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Travel from Nibiru to Earth ... as told in the Lost Book of Enki (Ancient Secrets that have been hidden from the public view in plain sight)

Travel from Nibiru to Earth


Alalu’s transmission he carefully studied, Alalu for more testings the results he requested.


A Tablet of Destinies for the mission he was fashioning.

If water be the Force, where could it be replenished?


Where on the chariot will it be stored, how to Force will it be converted?


A full circuit of Nibiru did pass in contemplations, a Shar of Nibiru in preparations passed.  The largest celestial chariot for the mission has been fitted.  Its circuit’s destiny has been calculated, a Tablet of Destiny has been firmly fixed.


The celestial chariot he deftly guided; from Nibiru it powerfully soared, toward the distant Sun he it directed.


Ten leagues, a hundred leagues the chariot was coursing, a thousand leagues the chariot was journeying. 

Little Gaga (Pluto) came out to greet them, a welcome to the heroes it was extending.  To blue-hued Antu, (Neptune) the beautiful enchantress, it showed the way.  By her sight Anzu was attracted. Let us examine her waters! Anzu was saying.  Ea to continue without stopping gave the word; it is a planet of no return, he forcefully said.  Toward the heavenly An, (Uranus) the third in planetary counts, the chariot continued.  On his side was An (????) lying, his host of moons about him were whirling.  The Tester’s beams the presence of water was revealing; a stop if needed to Ea it was indicating.  To continue the journey was Ea saying, toward Anshar (Saturn), the heaven’s foremost prince, he was directing.  Soon the ensnaring pull of Anshar they could tell, his colored rings with fear they admired.  Deftly did Anzu the chariot guide, the crushing dangers he cleverly avoided.  The giant Kishar (Jupiter), foremost of firm planets, was next to be encountered.  Her net’s pull was overpowering; with great skill did Anzu the chariot’s course divert.  With fury Kishar at the chariot divine lightnings was thrusting, her host at the uninvited she directed.  Slowly Kishar moved away, for the chariot the next enemy to encounter.  Beyond the fifth planet the Hammered Bracelet was lurking!  Ea his handiwork to set a-whirring commanded, the Water Thruster to prepare.  Toward the host of turning boulders the chariot was rushing.  Each one like a slingshot’s stone ferociously at the chariot aimed.  The word by Ea was given, with the force of a thousand heroes the stream of water was thrust.  One by one the boulders turned face; a path for the chariot they were making!  But as one boulder fled, another in its stead was attacking;<br>

A multitude beyond count was their number, a host for the splitting of Tiamat revenge seeking!  Again and again Ea the commands gave, the Water Thruster to keep a-whirring. 


Again and again toward the host of boulders streams of water were directed.  Again and again the boulders their faces turned, a path for the chariot making.  And then at last the path was clear; unharmed the chariot could continue!


A cry of joy the heroes sounded; double was the joy as the sight of the Sun was now unveiled. 


Amidst the elation Anzu the alarm sounded: For the path to have fashioned, excessive waters were consumed.  Waters to feed the chariot’s Fiery Stones for the remaining journey were not sufficient.

In the dark deepness the sixth planet (Mars) they could see, the Sun’s rays it was reflecting.

There is water on Lahmu, Ed was saving. Can you bring the chariot clown upon it? Anzu he was asking.

Deftly Anzu the chariot toward Lahmu directed; reaching the celestial god, around it he the chariot made circle.

The planet’s net is not great, its pull is to handle easy, Anzu was saying. 

A sight to behold was Lahmu, many hued it was; snow white was its cap, snow white were its sandals.

Reddish hued was its middle, in its midst lakes and rivers were aglitter!


Deftly Anzu the chariot made travel slower, by a lakeside it gently came down.


Ea and Anzu their Eagles helmets donned, to the firm ground they stepped down.  On command the heros That Which Water Sucks extended, the chariot, bowels with the

lake’s waters to fill.

While the chariot was getting its fill of waters, Ea and Anzu the whereabouts examined.  With Tester and Sampler all that matters they ascertained: The waters were good for drinking, the air was insufficient.  All was in the chariot’s annals recorded, the need for the detour described.


With its vigor replenished the chariot soared up, to benevolent Lahmu farewell bidding. 


Beyond the seventh planet was making its circuit; Earth and its companion the chariot were inviting!  In the commander’s seat Anzu was without words; Ea too was silent.

Ahead was their destination, its gold Nibiru’s fate for salvation or doom containing. 


‘The chariot must be slowed or in Earth’s thick atmosphere it shall perish! Anzu to Ea declared.

Around Earth’s companion, the Moon, make slowing circles! Ea to him suggested.  They circled the Moon; by the vanquishing Nibiru in the Celestial Battle it prostrate and scarred was lying.  Alalu they were searching.

Where an ocean touched dry land, where four rivers were swallowed by marshes, Alalu’s signal was beaconed. 

Too heavy and large the chariot is for the marshes! Anzu was declaring.  The Earth’s pulling net, too powerful for on dry land to descend it is! Anzu to Ea announced.  Splash down! Splash down in the ocean’s waters! Ea to Anzu shouted.

