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As someone who works in just-in-time supply line logistics, I can attest to the very, very thin thread that our daily infrastructure hangs upon, as described in this article.  Our society is minutes-to-hours away from severe shortages, should transportation and/or information networks suffer serious or widespread or prolonged disruption for any reason, such as natural disasters.

This is not a call to fear but rather a wake-up call to a different kind of thinking, which will need to encompass more than an emergency stash that will delay the inevitable for only a short period of time, if it is not destroyed or taken by force, and more than an aggressive self-defense strategy.  There is no fortress, no remote location, no amount of resistance that would be sufficient to withstand the pressures of enormous human need that would arise if this infrastructure ever collapses in any widespread way.  We would need to very quickly embrace a whole new way of thinking about who we are as human beings and how we do things together.  Could enough of us make the leap for such a transformation?  Next time you're on the road, look around at all the trucks....

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Comment by msred on April 3, 2012 at 4:17pm

Very important article and reminder!!!!

My husband and I have about 3 months. Need to get working on it.

Comment by Alex Cortes on April 3, 2012 at 8:58am

General Question,

How many days, weeks, months can you survive with your current stock of food and truly does matter.  I can easily make it 6 months and if I ration heavily 12, including being able to feed the pets.....  I personally feel that I don't have enough because a disruption could cause years of hardship if not permanent loss of access.....



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