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What are they?  A soul that has divided and incarnated as two different people.  Why should you care?  Because it is an exalted state of consciousness and because it is where we are all headed. 

If you read my qhht transcript, you know I have met up with mine.  I think Jacks did too.  And some others here on this group. 

This video is by GoldRayTwinFlames (Mel and Nicole), whom we've been following for over a year.  It's enlightening.  And for those of us who got the experience before the explanation... here it is...

Related:  It is said to have begun today:

You can follow Mel and Nicole on youtube:

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Comment by Kim B on December 4, 2017 at 9:29am

"Twins hold the keys to one another's healing" - Ashqi Mariya Kaye

Comment by Kim B on November 16, 2017 at 6:12pm
I am sharing a beautiful true story of a twin flame union (a set of twins coming together) never know how its going to be orchestrated....

"Our TF union story...
One year ago today (September 1, 2016)...

I was sitting here alone wondering what was to become of my life. My husband had left refusing to acknowledge who I was becoming. I had met my Twin Flame on Facebook who lived 800 miles away. I had two children addicted to electronics. I had family members confused and angry with me. I had friends ready to abandon me. My soul was expanding and searching. My world had been shaken, turned upside down. All I had known was tossed up in the air and I had no idea where it was going to land. I didn't have a relationship with Jesus, but I did believe in God. I knew in my core that this was all happening as it should; that God was in control. All I had to do was be brave enough to watch the pieces fall into place. I had no idea what my life was going to look like from that moment on.
It was scary but exciting. As a Sagittarius I constantly read of how adventurous I am supposed to be; how well traveled. I've never been anywhere. But I see now that my adventures come from shaking up my known and plunging head first into the unknown. This was the start of a grand adventure! And I was so ready for a change.

One year ago today... I looked to Heaven and said "Bring it. I am ready."

One year ago today (September 2, 2016)...
Chris's circumstances changed dramatically where he was living in Maine. He had a gun stuck in his face and was told to leave.
At the same time my husband (who left) and I were arguing and trying to sort things out over the phone. I get a text telling me about the gun as I am on the phone deep in hurt feelings.
I couldn't call him and had no idea what was going on. All I could do was surrender to the whole situation and watch it unfold.
A bit later Chris sends me a text saying he will be leaving at 7 pm. Ok!
Wait! What? You are leaving tonight? You are coming here!! Tonight?!
Ok God. I wonder how this will play out.
I call my husband and tell him Chris is on his way. He is not happy at all. He is furious and panicked. I had given him my word that Chris would not come here after he had left our family. I explain to him that circumstances have changed and he is coming.
All the while I am in awe. I don't have Jesus within me at this point on my journey but somehow my soul knows this is God's plan. My Twin Flame is coming.
My husband calls me yelling, telling me I am crazy for letting a stranger come here. Logically I know he makes sense but my heart and soul tell me different. This is no stranger. This is part of me returning home. Chris offers to talk with my husband. Around 10pm he pulls over and talks with my husband. He answers his questions about his past and his intentions for me. It was from this conversation between them that I learned Chris planned to marry me. I was floored, but then again not. It was all surreal.
So I spend the rest of the evening waiting nervously for my one true love to come home to me. I didn't get much sleep. And his drive was a long one. His truck was acting up and he could only go so fast without bouncing around the highway. Not to mention he had an 800 mile drive. It was like God was putting everything in slow motion so we could absorb what was happening.
The usual worries started to surface for me. The house was messy. What would he think of me when he saw me? What about the kids? But each time I would feel that pull in my heart and a warmth spread through me. None of that mattered.
My Twin Flame was coming home!

One year ago today (September 3, 2016)... (early morning)

My world was changing and I couldn't share it.

My Twin Flame was almost here! Our union orchestrated by God in a series of bizarre events. All of it was out of our control. That internal pull towards each other strengthened with each breath. An invisible cord between us that had been stretched to its maximum and now is retracting.

