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Has anyone tried to store dry goods in old 2 liter soda bottles?  I am thinking about doing this.  From what I read you need a 500CC OA for the 2 liter bottle.  However You can also go with mason or kerr jars which are quart jars, which would use 100CC OA. 

Now here is where there is some confusion----Everyone says use PETE bottles #1.  that is the # in the triangle.  BUT from what I read when checking into it a #1 will leach.  HOWEVER a # 2 PETE soda bottle will not since it is stronger, thicker and leaches less, which is better for the long term storage.  We are talking the same as other dry goods which would easily be 20 years or more.

One more problem I have encountered is that all the soda bottles I have checked over do NOT have a PETE # on the bottle.  I checked the sides and still could not find one.  Which sort of pushes me towards the Mason Quart Jars! 

What say you?

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I was at Walmart today and got a price on KERR jars with lids.  A dozen Quart jars run $9.44. While 12 Main Stay jars complete run $7.97.

I think glass is healthier than plastic; however, it would be prone to breaking in an earthquake.  However, plastic will become brittle with age and crack easily, so my vote is for glass.  Wrap the glass jars in bubble wrap or something for long-term storage.

I am with you Cheryl! I have to change my game plan now and order some 100CC OA.

I store water short-term in 2-litre bottles. 

I used 6gal buckets with OXYGEN ABSORBERS packets.

Mylar bags are another way to store dry food long term.  Here is a site with interesting data thaat you should know.



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