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What are they?  A soul that has divided and incarnated as two different people.  Why should you care?  Because it is an exalted state of consciousness and because it is where we are all headed. 

If you read my qhht transcript, you know I have met up with mine.  I think Jacks did too.  And some others here on this group. 

This video is by GoldRayTwinFlames (Mel and Nicole), whom we've been following for over a year.  It's enlightening.  And for those of us who got the experience before the explanation... here it is...

Related:  It is said to have begun today:

You can follow Mel and Nicole on youtube:

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Comment by Kim B on January 20, 2020 at 9:51am

Tfs and past lives

Comment by Kim B on July 15, 2019 at 7:42am


via Michelle Anguiano >>>>>>>>Upon reconnecting, both twins will naturally feel an intense energy pull towards each other although their life circumstances may not be beneficial to their union. This is a natural process, however, because the twin connection is set up to go through many cross roads and healing processes to validate their passion is strong enough to withstand any future conflicts that may cross their paths. Once their passion for each other is validated and both egos are healed, the spiritual 'marriage' can begin. This is where the energy connecting their central nervous system and five major organs (heart, spleen, lungs, liver, and kidneys) will be linked up. Once the central nervous system and organs are linked up, specific spiritual abilities will manifest, such as sensing each others thoughts telepathically and each others kundalini naturally. Upon the completion of the spiritual marriage via their central nervous system and five organs, the spiritual awakening can begin.


Comment by Kim B on January 25, 2019 at 9:55pm

Comment by Kim B on October 10, 2018 at 3:23pm

"The Twin Flame bond defies logic and any attempt to fit into 'old world' constructs of what partnership is, and can evolve into.
The Twin Flame energy is more powerful and influential than any desire on your part to rationalise, control or organise the unfolding of the relationship.

This coupling will have profound and transformational effects on both partner's lives. In some cases, it will completely deconstruct existing structures, much like the Tower energy in the Tarot. You cannot stop, contain, or control these forces; they are contracted to enter your life at a precise moment decreed by the Heavens.
Once catalysed, Twin Flame codes within your energy bodies and chakras fire up and explode within the system, sending wave upon wave of galactic frequencies outwards. These frequencies set various chains of events into motion, many unexpected, all synchronous and 'handmade' by the Universe to bring you and your Twin Flame into complete alignment with one another.
This is a binding sacred contract and not one that you can refuse, put off, or ignore. For all it's immense beauty and ecstatic power, it also demands that you face up to your spiritual potency and divine purpose here.

It will require an enormous amount of personal courage because it's going to take you right to the centre of where you deny yourself, limit yourself, lie to yourself and dishonour yourself.
In short, once your Twin Flame partnership is catalysed, you'll probably find yourself catapulted into incredible and rapid spiritual growth and change. This could mean that existing or long-term set-ups in your life have to shift or even break down in order for you to 'wake up'.

Usually, one Twin Flame partner is a bit ahead of the other in terms of these changes, with one having already gone through 'the awakening' and instigating that change in the other one later on. But, sometimes, the transformations can happen concurrently.
Twin Flame connections require an open heart. And an open heart also means an open mind which further means no expectation or attachment to any one particular outcome. Recognition; Testing; Crisis; Runner Dynamic; Surrender; Radiance; (and) Harmonizing, stages of the Twin Flame journey, are all INNER happenings.
Once the physical connection has been made, no matter where both Twins are in their ascension journeys, huge catalytic changes will ensue. Lives can change like a row of dominoes falling, with one activation quickly initiating another, until an enormous flood of psychic energies clear the ground for the true Twin Flame partnership to be established.

You will not have a direct part in how this happens, certainly not on a logical level. The connection of the Twin Flame energies is one of the most awe-inspiring Divine events that can ever be witnessed or experienced, because you are part of a breath taking and all-consuming tsunami-wave of Divine Love that sweeps through everything that is in the way of the ultimate goal of Reunion.

