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Mark Passio The Nephilim Were Not Gods The Were Human Farmers

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Comment by Kim B on Sunday

The future is contingent on prayer.  Prayer can over ride the lazy beer drinkers who do not give a darn.  There are sufficient prayer groups around the world who are feverishly working on the problems of the world.  And one can bet stuff has been mitigated as many things have been averted so far.  Prayer is an excellent tool against evil.  However it must be insistent, and one must at least try to make an intention/prayer every day.

"The transition will be swift, and through your prayers, the pain of the transition and change will be lessened, for the power of your prayers is the greatest healing force in these end times, now as before, in the ancient times."


Comment by Taygeta Star on Sunday

Comment by Taygeta Star on Sunday

Old Milwaukee lolll

Comment by Byron wilkins on Sunday

Right now we are empowered by Budweiser drinking couch potatoes that don't care about anything. 

Comment by Taygeta Star on Sunday

I know and we help to maintain their existence and reality by feeding into their need for low density vibes.

Its just tragic we so outnumber them we could be free of their control tomorrow if we all decided globally we had enough. The problem is many still don't know whats going on all around them and still too many asleep. 

We could be a force to be reckoned with if the majority were awake and empowered to do something about this

Comment by Byron wilkins on Sunday

We allowed them to exist.

Comment by Taygeta Star on Sunday

How these "things" are still calling the shots is beyond me.

Comment by Byron wilkins on Sunday

just like our satanic leaders.

Comment by Taygeta Star on Sunday

They do eat humans. They prefer children these beasts

Comment by Byron wilkins on Sunday

The history of the Giants shows many ate humans.



Always demand proof, proof is the elementary courtesy that is anyone’s due.  —Paul Valéry, "Monsieur Teste"

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