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Reality Checks
This is one of the biggest problems, or road blocks I continue to bump
into in my preparations. Every day, as I try to apply what I've been
learning I run into reality checks. I'm discovering a huge disconnect in
how I imagine it is to do certain things, or live a certain way, and
the reality of actually, physically doing the task, and living the

I know this is the area where I most need support. The AfterTime
Lifestyle is physically demanding. It is a very physical lifestyle.
Almost everything about this lifestyle, is time-intensive, and
labor-intensive. There is quite a gap between how we live in our modern
culture, and the culture that is emerging all around us.

There will be many among us who will chose to move on and out of the
physical expression during this transition. They will be supporting
those of us who have chosen, at the soul level to stay, and help birth
our emerging culture, and human experience. For the ones of us that will
continue in our physical expression, this issue of bridging the reality
gaps is going to require us to be
strong, focussed, unified, and clear
in our honesty. The sooner we can learn from, face, and adapt to the
many, many reality checks we will be experiencing, the better we will be
able to help others do the same.

I encourage everyone to share their learning experiences. The "real nitty
gritty, I-ain't-so-pretty", experiences. It is my hope that we can
smooth the rough edges of the reality checks by sharing them in
honest, open, and genuine ways.

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Adjust, Adapt an Attack = AAA You Adjust to your changing environment. You Adapt an become part of it. You Attack an solve issues. This is what I do when opportunities arise. LOOK to the FUTURE and REMEMBER the PAST. JOHN



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