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A long time ago, at a time on the planet still unknown by external activity, there was a harmonious civilization with constructive achievements. Since childhood, children were taught to get in touch with their Inner God and sustain this Luminous Presence in the dominion of all their external activities. This instruction was taught by great masters of light and they used a very simple and interesting technique to teach it to their students.

The teacher stood in the center of the classroom, in a state of deep contemplation of his Inner God, and the students, stood around him, in a state of perfect contemplation of the master. The master did not say a word. The students did not make a sound. The master who had become one with his Inner God, simply radiates his radiance upon his students. And so, all information was transferred, from the Master to the student.

When a student became one, in thought and feeling, with the Master, beautiful chords rang from his heart and his Inner God opened up like a beautiful lotus flower. The master felt his vibration, perfectly resonating with his own, and he knew, he was ready to go up one step, which would be the opening of the Thousand Petal Lotus on the top of his head.

A beautiful initiation ritual was performed, and many Great Beings descended on their visible bodies, to offer their blessings to the debutante student. After the rites, this student was transferred to a new study group, where in addition to contemplation, other subjects were taught. We will talk more about that in the future. But, important now, it was that when both points, heart and brain vibrated like as suns and manifested the same state of purity, their activity was united in a great center of light and the student conquered the perfect mastery of his physical atomic structure.

All the Spiritual Teachers of this civilization were assisted by a Hierarchy of Supreme Beings, at the time treated as true Gods and guides of this enlightened people. This hierarchy of beings is what we know today as "The Ascended Masters".

For this reason, the technique of contemplating the figure of the I AM Presence and the Ascended Masters is so important! For AS WE CONTEMPLATE THE MASTER, to the extent of our merit and constancy in that conscious effort, he pours out his radiation on us. OUR WHOLE BEING ABSORBS HIS RADIATION, UNTIL IT IS PERFECTLY SATURATED WITH HIS WISDOM AND PERFECT QUALITIES, STARTING TO VIBRATE AT THE SAME FREQUENCY AND PERFECTION.

Saint Germain taught me and I observed this in my own experience, that the greatest amount of information is exchanged through radiation and not by words. The words are used only as a bar code, which the Master expels at a certain moment and the external mind encodes it, managing to bring into the external consciousness, the content that has already been absorbed in the internal bodies by the master's radiation.

The daily contemplation of an Ascended Master is of great importance, in addition to being an instrument that facilitates and accelerates learning. However, the student needs to contemplate it long enough, otherwise, their internal bodies do not really open to receive something significant.

The ability to raise awareness to a vibrating band where the Master can access and download content without the content suffering great distortion from the external self is different for each student. This ability depends on the state of purity of the student's brain, and mental and emotional bodies.

Depending on the student's ability, he needs to keep his attention in the Master's presence for a longer time, so that the Master really has access to his external consciousness.

Through the attention focused on the master, the dark clouds that surround the student's mental bodies and feelings are gradually set aside. Only when these clouds are removed can the Master descend with greater blessings, in the form of brilliant talents, gifts and ideas, into the student's external consciousness.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that we choose from time to time only one master for our contemplation exercise. For, as we contemplate the master, we create a stronger bond with him, and then, he manages to penetrate our external activity more quickly and thus help us to rise above our human limits.

An excellent exercise for anyone who wishes to saturate their external activity with certain qualities of the Supreme Mind, is to choose the Ascended Master who represents them, and, for a few weeks or months, just contemplate this Master daily, three times a day, for at least 15 minutes. And at any time during the day, read a few paragraphs of any of the dictations given by that Master. Whoever does so, with love and constancy, will see the results of this activity for themselves.

After a long period of contemplation of a Master, when we read his dictated words, these words usually touch our mental body and release the information that was absorbed through radiation in the contemplative moment. And then, wonderful insights come to mind.

We can contemplate any Spiritual Master, but it is good to remind you, that only the consciousness of the Ascended Master is pure, perfect and without distortions, because he has already been perfectly united with the I AM Presence. A great spiritual master of humanity, who has not yet completed his ascension, can still color the absolute truth with aspects of his own perception of it. Therefore, it is always better to choose an Ascended Master for our contemplation exercise.

Another point, there are students and spiritual masters who have ascended, but who did not consciously raise their physical atomic structure, before their passage to the internal worlds - the process known as death. These students and masters do not have the same power of direct action on the human octave, as the masters who obtained the perfect mastery of their bodies, before the final moment of their ascension. Therefore, these masters are better able to access the student's external consciousness, and manipulate the dark substances that block the Divine Ideas from descending into their external consciousness, without major distortions.

We will always have faster and better results when we focus on Masters who work directly with the external activity of the human being. There are thousands of these masters, the best known are: Jesus, Saint Germain, the Great Divine Director, El Morya, Kuthumi, Lanto, Serapis Bey, Hilarion, Paul the Venetian, Nada, Kwan Yin, Mother Mary, Leto, Cha Ara, Chananda, Maitreya, Gautama, Djwal Khul and the Mighty Victory.

To close this message, I leave here two quotes from great human leaders on this:

"Nothing is impossible for those who practice contemplation. With it, we become lords of the world." (~ Lao-Tzu)

"The noblest human passion is one that loves the image of beauty instead of material reality. The greatest pleasure is in contemplation." (~ Leonardo da Vinci)

Brotherly Greetings!

Morgan Le Fay

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