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Channel:  Ashtar/Athena
July 29 2013   6:00 AM

This is Lord Ashtar who serves the Most Radiant One (the Christ) in his Mission of Love.

Dear Ones,
You are the leaders and the awakers, God's children are learning and seeking and must proceed.  You are relateable and synchronistic with your own emotions, feelings, and thoughts - and needs.  They must be able to say "Yes, this person understands."





Part 2

Channel: Ashtar/Athena
July 29 2013 6:00 AM
This is Lord Ashtar who serves the Most Radiant One (the Christ) in his Mission of Love.

Beloved Ones,
In the last message, Part 1, Attention, Thought and Feelings ... we went into great depth on Attention.  Now, Beloved Hearts, we would like to go into Part 2 on Thought and Feelings.

Dear Ones, there is only one creative power in the world - thought and feelings.  Thought and feelings are your creative centers.  Can you do anything without your mentality and feelings?

the rest at :


Channel:  Ashtar/Athena
August 14 2013     2:40 AM

This is Lord Ashtar who serves the Most Radiant One (the Christ) in his Mission of Love.
Beloved Ones,

We all, on the ships, are hovering outside of your beautiful blue planet, Shan (another name for Gaia).  She is nearing her complete ascension and her children, you, Dears, your gorgeous rays of light-love are beaming out toward the stars... even lighting up our ship from your love location, glowing from every heart.  I, Ashtar, want to share a little truth that may continue and help with finishing up your ascension.

Dear Hearts, I do not like telling anyone what to do.  But, coming from Love, as I do, I would like to say: train yourself to be alert.

Intellect acts only from radiation around the brain - feeling acts from the feeling of the Universe. Through the feeling nature, we can go or make contact anywhere in the Universe.  We can go anywhere in the Universe and get knowledge first hand.

Reason is an activity of the human intellect.  Intellect is very limited; the Heart is unlimited and will keep harmony maintained. The light of the Heart will illumine the intellect.  Your intellect must learn to be obedient to the feeling within the Heart.  The intellect has concepts of its own and you can make yourself believe a falsehood as easily as a truth. The intellect is not the knower - but the Heart is.

Unbelief is a lack of trust in life.

The moment there is doubt and wavering in you (in your feelings) the Masters must recede. 

Arrogance is about the most difficult thing to get the Light through.  What makes the intellect so arrogant?  It is because its attention has been focused on accretion gathered by all mankind; it may not have gotten one idea from the I AM Presence.  When the Light comes through the brain, no human qualification takes place - the Light reaches the Heart without human qualification; but, when it goes through the body, it goes through the feeling and takes on that qualification.  

When you have disturbing thoughts, visualize the luminous Presence of Jesus or some Ascended Master on every one you meet. 

To control the mind, or to raise above the emotional plane, is not just to subdue the emotions or emerge out of that plane, but to sublimate, transmute that energy into pure substance.

Mental development, without feeling (of Love) becomes very cold.  The feelings are a powerful action and necessary in creation. 

The mind has the capacity to form conclusions from deductions based on fragmentary information.

The objective of mental power is to direct currents of energy from the feelings (through the attention).

The mind is only an instrument to record the physical senses - the experiences.

Your thought is the picture which your feelings feel.

Everything acts in the feeling world before it ever reaches the intellect.

The cause of physical manifestation is in the mental and feeling worlds.

Do not contemplate too much with the intellect; try to comprehend. The fact is, you are here in these conditions and you want to get out of them.

When a number of ideas come to your mind and you wish to know which one to follow, you can say something like this:  "My Magic I AM Presence, Blaze the Light from My Heart up through These Ideas and Show Me What to Do."

The path of spiritual unfoldment is a serious one and is beset with many difficulties.  First and foremost, discipline is necessary to control the body and the mind, without which nothing can be accomplished. The control of thought and feeling before going to sleep is especially important.  We cannot go into detail in this short space, but desire to be of Service and the longing to become a 'Lighted Landing Field" is a safe guide in itself.  All else will follow.  For "When the pupil is ready, the Master will appear."

Dear Hearts, before discontinuing, I feel impelled to add another word of counsel.  Make your own life conform as nearly as possible with the matchless teachings of the One who humbled Himself to contact mortals in a physical manifestation.  Any likeness to Him will enable us to recognize your legitimate claim to our special attention and assistance. He, Sananda - Jesus, is again writing New Scriptures, telling the Truth in our modern day.  As future friends and co-workers in the Service of your coming King of Kings, we salute you and proffer our utmost devotion in your liberation from all who seek to ensnare you and bind you to their fearsome juggernaut of destructive domination.  WE COME AS YOUR DEFENDERS AND DELIVERERS!  WE COME AT THE URGENT REQUEST OF YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER TO RELEASE YOU FROM INSUFFERABLE BONDAGE.
Dear Hearts, in closing, I, personally want to congratulate you for your Love, your devotion, your faith and your patience.  Brothers and Sisters, you definitely have come to your finish line.  Run on that water!  Come through the fog!  All our sons and daughters...  join with your Heart and all your Love, which you are.
With all my love and the love of all those on the ships, we shall greet you bye and bye.

Lord Ashtar

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Part 1 and Part 2 is on here Now!

ops forgot Link for


Channel: Ashtar/Athena
August 14 2013 2:40 AM

here it is :

"Unbelief is a lack of trust in life."  Wise words.

Absolutely makes sense:

"It is the feeling that energizes and motivates the thoughts. The feeling, or emotional world, being the power-house, should concur with thought; that is what produces results. That is why many prayers have not been answered; being only mental.  The thought creates the form, or cup.  The feeling energizes it, which makes it a thing.  One has to hold the form (thought-form or pattern) until the substance fills it."

However there are some instances where sometimes prayer is not answered because of certain reasons as in Divine plans.

"The solar plexus, being the entrance to the emotional body from the outer world is why, many times, one becomes suddenly nauseated for no apparent  reason.  That is because hate, or discord, from the outer was allowed to enter, or it may have been consciously projected."

This definitely makes sense.....

Yes it all makes sense.

An old Blossom Goodchild Nov 20, 2012 makes more sense now as well.

This was a last ditch effort of the Reptilians. Father God said it is Done Gone! Kaput

"Endeavor to keep your thought removed from the negative, catch yourself each time your mind strays towards uncharitable thoughts and deeds - stop and breathe - breathe deeply and with intention - feeling full of your soul's  golden light upon the in-breath and casting loose upon the outbreath whatever parasitic attachment that you locate within your field of energy - inbreath, and outbreath.
Dear Hearts, at this time and place, there are many things you must learn with your Ascension and Post-Ascension, when you arrive in the 5th Dimension.  Lift consciousness  - and I would like to share with you this Cosmic Truth.  The average person thinks it impossible to  live in a state of perfection - a state with no discord, because the conditions of Earth are in such discord. Yet, the first two Golden Ages, which are referred to as The Garden of Eden, were without discord.  

Dear Ones, how is that possible?  Everyone has the faculties of attention, thought and feeling.  Although you do not see them, you know you have them and they are real to you.
You have the power of attention, thought or vision, and feeling, which is the power of qualification.  These are your creative faculties and are in constant action, creating every minute either good or otherwise; while awake and during sleep, they function at inner levels."



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