Inside me earthquakes and volcanoes shake and rattle my soul. The landscape of my mind and my heart changing dramatically in a short period of time. Love flooding me and filling in the cracks left by the internal destruction. Fear replaced by an overwhelming need to become whole.

How long have we been apart? How many lifetimes? Oh how I have missed you! Tears stream down my face. Come home love! Come home!

I can't explain this to anyone. I know that. In this time and place Chris and I have never met. He is considered a stranger. All that is happening, all I feel is surreal. No, this is not to be shared now. This moment is for God, for Chris and for I.

Vague memories and visions flood me of our time together in the past. It creates a knowing deep in my soul. It has been too long. Much too long.

I wait. In a few hours he will arrive. I am giddy with excitement. My heart is pounding and I swear he can hear it calling him. Part of him is here already. I can feel his energy like arms hugging me. On some level I know our souls are already joined. I picture them frolicking together through the cosmos and smile.

Oh Chris... I love you so!

One year ago today (September 3, 2016)... (around 9:00 am)
He is close. I can feel it! He calls me and tells me he is still a few hours away. He is not. I can feel him near.

A half hour later I get a call that he is here and cannot find the driveway. I knew it!!
He is at the top of the driveway!!! I tell him I will walk up to him. Suddenly my legs turn to jelly. This is it! In a few moments our eyes will meet for the first time! In a few moments we will be in each other's arms for the first time! My breath quickens and I tremble with anticipation.

I start the journey! And that is what it feels like; a journey. So many thoughts and whisperings in my ear. I know the devil doesn't want this meeting. In some ways I know the significance of this union. Twin Flames united!

I see his truck around the corner. Oh God give me strength! I feel like a kid on Christmas morning! We make eye contact and I wave a shy but enthusiastic wave. Oh God give me strength! He gets out of the truck on shaking legs, smiles a nervous smile and takes me into his arms.


Newness surrounds me. It bombards me from every angle and yet ...


He can hardly walk and I struggle to support his 6'9" tallness. He is exhausted and yet here he is. The magnitude of his journey to me hits me hard and furious. He just traveled 800 miles to me; a person he has never met. Along the way has had vehicle trouble and told my ex husband he intends to marry me. Here he stands being bombarded with the same newness as me magnified tenfold. My two kids come out to meet him only adding to the surprises. He did this all for ME! FOR ME?!

Love explodes from my heart! How can I explain? This is a love that I have never experienced before. I can feel the light beaming off of us when we hug. It is intense. Energy swirling around combining, pushing, pulling and pulsing; so thick I swear I could grab it with my hands. He kisses me!

No more words. No more thoughts. Only energy. Only love.

We are home. Never to separate again. Knowing we cannot be. Our souls intertwined both in Heaven and on Earth. Death would only bring us closer. No more fear. Alone no more. Incomplete no more. A spiritual trinity created by God.

Thank you. " - Silver Tibbetts
Comment by Kim B on November 11, 2017 at 3:10pm

Agree.  Discernment is very important!  This is also why testing of the spirits is also important.  This is how you weed out negative entities and spirits (I've seen one).  Many don't do it because they don't believe (in God) and they don't believe these things exist making them more vulnerable to deception.

Comment by Kim B on November 10, 2017 at 2:34pm

Nicely said:


There are on the planet at this time a huge diversity of souls. Earth is part of a huge divine experiment/learning experience and much of it is beyond our 3D human comprehension. What we can tell you for sure is that you are unique with your own soul’s plan that you have laid out for yourself this lifetime – and if you are a twin flame, you and your twin have made these plans together.
Please be very discerning with "channeled" material -- some of it is great, when it comes from a higher dimensional source coming through a clear and clean channel. But some is being filtered through lower consciousness, and some channeled material is distorted by negative energies in order to confuse people and try to lead people astray. Any teachings that are based on someone's untested channeled ideas but no real wisdom or experience, have little or no benefit for twin flames actually walking the path.
Ask your own higher/large self to guide you -- at all times. Because this path is so tricky and complex, it can really help to have teachers, healers, and guides when you need them -- but have your discernment button switched to “on” at all times. Trust your intuition, find what deeply resonates for you, and follow that."

