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Times to Come (Part 1)

Every other day I will post a new page from my ” Times to Come” article.   Stay tuned for upcoming parts.

Almost everyone will have left after the wars and global adjustment because of nuclear abuse, hatred and military actions.

You need to realise that you are beginning a new walk.

The time has arrived today to say no to wars, hatred, selfish living, greed and the ‘me, me, me’ belief raised in many from the time of the Pharaohs, and possibly before, to be rich for your spirit will take and use it in the afterlife.

Yes, I have heard the stories, not of how kind you were or how much good you did on the planet but of the greed and the material money- grabbing and mean behaviours like nasty gossiping, cruelty towards people or animals and uncaring and mean lies told to cover up self that make one look less than good and have no feelings to be kind or have honour.

Change now.  Change yourself.  There is changing life on earth.  End wars and hatred.  Thank Creator.

The time of great changes is near when the oceans will rise and mankind will look and come as one.

Know that the waters in Seattle will rise up to the roofs on high-rise buildings and whales and dolphins will frolic around the top of the Seattle Tower.   The air will be warm.  No fanatic religions will have brought peace or will have blossomed.  Greed will be sharp and mean. Hearts will be hard.

All are calling for creating peace.  Millions call out for Creator and to be free from the hatred and divisions of religions – all coming to Creator in joy, in pure soul – learning to be tolerant, rising to be all pure and good.   And to be free, yes free.

All will see the rising waters and know the prophecy has been fulfilled.  They will praise life again, thanking Creator for all people and living free from fear of each other.

Learn now, from the ancient Algonquin First Nation, the love of Creator.  Be free and love peace of Creator.

Understand that there is no death.

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Praying for mitigation.



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