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Channel:  Ashtar/Athena
 July 11 2013    5:45 AM

This is Lord Ashtar who serves the Most Radiant One (the Christ) in his Mission of Love.

Greetings, Beloved Ones,

There are many on Planet Earth who still have fear and wondering about the changes that are taking place -  storms of great destruction, floods, earthquakes, etc., and as you have been told before, in many messages, your Mother Gaia is expanding and growing and making Herself known.  She needs to do this to bring up two other continents to dwell on Her once again:  Atlantis and Lemuria.

So this message this day, Beloveds, is very important, to reveal to all on your globe... mainly for the ones channeling new messages, but also, for all individuals. 

Here it is;

In the beginning, when individuals came forth, there was a natural protection around each one; it was not a self-conscious creation.  As the discord of mankind increased, rents and tears were imposed upon it and it diminished more and more until it was practically gone.  Now, we need to go into action, apply the law, and again build this Pillar of Protection -- this time, consciously.  Being a conscious creation, it cannot be dissipated as before. In some teachings, something is known about this protection, but it has been more or less vague.  (Sometimes it is called "tube, belt, or circle.")

The Pillar of Light originally was about nine feet in diameter.  It was really the
Stream of Light from the Presence, or "Silver Cord." As mankind became more and more discordant, the "Silver Cord" became smaller and smaller.  That was in mercy to the outer self, because if too much energy were released into its use, it would annihilate itself by misqualifying the energy.

The "Silver Cord" is made up of a stream of electronic energy... that is the Stream of Life and the connection of the outer self with its Source.  It is pure energy, primal life unqualified.  It takes on the qualification according to the free will of the individual.  This primal life is elemental substance which is charged, or vowed to obey the creative  principal... to obey the Three-fold Flame in the heart, according to free will.  That is how mankind has created discord and also the accumulated good in the Casual  body.
This Protective Pillar is a tube, or pillar, of pure light substance, invisible to the ordinary sight, but can be seen with the inner sight.  It is not hollow inside, like a tube.  There is light all the way through, like a pillar, in, through and around your body for a radius of about three (or up to nine) feet, condensed at the outer edge like a crust to make it impenetrable to anything not of light... Divine Love. (In the beginning, it is usually better to visualize it only six feet in diameter until one has gained a momentum).   It is charged, in, through and around the physical body.  It extends from above the head to below the feet, giving protection to the inner bodies as well as the physical. Have the feeling, the consciousness of it as a live thing... an action, not as a cut and dried mold, or form.  It is light in action.  It is vibrating.

It could be drawn forth from your Presence of Life and, through daily application, become absolutely invincible to discord or anything not of light, God... good. Not one thing can go through that Pillar of Light. You know all evil returns to the sender. When we get our protection around us, it is reverted right back. Otherwise it is a more lengthy process.

There are cases of those known as Masters in India who can stand and let someone shoot at them with a 22-calliber rifle; the bullet goes to about 3 feet from the body, flattens, and falls to the ground. This shows it came up against something; an obstruction it could not penetrate. That is the Master's Pillar of Light which he has drawn around himself. This has been witnessed, many times, by travelers in India and by army and navy men in service. 

This Pillar of Light is formed by the release of light... energy from the Presence.  It is projected from its hands, heart or head.  And also by the intensification or expansion of one's own light through the point of light in every cell of the body. Aside from protection, the Pillar of Light is a constant radiance of perfection, pouring off and absorbed by your bodies. 

The very atmosphere is electronic substance. The Presence might gather it to make this Pillar of Light invincible.  It is up to you to keep the feeling so harmonized that discord won't break through.  We should always maintain harmony in the feelings.  The powers of qualification, vision, and attention are your weapons of invincible protection. 

Speak to your own God Presence in love, as you would speak to a father:  
"Beloved Magic I AM Presence, (project and establish)... intensify Your protective Pillar of pure substance of light in, through and around me.  Charge with Your invincible protection, all powerful and impenetrable, which keeps me absolutely insulated from everything not of the light, and keep it sustained.  Make and keep me ever sensitive to You and Your direction, and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates." 
Then visualize it through and around your physical body for about three feet or as far as your outstretched arms will reach, seeing the edge crystallized. (When you feel it has been established, you can then use "intensify" in place of "project and establish.") 
Dear Hearts, of course, it must be understood that this Pillar of Light is an inner action, therefore, a four dimensional activity. The Pillar of Protection is pliable and will bend or conform to circumstances.  It can give protection to you from destructive forces emanating from a person sitting next to you or even touching your physical body. To charge the body... to recharge yourself quickly, mentally visualize and close the Pillar of Light at the bottom.  When you feel sufficiently energized, mentally open it again and have the consciousness of it being open; otherwise one can get an overcharge.  When you do this opening and closing below your feet into the bottom, extend on down below your feet into the earth; except when you are low in energy and have the need of more energy and wish to charge yourself... then see it closed about three feet below the feet.  You can call to the Presence to charge you with Herculean strength and energy.  You can say it like this, an example, Dear Ones: 
"My Magic I AM Presence, charge, charge, charge me with your Herculean strength and energy, and perfect health." 
In privacy, you can raise your hands to the Presence, and as you take the substance from the Presence, charge it into your world by charging and drawing your hands down at your sides.  Since it is the feeling that really brings results, it is well to do whatever will give one the feeling of it being done. When you feel replenished, see again the Pillar of Light open at the bottom.

For strength, visualize the ray of light from the Presence and in it a touch of blue.  When contemplating the Presence... and feeling yourself expanding, be sure the Pillar of Light is open at the bottom.

Aside from your call for protection... your attention held on the Presence, which is perfection, is a protection in itself because there is no quality or imperfection to attach to or draw in.

This Pillar can become invincible protection against everything of a discordant quality in the outer world, Dear Ones; thereby you can be disconnected from the mass pressure from the discord of mankind that is in the atmosphere.

In the morning, charge the Pillar of Light with Cosmic, Divine Love.  You can charge it to dissolve every particle of discord you contact that day.  Also charge it with acceptance and confidence of the power of light. 
As a note... after the war broke out, this protection was also called forth for our beloved Americas by the Students, individually and collectively.  In 1942 it was seen by some people on board a ship a few miles out in the Pacific ocean and reported in a newspaper.

Dear Hearts, never be afraid.  Feel protected as you all are who will take this to heart and trust your I AM Presence and your bright light of protection to keep you safe. 
Through daily applications, become absolutely invincible to discord or anything not of God-Good Light.  Remember, Dear Ones, not one thing can go through that Pillar of Light.  Dear Hearts, keep your light burning. There is nothing impossible for you to shake off those dark entities. Going about your daily chores, vacations, hiking, camping, what ever ... you know now you have the protection of all protections, your Pillar of Light.

Love and Light and Blessings, and love beyond all words,

Your Galactic Brother,

Lord Ashtar 

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Comment by Jacks on July 14, 2013 at 12:09pm

"So this message this day, Beloveds, is very important, to reveal to all on your globe... mainly for the ones channeling new messages, but also, for all individuals."

Comment by donna on July 14, 2013 at 11:33am

Powerful teachings. Till now, these type of teachings were only available to a few. Now, it can be shouted from the roof tops.



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