©Twin Flame Healers 2017

Comment by Kim B on October 28, 2017 at 9:18am

Between a set of true twins (twin flame is a new age label for this soul union I happen to use twins as it's easier to type out lol) it goes further than just telepathy or sensing one another's emotions.  A set of twins can focus their intention on the other for example touching, hugging or kissing.  The other can feel it.  And sometimes this sets off surges of energy emanating from the root chakra in both.  I do know of a pair of twins who are separated by 1,000 miles and they both do this to one another even while texting lol!  A set of twins can be 10 feet away or 10,000 miles away, and still can do this.  There is no distance between energy and intention is a very strong super power twins hold.  It's a major part of a twin's creative signature.

Comment by Kim B on October 20, 2017 at 3:02pm

10-12-2017  (they sure were.....)


Energy reading for Twin Collective:

Dear ones,
There's a lot of activity at sacral in DMs & DFs resulting in intense sexual feelings and urges. Now that DFs have become so high vibrational that a lot of magnetisation has happened in their bodies making them irresistible to DM. Masculine's ego is still struggling with the pull towards feminines. The connection is no more restricted by human boundaries because soul has taken over the bodies and surprisingly even soul has sexual needs. It's totally different when humans have sex where soul isn't involved often. So it's easy always to disconnect and detangle in order to move on. That's why we say karmic relationships are very easy compared to twin flame. Each breath is counted in twin relationship because soul orchestrates this journey for both from which they don't have any escape. When twins have sex it's always soul involved and the light body, chakras interact. There's a beautiful dance which soul organises with each touch and kiss. It's felt directly in the heart. There's no surrender but just love and passion in which souls merges. Many would feel like touching themselves because your twin is nobody else but you and within you. The orgasmic energy released by you has it's own GPS and navigation system. It's releasing and searching the receiver to transcend the darkness. Sex and pleasure is always under rated wherein it should be embraced and honored. Shame, guilt and keeping under wraps is associated because people didn't allow their hearts and souls in it, simply because they went against souls to have that pleasure. If you feel lot of purity within relationship, you are in bliss and would always be proud of it. Nothing to be ashamed of. Many DMs wanted to have this secret relationship with you. They wanted to have their cake and eat it too. They didn't want to disturb the karmic life while having the luxury of your unconditional love. But soul doesn't appreciate this human behavior. If you as DF gave unconditional love and DMs was conditional then a great injustice was happening with DF. Also, DF was so much in love that she forgot self respect and dignity trying to save the long lost love. So both had their lessons. Self worth, respect, love, compassion, passion, dignity...all these cannot be separated. What if the person is twin? Nobody has the license to show you down. It also happened because feminines allowed it thinking what if he leaves. DMs had gone through a lot and nobody loved them in this way so it was very natural for them to look at you with suspicions. And many actually manifested such incidents where they feel happy and saved from this connection during that time where their mind projected and tricked them by orchestrating certain incidents where they found you committing some crime. Subconscious has a lot of power to create all life events which you believe as truth which isn't. Twin aren't allowed to come together or touch each other and have sex because coming closer means more intensity to accelerate purging, clearing and healing. I remember being kissed by him for few minutes and the very next day my energies bought forward the deeply hidden shadow side of both of us which we couldn't handle for many days. And when finally we managed to have sex for few times in just 10 days...he opened me wide. Activated everything what was lying dormant, brought up every piece of BS to clear and heal, forced me to dismantle my life and all this within next few days of the sexual healing session. So yeahhhhh....these all things are being worked upon now energetically.
Masculine collective is now aware of the connection and still this ego side is forcing them to turn their back wherein Divine force is forcing them to see and remove the blindfolds. They're trying to manage the energies in root chakra and they're struggling with a lot of financial issues. They want to get into this relationship but money is bothering them DF is managing everything so well and DM is looking at his own situation. During the day he's all fine but he's scared of the night time as moon energy brings something which he don't want to face. Dreams, visions, syncronicities all are barging very heavily. He wants to come back but can't stop worrying for thousand reasons. And when sees his inner work which should be completed before uniting, he's getting jitters. Every night a mirror is being shown to him related to all lives to him with images and scenes regarding this journey. And he's on his knees in front of all the evidences been kept in front of him. He's in awe, terrified, amused, baffled, uncertain...what to do next.
DF is so self driven by her energy and she's into so much in her Solar plexus that she's unshakable now looking forward to the Union. Sometimes she's worried thinking whether she's going to grow old waiting for him because all she wants is only Love. Now even the ability of shedding tears has been snatched away. She's healed now and can't cry. Her vibrations are very high. Because old paradigm has vanished for her she doesn't resonate with pain, separation, longing, crying. So if she's trying to cry she can't do that even for 5 minutes. But the message coming from universe is very very clear that there's a big movement and balance is getting established in both the sexes. There's noone who can stop this union now. All universal forces are working in favor with twins. So no more ego tantrums and escape from soul lessons because twins are the key players now. The time has come when all these energetic reins of planet would be handed over to twins. But before that we both as a unit need to prove the worth, our personal lives and relationships with counterparts should reach to the level of sustainability, where we collectively are immune to these triggers caused by stupid human programming coming through various ways.


