edges of our solar system. If this were true then the orbits must follow slightly different patterns everytime? And what is it that causes the bigger cataclysms every 26 million years? I dont think it is any just one peice of information, but very many peices of information that fills in the puzzle. As one then can see the picture better! So far i have seen many theorys and some seem very plausible, one thing is for certain Something is causing much havoc every 3657 years and sometimes destroys almost every civilization on this planet. History shows this in so many ways.As does as Scientific research recently of many new finds of ancient cities, shown to be over 25,000 years old found beneath the waves. I am going to assume the binary twin has a highly elliptical orbit with our sun, and that Nibiru's orbit around that twin is almost normal. Yet when that twin comes close to our sun, Nibiru swings through as well. Lets hope the tolecs are telling the truth as the zetas say otherwise and so did mythi as well as other supposedly real extra terrestrials that are supposed to be benevolent. I think most of all we should prepare as much as possible either way! By using all of the information given and putting it together as the million peice puzzle it is?

Comment by nicholas fowler on July 7, 2012 at 4:11pm

the problem as I see it , Amy, is we have  a pattern and this pattern is incomplete, and it is made up of all sorts of disparate data, theories, ideas, notes from history. but because of its incompleteness, it is therefore valid to approach thus pattern of data sets, from virtually any angle and make the corresponding conclusions from it. all are based on logic, all make sense, however none can be proven until the pattern is completed. and only ones who have the complete pattern are the NASA  beyond Q clearances, the tier one scientists who dare'nt say a thing, knowing many have been killed families terrorized, pensions lost etc etc.and the only time we will have any idea as to the reality of all this is when events start to happen and we can then  track back .

Comment by Amy Evans on July 7, 2012 at 3:57pm

Bob and I have no choice but to rely on the data we have found during our research ... the leaked information from the 1954 and 55 meetings with the Anunnaki ... the Lost Book of Enki, 1 to14 Tablets ... the leaked NASA images from 2007-08 all point towards one thing ... that our Sun has a smaller Binary Companion Star out beyond of our system.


The Anunnaki claimed that there were more than 4 planets, and a large gap they called the Great Band within their system.  


These descriptions closely match the CGI that was created from leaked NASA info in 2009, where you can see a very large gap between planet no#5 and planet no#6/Nibiru


In my first contacts with The StarViewerTeam, I was told that there were more than Six planets ... possibly as many as 8 to 9planets and several moons that were larger than our moon within this Dwarf Star system.


So, without taking a Star Fleet Runabout out to see for my self, I can not answer you.

Comment by nicholas fowler on July 7, 2012 at 3:38pm

not quite certain Amy, but thought I would have a go at your little problem. I am out of touch here, so must refresh a bit. You suggest Sedna is actually part of Planet x entourage? I will say one thing, for me Nibiru and planet x are quite different objects, but it gets so convoluted. Tolec says according tk the Andromedans Nibiru was placed in a higher orbit and allowed to leave the solar system. I have no beliefs in this.

as for planet x, Tolec says it is the size of Uranus, and will be parked in an orbit closer to Venus, lets say between Venus and Earth. it will then be our second sun.

Now, Vickie whom I email very often, is a contactee by apparently the Pleidieans. she was driving in Houston and the craft overflew her car, and there was a great deal of static and electromagnetic energy. some information was downloaded init her mind, now, to be brief, she was told of impending cataclysm but to look toward Cancer where the brown dwarf is coming in. I have no opinions. as I say it is very convoluted indeed.

One last thought for now...  have you seen the latest solar flaring on the sun? have  you noticed that the flares or CME's not hitting the earth are heading of in a south easterly direction  belive? just a thought..

now for a breather  LOL

oh, by the way, What does Bob think, has he any ideas?

Comment by Amy Evans on July 7, 2012 at 3:14pm

You know more than I do Nicholas ... this is why I am asking for help.

Sedna's orbit has to be massive in relation to our outer planet, Pluto!


But you can/do see where I'm coming from with this?

Comment by nicholas fowler on July 7, 2012 at 2:30pm

just a few thoughts, see if I am right. now the vertical bars where sedna is are about a quarter the size of the larger ones at the opposite side of its orbit. Now taking a plane and rotating it ninety degrees, it seems logical by dividing this by four which is the approximate ratio of the small bars to the larger ones we arrive at 22.5 degrees, so, from what I can work out this is the orbital tilt -----am I right???


Always demand proof, proof is the elementary courtesy that is anyone’s due.  —Paul Valéry, "Monsieur Teste"

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