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Mother's Mini-Message #1
Open the Love Spigot

Oh, my dear children,

I am so delighted to be with you in this way today.  I will be bringing you what I am calling Mother's Mini Messages on a daily basis for a while.  Now, of course they are mini in length, but they will not be mini in the walloping impact they will have in your life when you let them in.

Let's talk about that.  How do you let us in?  How do you let in love, how do you let in the company of Heaven, your Higher Self, your Twin flame, your Mother and Father?
Since this is my first Mini-Message, I will get right to it.

You may be surprised, even shocked to hear this, but at all times, day and night, all of the Love, the adoration, the tenderness, the support, the resources, the care are pouring down on you at a maximum rate.  If you like, you can feel it now.  I will help you.  Take a chance.  Say to me, "Mother, I would like a sample of that please," and I will help you bypass your own invented limitations for a moment so that we may be joined in an exquisite vortex of Love.

Now, let's discuss why you are not experiencing this at all times.  Are you ready?  I'm going to reveal to you how it works. When you descend into lower dimensions, you invent reasons and beliefs that slow the flow of goodness that you would experience naturally, if you were in higher dimensions - the 5th dimensions and above.  

Imagine this.  You have your hand on a spigot, like the one your garden hose hooks up to.  When you turn the valve to open, the HoneyLove that your Father and I are always pouring on you flows down into your being.  In this state, there is no lack, there is no need for external resources.  Everything you desire from your divine will that is aligned with our will is infinitely present and available for you.

Long ago, when you descended into the lower dimensions - the 4th dimension and below - you easily remembered that you had a spigot and that you had sole control over the spigot.  As the long eons passed, and the experience in the lower dimensions became more arduous, you forgot all about the spigot.

Great news.  It is there, you have complete command over it, and even more great news:  Father and I and your beloved Company of Heaven are on standby to help you recall how to open your spigot and turn on the waterfall of unending adoration and nourishment for your body and soul.  There I have encoded it.

Before I end our first Mother's Mini-Message, I want to encourage all of you to read
Archangel Michael's recent message.  Father and I have prepared and wrapped a present for you, so follow the treasure hunt.  Read the message and get the gift with your name on it.  ( The link is below.)

I love each of you.  It is time for us to be close.  I speak for Father as well, of course.
I stand together with your Company of Heaven.  We are not even a breath away.  Please my darlings, open your spigot and let in our endless Love.

It is time.
I am your Mother.

Channeled by Christine Burk and Kathryn E. May, June 3, 2015


Michael's encoded message:  


These Mini Messages from Mother will be found in writing on our website,

and on our YouTube channel in audio form by Kathryn:

 © Kathryn E. May, PsyD.  Permission is given to copy and share these message, providing they are presented in their entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,    


Mother's Mini-Message #2
Time to Finish the Lower-Dimensional Hokey Pokey

Good day Bright Stars!  

Did you know that?  Did you know that you are the brilliant Stars that Light up Father's and my sky?  Every precious one of you do.  Yes, you too.  Every one of you is the most treasured.  Every one of you receives all the love we have to give, which is an infinite and ever expanding amount.  As we get better and better at loving, because we are always growing too, we turn and give it all to you.  That is why our Love is always fresh and abundant, so open your spigot!  Here comes a new batch of HoneyLove!

Now that's the way I like to begin everything we do, covered and smothered in love like a hot fudge Sundae.  I mention ice cream just now especially for our Sananda who is here by my side as I speak this to you today.  I have asked him to be here to help out with today's Mother's Mini-Message.  Sananda likes ice cream very much; he likes about every kind of ice cream.  We all have favorite treats from when we have incarnated on Earth.  

We want you to get to know us like that now.  We want you to know us, Father and I and your Company of Heaven, personally and familiarly.  We want our bond with you to be warm and close, our communications to be frequent and full of laughter.  Again I tell you that we here in the Company of Heaven are not different from you.  We think of our differences as only a difference in capacity.  In this infinite moment, Father and I have more capacity to love, and that makes us more capable of all things.  That is truly the only difference between us - capacity.  And yours is always growing.  The rest is just perspective.  I will give you an example.  

A long time ago, we all began this Project.  We can use the Project's formal title, The Earth Project, or for today's Mini-Message we can also just call this Project the Hokey Pokey.  You know that dance you did as a child?  Well, it could be said that all of us are at varying stages of finishing the Earth Project dance, the Hokey Pokey.  Some of us, like our Sananda here, are personally finished dancing that dance.  They have put all their parts in and taken all their parts out of the Earth's lower dimensional Matrix.  Then, they come Home to Father and I in between lifetimes and "shake it all about" because that is what it's all about.  It's all about the lessons and the love.  

Many of you are caught on a first line of the song, as if your record is skipping and stuck there.  You put your heart put your heart put your heart in... but you haven't taken your heart out.  You have left your battered heart in the values and beliefs of the Matrix, and yet you wonder why it feels broken.  You put your brain in... but you haven't taken your brain out, so your thinking is still grooved into the dark and diabolical programming that always leads you astray.  You put your will in and you gave it to your lower ego, which certainly does everything possible to stop you from taking it out, so you live a life based on superficial gratifications rather than the everlasting fulfillment of aligning with our Divine Will.  

The solution is easy.  You just need to finish the dance.  Whatever you put into the Matrix, you need to take back out.  You do this by reestablishing your divine will, reclaiming your heart, and taking possession of your own brain.  

You must reclaim your will to direct and manage your own life, your own thinking, feeling and behaving.  No one has the right to own you.  You are not simply a leaf in the wind, being buffeted about by external forces.  If you believe you are controlled by the dark elements in your life, you have put your whole self into the Matrix, then you insist you haven't - you are just responding to "reality," and you have forgotten to take your whole self out.

This is the solution, of course.  First you must be courageous enough to "shake it all about."  Everything.  Your pet ideas, your precious beliefs, your opinions about yourself.  Leave nothing unquestioned, nothing unexamined.  Let nothing slip by your conscious attention. Be attentive as you have never been before.  Allow yourself to apply the strength of your own divine will to polishing the sheen of your own self-love, and you will be able to look at anything, change anything.

Now you are ready to really do the Hokey Pokey and turn yourself around.

And that's what it's all about.  

I am your Mother

Channeled by Kathryn E. May and Christine Burk, June 4, 2015





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The Third energy (unconditional love) of a pair of TF's certainly is amazing.

Yes in the Oahspe the Great Spirit said that the main energy of him is Female! Other wise more like 60/40 or 75/25 but both energies is needed to create!

So the main energy of a pair of twin flames is female? Is that what the oashpe says??

Mother/Father GOD is ONE with All that is! With out Mother there would not be anything!

These Mini Msg's from Mother/Father God Have great info in them!

Mother's Mini Message #19 has a lot of answers in it about RV, Nibiru, etc...



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