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(video in glp thread)

The terrestrial cross, created by the angles between the spring and fall Equinox and the summer and winter solstice, will align with the cross formed by the center of the galaxy. These crosses align at 11:12 UT 12/21/12. The time is locked into the interval of 1992 to 2012 by the presence of 3 solar eclipsews and a lunar eclipse which have occurred in this time period. The prediction by Nostradamus is that after this moment, time will no longer exist.

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How will the world function? Everyone will miss their plane!

how will i be able to take all my meds. what i think what some people may have forgotten is that we use leap years and the myans did not.

Is this a coincidence?  Took this out of the glp thread:

message to Lec of the Philippines

This is What In Heard + My Vision
September 29, 2008
3:10 PM

Son, bring my message of salvation to the hearers. I wish everyone to be saved but many do not want to listen to my words. I will send a sign to call peoples’ attention to the fact that your I AM is real.

You have seen it in your vision, son.

Lec’s Vision:
Last night, I was already in bed, my eyes closed, my mind free of any thought, then in my mind’s eye I saw a man in the middle of the street falling down to his knees. He saw an awesome sight. Looking up, I saw a huge, extremely bright cross with its white light blazing in the night time sky. I then saw many people in groups also staring at the extraordinary sight above, wondering what the amazing sight was.

Cool!  Keep us posted if you notice anything unusual!  I wish I could stay up all night, I wouldn't make it! ;)

Most everyone here, left town about 70%. Won't be any riots, no one is here.

Where did they all go, in -30F weather?

Out to the -40 degree weather in the countryside. They are afraid of the possible EQ in city and the 3 days of darkness that the Tibetan Monk told them about. Everyone is buying candles and matches, many TV news stories about the matches and candles. lol

Poor people. 

Whoa!  The Tibetan Monk thinks there is going to be 3 days of darkness starting now????  That big dummy!!   I don't think ANYONE knows except for God when this is going to happen.  Of course there is supposed to be eclipses starting sunday but I am not sure that is enough to do what the 3 days of darkness is supposed to do in prophecy.

actually its brighter right now, 11:02 pacific time than it has been for the past 4 days. it's cloudy with sun breaks, the strange part is that its been dark before 4 pm. also i have not seen any increase in earthquake activity. its relativly quite. that means its starting to build again.

It has been way too cloudy here to see anything.  As to earthquake activity, yes, this is weird that it is soooo quiet especially with the first two weeks in december it was very active.

Well? Time is still on our



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