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Advertise your products and services here. This is a free service of this Ning to our members, under the conditions stated below.....

This blog can be used for our members to advertise their products.  I've pinned it to the right column.  Though I have maintained a "no advertising" stance, I have reconsidered.  We are a diverse group spread all over the world but on-line we are family, friends, and neighbors, so I think this qualifies as "buying locally" (something I support).  Times are tough and I think this could help our members.  This ning will provide the free ad space.  However, we are not in a position to recommend or guarantee any products or services, nor will we be involved in any disputes.  It is strictly between buyers and sellers.  To reach our wider readership group, advertisers should provide an outside email address in their ads so non-members can communicate with them.

We are not going to allow people to sign up as members just to advertise.  New members will have to participate or be a member for a while before they can advertise.  These rules will likely change or be added to as problems arise (as they inevitably do in business). 

With all that said, those who wish to place an ad can do so in the Comment section.  To kick this off, I know Weiynala offers essential oils and DesertRose offers colloidal silver (please post your ads, ladies).  So let's help our friends and neighbors out.  If you have a need for their items or other things that will be offered here, please consider buying from members first.

Need some ideas to start your own business?  Perhaps scouting used book stores for related (to the theme of this group) survival or spiritual books and selling them at favorable prices.  Same thing with thrift stores and military surplus stores... search them for iron cookware, camping-type equipment, backpacks (for bug-out bags) ... you get the idea.  For example, if you run across iron cookware in a thrift store and it is rusted, it can be cleaned off with naval jelly (or scoured off with fine sandpaper or steel wool) and re-seasoned.  (See  Iron cookware lasts for generations and is becoming quite pricey. 

Providing useful items, used and at a fair price, will help group members, too, as inflation continues and puts new items out of the financial reach of many.  Second-hand (thrift) stores and repair shops are becoming an important part of the new emerging economy. 


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Comment by Kim B on December 13, 2011 at 2:41pm

Here is a link to our little ebay store

Comment by Kim B on December 13, 2011 at 2:37pm

Good idea!!  Is it ok to post links to ebay on the market place?  I do sell on ebay to try to make ends meet.  BTW, it would be my dream to obtain bulk survival items to sell on ebay.  Any how, I usually sell silver coins on ebay which of course may be necessary when the dollar disappears.



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