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Hi!!! :-)
Welcome to the AfterTime Living Group!!
This group was set up for people who feel they are ready to explore
in-depth, the actions that they can take today, now,
in their daily lives to prepare,
not only for Surviving a Civilisation Changing Cataclysm, but for
LIVING Life after such an event.

It is set up for you to have a place to sort out, to think out loud,
your unique life situations, and to customise your own preparation plans,
according to your sense of mission, or purpose. And to
PLAN on how you're going to LIVE in the AfterTime.

The Survival Group, and Food Storage group are spaces where anyone can
read, or post general survival/food storage information. We want to keep
those spaces fairly neat, so it is easier for people to gather

Once, you're ready to move beyond info-gathering, then you can come here
and start making this information your own. In mulling this over,
decided to separate these two processes. You will notice a lot of
cross links between these groups, but this one will be much more messy,
and free for all, brain storming, solution-storming, bouncing ideas off
of each other, and all the wonderful creative chaotic ways in which we
each learn how to take book/intellectual knowledge and apply it to our
lives, right here, right now.

The Big Focus here is to make this information your own, and to
start living the changes we will all eventually need to make now, as we
can, in the context of our everyday lives.

To help put everyone on the same page, or as much as possible, I've
created fives posts for you to look at. After you've looked at these
posts, come back here, copy the questions below, share with us your
point of view, and add any more relevant info you would like to
introduce to us. I've done one myself so you can get some ideas as to
how you might want to do your intro to this group

Let's have fun, getting to know each
other, helping each other, and

becoming prepared humans!!!!

1b    The 5 Stages of Catastrophism
1c    We are Where We Are
1d    Reality Checks
1e    Why Talking IS Learning
1f     Our Wholistic Future
1g    Now That the Severity of What We Will Be Experiencing is Beginning to Sink In....
1h    What Part of the Coming Earth Changes are You Having Difficulty With....
           Wrapping your mind around.

1. I am at Stage ___ in the Five Stages of Castastrophism.

2. This is where I am at in my prep planning right now:

3. My mission for living in the AfterTime is....

4. Arrrghhhh !!!! :0) My biggest reality check/road block is......

5. In the future humanity will....

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1. I am at Stage ___ in the Five Stages of Castastrophism.
I am at stage 5, but I can remember all the previous stages well. I recognised myself all throughout this video. LOL
Did anyone find this video helpful? I wished I had seen when I was at Stage 1, and especially at Stage 3, it would have been sooooo helpful to me when I was in those stages.

2. This is where I am at in my prep planning right now:

I am at what I call the life skills stage, I am ready to learn how to live as if it were already the AfterTime, to actively practice the skills needed to thrive in that lifestyle. I have lots of organising to still do, to set up a supportive infrastructure, while we can still do that sort of thing, and I have some key logistics flow patterns to build, organise and set into place. This is a very hectic time for me....

3. My mission for living in the AfterTime is....

to help rebuild, regenerate, heal and co-create the planet in her renaissance, as well as a culture of multi-dimensional humans living in the larger natural, global, galactic, and universal communities.

4. Arrrghhhh !!!! :0) My biggest reality check/road block is......

time, I have much to learn about time. It is difficult for me to find the time to live this lifestyle. I remember reading in Deep Survival how it is reccomended that people plan on things taking them 8 times longer to do than they think it will. This is sooooo true!!!! This is where many of my reality checks come from.

5. In the future humanity will....
Will rediscover our relationship to all the beings of intelligence around us, we will heal our planet by co-operating as equal partners with Nature. As we do this, our bodies which are an inherent part of nature will return to balance and we will begin to live in harmony with Life, we will experience our bodies, first healing, then regenerating.
Humans will begin to remember their true history, who they actually are, their whole selves. We will become increasingly consciously aware of our multi-dimensional relationships, with our selves, with each other, and with humans all through out our universe.
This is will not be easy at first, we have much to unlearn, but this will happen, it is my humble belief that this is our destiny



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