By Sanghamitra Trisharan

Comment by Kim B on October 20, 2017 at 2:56pm

DM = Divine Male  DF = Divine Female

Comment by Kim B on October 20, 2017 at 2:55pm


Message & energy reading for Twin Collective:

Dear ones,
You read it right. REWIND your journey. You've been through a lot, especially from August 2016...this was the month when everything accelerated in twin collective forcing the DFs to work on themselves. When I say... you've gone through a lot... that means all pain, trauma, suffering, grief, longing, hate, scarcity, fear, anxiety, uncertainty, escapism etc..... & you've evolved through that reaching a space where the buttons of emotions are non functional. The space of neutrality & discernment. When was the last time you were totally in love with your DMs without any fear, inhibitions, judgements, expectations and to please them. Do you recall of those timelines when you found yourselves in utter bliss? The rush of adrenaline, the thumping hearts, the expansion of your being as a whole in their company, ability to be vulnerable without any fear of judgment, confessing everything to this stranger whom you'd met just for few hours and you both lost and dived into each other before thinking twice. Right... I am talking about The Bubble phase which was a short term romance but had a huge impact on us, pushing us to face and accept everything we tried running away, hiding, denying all our lives. Where has it all gone?????
After retracting from the world... please place yourselves in that same space and start feeling and living the same love which you both had in those times. Love which wasn't laced with any other component. Keep using violet flame for the remaining transmutation on both of you daily. And remain in those energies. One twin cannot force other into union. Union will happen simultaneously by your spiritual growth. You keep ascending and as a part of one consciousness you will uplift him/her. Don't waste your time and energy on them instead keep moving inwards and you'd find the souls interacting very frequently. Initially it was pure love which didn't had any expectations and that attracted them to you. So go into the same space where you are only Love. Twin flame journey is orchestrated by souls and now when souls are merging after the energy bodies, it's necessary to listen to the soul harmonics.
You both had ignited something very special, overwhelming, eternally divine which is beyond any logical earthly explanation. Nobody was delusional. FEEL THAT AND BASK IN THE GLORY OF THAT ETERNAL JOY ONCE MORE.
I'm advising this all because the mixed feelings and uncertainty about this situation is causing turbulence in collective energies. It's still difficult for many to believe that this Union will take place on Earth. If you are still swinging between believing and not trusting then duality has not left the systems completely.
Start releasing from the unconscious programming, old distorted realities. Keep on shifting your consciousness all the time as souls are merging now. Till January 2018 the high octaves would be received by our bodies every other day. It will keep on expanding your consciousness. People fall away because your expanded consciousness needs space. Your twin's consciousness expands by default trying to make room into already expanded bodies of your's. Here it's going to take a huge space not allowing anybody near you. It's going to shoo away everyone who doesn't have any contribution or resonance in your life. And You are doing the same with them. People with wrong intentions, selfish motives, trying to flirt and get pally with you....dare they think of hooking into your field. Or if you're trying to run away from them thinking of settling into soul mate relationship then have mercy on them because your twin's higher self is taking care that they run away from you soon.