For many, the twin flame reunion is under way, and is a mighty and unstoppable force of change, breakdown of the old order, spiritual ascension and very rapid shifts on all levels." ( Repost STF / TFE )

Comment by Kim B on July 3, 2018 at 9:27am

She has a great way of explaining the dynamics in simple terms

Comment by Kim B on July 1, 2018 at 3:33pm

A "Pyramid" -


Think of a pyramid – wide at the bottom, narrow at the top. When we are younger souls, we can think of ourselves at more the bottom of the pyramid, with a lot of vast space to explore and experience many things on Earth and other galaxies. We have a lot of room to roam, the goal is experience and learning as a soul.

As we ascend throughout our many liftetimes, and we go up in the pyramid (up in vibration), the path narrows, as the Higher Self begins to direct our path in a more focused way, so we can have the experiences we need to go up to the higher levels. The path of initiation and the mastery tests we are sent become more intense, more directed.

When we connect with our twin flames and begin the process of sacred union, we have traveled a vast deal of territory, we are very experienced souls – we are getting near the top of the pyramid. When we meet and activate the union process, we are ready to ascend. We begin the final process, the final lessons – we tie up all our loose ends. This process happens very fast and is very intense, and no stone may be left unturned at these levels. We are not off the spiritual hook anymore.

Any flaws, any bad habits, any old wounds and fears must be transmuted if we want to continue the journey, and we are kept at certain levels until we transform these things. Only light may go all the way up, so all of our darkness must come up to be cleared.

You may have heard us use the analogy of the “first goose.” When geese fly in their formation in the shape of the “v”, there is a “first goose” who flies at the front, and has the hardest job as it is hitting the air and creating a current for the geese who fly behind them. Twin flames are very much “first geese” – we are all flying ahead, taking on the hardest jobs, the toughest air, breaking ground for those who follow. Even clearing a family or ancestral template is being a first goose, the first to fully fly free and therefore help others in your ancestral line do so too. It is a path of service.

Up here, near the top of the pyramid when union is in full activation, we are meeting our last challenges, our “last goose” – or more accurately, our “last geese” – the deepest chasms of our shadow that we have left for last. We have met our “ring pass not” – the tasks that must be done before we reach the very top and ascend with our twin flames.

Think of it as you have a to-do list that includes going to the dentist, but you really don’t want to go to the dentist. It’s your very worst fear. So you do everything else on the list first – pay the bills, walk the dog, even the unpleasant tasks get done first, but the one that strikes your heart with fear, we tend to avoid until we can’t avoid any more. The pain of the tooth can’t be ignored.

In meeting our twin flame, we get to go to the dentist. Many of us have healed and transmuted a very great deal – we have dealt with many aspects of being and ascended quite high. But there are still our “dentist” areas that we avoid because they are filled with such pockets of pain and fear – our “last geese.” Our twin flame can often accurately see what our last geese are, and until now, we have been blind to them. Even when they mirror them, we try to avoid seeing it. And we can see theirs, and they can be blind to theirs as well. We all really, really want to avoid going to the dentist!

One of the greatest gifts of the twin flame journey, even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time, is that our “last geese” are pointed out to us through our twins – and some last geese are only accessible through the deepest portals of sacred union. We have only been able to access and see with the help of the twin flame connection.

Think of these as being very deep chasms – you are flying quite high and then, ooops, down you go into a deep dark chasm, full of shadows and monsters. Then you transmute, then up you go again, higher than you could before. Ascending, then falling, then ascending higher, then falling deeper, and so on.

The question is not, will you go there – the question is, how will you handle yourself when you do. And how you will you handle it when your twin flame is in a chasm of their own.

We think these places are to be avoided, when in fact they are the keys that allow us to go up and stabilize at a higher level. But again, we need to know how to handle ourselves here.

Not knowing how to handle ourselves (and our twins) when go down in these chasms is one of the main reasons many twin flames fall apart at this level.

We see it in the other, but we don’t see it in ourselves. We can see them in their chasm, and judge and blame them, but we don’t realize we are avoiding our own.

This is not the warm pink fluffy twin flame stuff, this is the deep mystery school that if you want full embodied union, and to go all the way to the top — you must attend to and master.

What we are talking about is deep, embodied sacred union with your twin flame – going all the way into the sacred mystery until you are one at all levels.

