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Western Medicine is Rockefeller Medicine All The Way

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Comment by Carolyn on Thursday

Comment by Carolyn on Wednesday

We have the power so the best way to jam the beast system is no longer feed it with our CURRENTcy .

Literally and figuratively speaking. These NFL boycotts can be elevated to every single aspect our sick society. Stop feeding it with our money and with our loosh which is what covet the most. Stop watching Television, cancel Cable, don't watch their reptilian shows, don't go to their reptile movies, don't pay attention to their BS catastrophes, don't buy their GMO's shop local and support Organic farmers.. just by taking small steps like these globally we can start making strides to shut down the Archontic game and false timeline from manifesting. 

Then we move onto bigger things like nobody pays their wage slave extortion tax etc......

We are the bulk of the population not the beasts we have the power. 

Comment by Byron wilkins on Wednesday

Yep that was strange.

Comment by Carolyn on Wednesday

Did you mean extinction?

Comment by Byron wilkins on Wednesday

I don't know why people can't figure out that they are slated for extension.

Comment by Carolyn on December 6, 2017 at 8:06am

That's how deep the programming of humanity goes. They can't see an alternative to the system that controls them and ultimately wants them dead.Team Dark's multidimensional actions against humanity has been so effective insidious and complete that they can't envision a world without this Antichrist system.

Its unbelievable the damage that's been done.

Our freedom is going to come at a cost. Its not just going to be handed to us easily and magnanimously . Its going to require letting go of the blankies and jumping into the great unknown with the confidence and certainty that in the end Prime Creator will make this upright again and we will indeed be alright .One of the first steps in the awakening of the soul is courage. Were going to have to get to that level that things can't continue as they have been and we are willing to do anything for our sovereignty, that means saying no and walking away 

Comment by Carolyn on December 6, 2017 at 7:48am

I'm tired of the people of this world lining up to be a hot lunch. 

Mark Passio is right the word No IS the lost forgotten word.

Zero is going to change until people stop feeding the beast system and that means saying no

Comment by Byron wilkins on December 5, 2017 at 11:56pm

Petro chemical medicine is killing off the world.

Comment by Carolyn on December 4, 2017 at 9:33pm

Wonderful Article.

I say the same thing all the time for emergencies.. if your having a heart attack... call 911 and get to a hospital quick but for the majority of ills and disEASE we can make ourselves well naturally often with ingredients you can find in your own kitchen cupboard.

Most importantly taking care of yourself mind body and spirit is the best preventative medicine and very much worth the investment. Without our health we really do have nothing.



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