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Most Blessed Virgin Mary to Luz de María
October 29 2013

“In this instant man is fed to degenerate his body, unknown diseases surging and cancer proliferating at the same time. They lie and deceive humanity with the consuming of foods genetically altered in laboratories, with the only end being to economically increase the industry of these foods, without the majority of men been aware of this. Everything is presented falsely with the excuse of a bigger and better evolution for the human organism.
The pharmaceutical industry in turn, has taken part in this desorder of the human organism; chemistry has not been used correctly.
In this instant, humanity is degenerating in its cells and all its body is led to fall into an unthinkable set-back. THE GREAT FOOD INDUSTRIES POISON THE BODY´S SYSTEM OF MY CHILDREN, WITHOUT THEM BEING AWARE OF IT. IS THIS NOT A PRODUCT OF EVIL? Is this not An arm of the antichrist, who desires to eliminate millions of My children through sickness?
In this instant, man is invaded by technology, leading him to dissociate and to totally separate the relationship with his brothers and sisters. This must not continue; men’s interaction has been cut, diminishing fraternity and the lack of communication being the cause of fatal and unexpected reactions on man’s part.
Children of My Immaculate Heart, science, with its advances, has as its aim, for every human being to be independent without needing his or her brothers and sisters. This way it is easier to conduct a solitary soul towards the wrong paths. It is different when My children are united and in a single Heart, then they are strong.
The events that I am announcing through this, My Maternal Heart, are a blink of an eye away.”

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