And this has become our work. Our task now is honing in on learning and mastering how to ascend and descend – the heights and the chasms, that is the very heart of the union process. Mastery at all levels, union at all levels, all the way to the top." - 

Jill & Remi


Comment by Kim B on April 26, 2018 at 11:24am

I found this on FB regarding surrender.  I thought this person's perspective on surrendering to God's will interesting.  The biggest part of surrender imo is letting go and having faith and trust in God and in Divine guidance always.


What is SURRENDER?? Giving in...or gaining control?
If we leave the controls over our lives...our soul takes charge of everything. But how many actually allow that to happen?? Our consciousness and soul knows what is best for us. It won't put you in a job that you don't like or earn less than what you deserve. It won't allow anyone to come into contact with you and be in relationship or get married only to know it's not working. It won't allow you to go through unwanted pregnancy. It won't allow people in your life who has selfish intentions. There's a lot more than what we perceive from our 5 senses. Lot many people struggle with everything in their lives in 3D. Lot many unions in Twin Flames are pending due to this....What does surrender means......It is a question for which others may answer:
“I do not want to give up; I am a fighter.”
“Surrender is a method of giving up.”
“I do not know how or why I need to surrender.”
Many people don’t understand the real meaning of surrender. Definition of surrender in dictionary is: “to agree to stop fighting, hiding, resisting, etc., because you know that you will not win or succeed to someone else.”
If you accept the definition of surrender as acceptance of what is, you will save your energy, and most importantly, you will save your health.
It is a good way to deal with reality and thereby reduce your stress, anxiety, anger, or unhappiness.
Spiritual people believe that surrender is not about defeat, giving up, or not believing in themselves, but that it is about trust in themselves and in the power of belief…in faith and joy. It’s not about ending the fight but about beginning a new approach to life. When you surrender, you don’t need to predict, prevent, or plan what is going to happen next, and most important—you do not need to control everything, which is a big problem for people with general anxiety disorder.
Surrender method of coping is a big help for people who are suffering unnecessarily and who are putting their energy into controlling and predicting. The irony is that when you’re controlling, you’re losing your energy; when you’re surrendering, you’re saving your mental, emotional, and physical energy.
The surrender method is the skill of knowing how to live in the present moment and to be in sync with the natural flow of things.
For some, it’s hard to make the shift from control to surrender. When you are in “control mode,” you believe that you have the power to protect yourself from disaster. Wrong! Stop thinking that something terrible will happen if you stop controlling your surroundings. No…the world will not stop revolving, and you will be perfectly okay.
If you still feel that surrender is equivalent to doing nothing, think again. Surrender will bust your action and energy, not just diminish it.
Think about your fears or uncertainties. Are they real?
They are creations of your own minds, the result of your perceptions and thoughts, and they could be distorted (altered or misrepresented). Are you ready to make your life unbearable with false and altered perceptions of reality? I don’t think so. If you want to enjoy an inner calmness, get rid of your negative emotions and perceptions.
Unfortunately, there is no magic pill for adopting surrender behaviour; it’s a skill that must be learned. What works for me might not work for you.
Try to live in the present moment, accept your feelings, and let them go. Trust yourself and feel the Higher Power within you. Find your guidance to the path of surrender. If you need help, talk to your good friend, therapist, or religious adviser. You’ll soon find that surrender isn’t about giving in but about gaining control…and achieving happiness."
Sanghamitra Trisharan
Comment by Kim B on April 6, 2018 at 6:31pm

It sure is Joy 

Comment by Kim B on April 5, 2018 at 11:24am

I have heard so many explanations as to why many twins that came here on mission incarnate thousands of miles apart.  The article you posted Cheryl, gives an explanation that I have not heard of and makes sense:

"By engineering the incarnation process, they rarely allow two twin souls to incarnate at the same time. Even if they do, they rarely meet each other. Even if the meet, they are rarely allowed to be together, the Archons engineering situations to prevent the union. This is why twin soul unions on the surface of the planet now are extremely rare, and most people who think they are twin souls are actually primary soul mates (soul mates that channel energy of the twin soul to each other)."  All because they are allergic to the deep soul love.....

Comment by Kim B on April 5, 2018 at 5:13am

Good article thanks for sharing, Cheryl.  


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