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My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

Little ones, for over 33 years I have cautioned you that if people did not return to God and pray with a humble heart, that evil would prevail and that destruction would come by the hands of humanity. I often told you as well that there is no time for fear, only time for change. I pointed the way to My Son. Many Church authorities had the belief that my words were bland and dismissed my promptings and my urging to return to God.

Now, there are tragic events unfolding. You are witnessing genocide and innocent children and families being displaced and suffering tremendously. Make no mistake…God the Father sees and is watching everything that is coming out of the hearts, minds and mouths of all peoples.

Once evil enters the soul, it only seeks to destroy. Evil begets evil. There are human powers trying to escalate and cause a one world government. Their plans are only self-serving and premeditated to annihilate people and preserve population control. This has been going on for many years, and not only with the pandemic and placing controls, restrictions and manipulations on people’s freedom in the world. There have been aggressive spiritual battles as well, affecting the lives of so many of God’s special children. Now, there are National Security issues.

Pray this bloodshed resolves and evil is distinguished. Many people have abandoned God for power, but He has not abandoned them. He is a God of Mercy.

When people pray, beautiful things unfold. You are witnessing bravery, courage and assistance from nations who desire peace and unity. They are reaching out to slay evil through support, supplies, prayer and comfort measures.

I am asking you to pray with all your hearts and offer all these innocent, suffering people to God for protection, safety and peace. Peace in the world, peace in the family and peace in every soul. The only way to silence evil is through prayer, mercy and love. You are powerful when you pray and follow the Holy Spirit’s promptings. You are powerful when you resist evil through love, God’s Love. This confuses evil.

Children are suffering and my Son, the Child Jesus, is reaching out with open arms to embrace all these children and bless them with His omnipotent blessing.

God is real, little children. I am asking you to pray and unite. You may need to rise together to protect your own rights and push back restrictions placed on you and your loved ones through persistence, prayer and charity. Truth must prevail. You are powerful and should not be indifferent or allow evil to prevail. Pray! Pray! Pray! My Son is with you. You are not alone.
I love all of you, my dear children. Thank you for responding to this urgent call.

Ad Deum

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