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The Lifestyle that I feel everyone needs to feel most comfortable with, especially in the immediate aftermath of any Civilisation Changing Event (CCE), is the mobile lifestyle.  The life lived on the move, either as refugees from the cities and coasts, or as Earth Changers in route to your retreat and safe locations if you are not already living in them.

Even though I live in my safe location, I do not want to become complacent in learning the skills I would need for a mobile lifestyle.  I can think of all sorts of scenarios where I may suddenly find myself without a home, a dry place to be, or stranded somewhere away from my home.  These skills are paramount in building my confidence to adapt the any number of changing circumstances in my life.

If you live in a city, or on the coast, building your confidence in these skills will make a huge difference in your present anxiety level, in your quality of life in the AfterTime, and probably in the lives of people around you.

For now, I'm going to set up a connection to some links that will give people a good feel for this lifestyle, or an overview of the skills that will be needed to live this lifestyle. 

This will be an evolving post here, with a series of posts connected to this one that will explore the more specific Free Living lifestyle skills in-depth, as we engage ourselves to learn, practice, and apply this knowledge in our lives, in baby steps, as we can, now.

I call these Free Living skills, in addition to Mobile, Wandering, and Refugee skills because I feel that with even just a mental feel for these skills I have options, and choices available to me to stay free in the future, rather that to jump too quickly into an encampment, or community, where I could end up feeling enslaved if I did not know how to live on the land, in the wild, and in harmony with Nature.

These are the typical wilderness living skills, back country camping skills, but, I think they are also essential Sovereign Soul skills as well.  Knowledge x Experience = Living in Freedom,

                               CHANCE FAVORS THE PREPARED MIND

Wilderness Survival Skills Quiz  Cheryl also has this pinned to the Main Page, upper left section

Family Preparedness Principles  Just watching this video will increase you odds of survival....

Coyote Tracks  Often the difference in suffering in survival, and living an adventure is attitude... and knowledge

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A lot of people will be going into shock when this happens.  There are others who will take advantage of the situation.

The main things to remember are this:

1) If at all possible get out of the urban areas!

2) Keep out of the line of fire (meaning keep a low profile)

3) Do not boast about what you may have, you will be attacked on sight for your goods.

4) If you will be traveling to your safe spot, have at least 3 different routes that do not intersect.

5) While traveling, trust no one!  

6)  Your first priority is to your family and their safety.  Once that is accomplished, then you can help others.

7) Store your goods in different sites.  If your stash is one site, if you are attacked you will have nothing to survive.

8) Keep a positive attitude no matter how hard it may be.  Have faith in yourself and your higher power.  

Love the post Tam, thanks.  This is why I joined this site.



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