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Comment by Taygeta Star 20 hours ago

Yup that one

Comment by Byron wilkins 21 hours ago

No not the Teeth scam with mercury fillings.

Comment by Taygeta Star 21 hours ago

And don't even get my started on what i think of dentists and what they charge for people's TEETH.

They are also on the sh*t list.

Comment by Taygeta Star 21 hours ago

Can't you tell how much I'm enjoying my residency on planet Earth? lol

Every day i take notes to report back to the counsels, the levels of unbelievable lunacy experienced on a daily basis.

I've become a compulsive note taker.

We were schnookered!

Comment by Taygeta Star 21 hours ago

I know.

They make people cough up their whole life savings on a surgery (that may or may not be effective in the long term) to try and save their beloved pet.

Like i said yesterday, this whole planet is one big dirty business transaction. 

No reverence for life. Just money.

I'm surprised nobody has erected a marble a statue of the dollar bill yet and put in on their front lawn.

I'm sure the rest of the 'Jones's" would follow suit.

You know how they have to outdo and have everything bigger and better than their neighbour next door!

Comment by Byron wilkins 21 hours ago

I don't vaccinate my dog and my wife makes the dog food because you can't trust the unregulated pet food industry. Most dry dog food goes rancid in 30 days. Vets are not my favorite people.

Comment by Taygeta Star 23 hours ago

God forbid someone tries to treat their pet holistically with sound or sonar for example instead of paying a vet 10 grand to cut them upon and introduce all sorts of low frequencies into the animal by intrusion into their body with surgical instruments and obsolete medications.

They are are ruthless and again care more about their bottom line than what is best for the animal or the pet owner.

Comment by Taygeta Star 23 hours ago

Alternative natural treatment for ailments should also be explored before bringing an animal to a Vet. They too are not my favorite people and also seek to profit off of misery.

Vets take so much advantage over people who love their pets, its just awful. Ive experienced.this personally as a cat owner myself. When they get their hands around your heart and start squeezing....

Many times they too recommened unneccesary and expensive surgeries and treatments, which could be cured by a homeopath specially in holistic treatments for animals.

Better than 5000 dollar surgeries that many times do more harm that good and the animal still dies. Iv seen this happen with pet owners i know personally.

As soon as you walk into a vet clinic the meter is ticking. Your lucky of you find an ethical one.

They too prey of of peoples compassion and love for their animals and take advantage of the fact that people have no where else to go but to them for help.

But there ARE other alternatives. Apparently many vets are PETITIONING homeopathic vets to close down saying they they "harm" animals because the animals don't "know they are being treated" 

Unbelievable. Just shows where vets are at , once there's some competition and you threaten their long held monopoly on animal care.

Comment by Taygeta Star yesterday

Beautiful.. love it. 

So your kitty responded well to the frequency treatments?

Comment by Kim B yesterday

These treatments cured my 17 year old cat of cancer recently.



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