Around the planet Anzu made one more circuit, the chariot with much care toward the ocean’s edge he lowered. The chariot’s lungs he filled with air; into the waters down it splashed, into the depth, it was not sinking.

From the Speaker a voice was heard: To Earth be welcomed! Alalu was saying

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Comment by Amrah Aoson on July 6, 2012 at 4:54pm

Well i agree that the being was an interdimensional envoy. I would assume that most if not all of the Angels who serve The Prime Creator are able to travel anywhere they need to. While many would argue that Enki would be the GOD of the bible then? Because of information in these books and the Summerian tiles. But i would disagree with that as the people of Nibiru were already created by another much higher dimensional spiritual being. Also the lucifer the illuminatti and their puppets as well as other secret societys await with the arrival of Nibiru in this system? Is most likely Marduk? As he was younger and in desire of ruling the whole planet. That these beings from Nibiru live an extremely long life and that when they left after the atomic war that they brought upon the, then, peoples of earth and destroyed many millions of peoples was not that long ago. Perhaps 7000 to 11,000 years ago? Even Ancient Aliens on H2 have commented on the possibility of this same nuclear war! A very enlightening program and adds peices to puzzle as do many other things do such as the books of enki,the bible,the kolbrin bible and many other ancient books that decribe Extra terrestrials fighting wars here on earth in their space ships and the constant return every 3657 years of Nibiru to our solar system! None of these beings from Nibiru are immortal, they can die like anyone else,they are just very very long lived. Then as such none of them are GODS no matter what they may think of themselves. And Therefore if   Lucifer, Marduk or whatever name he is called by manages to return to earth only a brainwashed fool would worship him! Therfore in my mind only the Prime Creator of all Souls would be worthy of Worship by any being from any planet in any galaxy or universe! And it seems to me that there are many universes! Anyways if you show the books of Enki to any religious bible thumpers they just believe it is blasphemy. And yet the many false religions of this world consider each other as blasphemy. Sorrows multiplied by governments who deal death and create a one world totalitarian system that rapes the poor,the widow and the orphan. I tell you that the governments of the antichrist are already in place and gladly serving him with dark hearts and minds and even darker intentions!!! This darkness we can thank all of these so called demigods for! And also the fools that have closed brainwashed minds that follow and worship them with all of the universes false religions! So we know the zetas want to make zeta-human hybrids Which i am against and they talk about people going to a water planet and being octopi,which i am against! I truly believe we are created in the form we should remain in,at least for advancing into the next few dimensions. But if we were to be transformed into beings of Light instead of flesh. It would be highly beneficial to our species as a whole! Lately there are many so called Spirits all over the internet claiming to be gods and angels or channeling Aliens from other star systems. But the proof is highly lacking? Show me? The only things that are obvious is that the earth is in much travail and its getting worse all the time! As well as the  governmental and the financial leaders of this world are vastly in great numbers turning to the dark side of the force. Life has become slavery to debt,bills,corruption in many high places and deceptions and brainwashings! So revelations in the bible seems to be correct and Nibiru is coming or almost here. It would require Miracles of the Highest order to repair all of these problems!!! Who then will accomplish these? Let them stand before me face to face and show me that i may have the proof? Because the evil ones and the darkness are blatantly standing in the faces and on the backs of all of mankind. So if any of these so called Angels,demigods and extraterrestrials are here to help us,to save us Let them therefore show their great powers that all may see! And you may quote me and my whole post!

Comment by Amy Evans on July 6, 2012 at 9:47am

The being that Enlil and Enki both met might have been an interdimensional envoy.   The glow of these beings has been mentioned several times in several different articles

Comment by Amrah Aoson on July 5, 2012 at 4:48pm

I have read this whole book twice all of the chapters,and have it on my desktop. When you completely understand it,and many other studies that also agree with it. Then you come to realize that the science and history we were taught in school is full of holes and missing all of the truly relavent Information! There is a part in this where Enki himself is shown the errors of the nibiruans ways and shown some enlightenment by a Higher Spiritual envoy of the Prime Creator of all Souls! You will then understand,While the bible is a good book, it is missing some of the information and other books which should have been included! As the religions of mankind have been monopolized and twisted many ways by many so called demigods and people! Some for good and some not so good. And now the illuminatti and the dark cabal over them await the return of their demigod lucifer. How great it will be one day to be free of all of these negative energys and Ascend to the 5th dimension very soon now1

Comment by Amy Evans on July 1, 2012 at 1:22am

Thanks :)

This is the planet Nibiru ... it is larger than our Earth!

Comment by Rosemary S on July 1, 2012 at 12:55am

The previous one and this one are quite interesting. It is giving us another perspective on our REAL history.

Comment by Tammy Fielder on June 29, 2012 at 10:53pm

Thoroughly enjoyed it!  Thank you!

Comment by Byron wilkins on June 29, 2012 at 7:46pm

Thanks Amy a fun journey it was.

Comment by Amy Evans on June 29, 2012 at 4:41pm

Glad you like it :)

This is only one facit of the Anunnaki/Enki tales that are being proven far too true

Comment by Markus E on June 29, 2012 at 3:17pm

This is the best book in the series, in my opinion. Thanks for sharing...


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