New foundation of reality is built on energetics now. Everything is based on this quantum photonic energy and how well we're able to integrate this energy in our physical bodies. It's upto us how high we can hold our vibrations to break the shackles of old programming. The 1:11, 11:11 portals and December solstice is the gateway to more higher harmonic convergence of all timelines. You have every opportunity to rewrite your own timelines to securely anchor you into the zero point consciousness. The morphogenetic field is purging immensely resulting in complete collapse and rewriting of all other non-serving timelines while you are sleeping. On earth if you don't feel anything shifting... still...know this that a lot of work is taking place on every linear and non linear timeline and dimension you exist on....So there's no deep sleep now and mind is awake witnessing all this. Some may recall, some don't know what's happening to their bodies. Higher timelines are into place. We've anchored into the gridwork which surrounds the planet into our bodies. Also, we've received codes which are helping us for being multidimensional and crystalline. The more we clear these timelines and purify ourselves we get access to more higher dimensional physics which means magic on earth. New body, new abilities, new mechanisms. We're transcending rapidly resolving and releasing on cellular level. What does this mean in simpler language.... you'll encounter every possibility and it doesn't matter whether you are awake or asleep where you are clearing each and every minor incident in this life and other realities where you gave into this 3D cheap programming. Times made someone cry, when you stole something, when you cursed by choice or without choice, when you lied, when you broke someone's trust, when you wanted to snatch something of other's due to jealousy and revenge and thousand different acts which you did from the time you started having understanding of how life functions on Earth. You came as a pure being but got polluted due to these patterns and programs. It started limiting your abilities and your twin came to clear that by reminding of WHO YOU again make you an embodiment of pure love.
Templates of relationships has been changed in new energies which doesn't support the relationships where a person gets attracted to another person because he/she finds what's lacking in his/her body/ another person to feel complete. The core foundation of 3D is codependency where both come together to complete each other making sure they don't leave because they don't have it inside them.
Twins started with this right? During separation you made yourself worth by acquiring those abilities which you admired in your twin. You were guided and forced to do that. The intentional integration is always necessary. We all were forced into it because we didn't know it's existence. But now when we have a lot of knowledge it's needed that we choose everything very consciously. Pay attention to what your body says and shut down the 5 senses for most of the time. What you feel is going against your wish or will, or is unpleasant shows you're choosing the reality unconsciously or someone else is choosing it for you because of that. So, hold your reins and be conscious of your thoughts. There is no future and predictions now...there are only future potentials which one can tap into consciously. Think what you want to have and not what you don't want. Choose to feel the love you have for twins and they will mirror you back. Be child-like... worry free and trusting that their needs would be met by parents. Stay in happy and joyous state....if not then stay neutral and unaffected by external influences. Move into heart space... that's your core.... exactly like how earth's gravitational pull is changing. We all know that Earth continues to be pulled into the trajectory of zero point and the merged timeline of its highest dimensional potential.

Sanghamitra Trisharan

Comment by Kim B on October 19, 2017 at 7:45pm
Comment by Kim B on October 9, 2017 at 3:29pm



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