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I have made this a private group.  What are your thoughts on this? 

If I make it private, all postings from this group will not show up in "Latest Activity."  Only group members can see posts.  If I leave the group open to everyone, then anyone can lurk.  It's not that it's private information, its about your comfort level in talking about spiritual matters openly, or not.  I want discussion, so tell me what's comfortable for you.

If we make it private, I can open up the function so that when you post something, you can send it to the entire group, so your post won't be missed.  I believe this will send it to your outside email.  I need to test this.  If so, make sure I have your current email, or an email where you'd want emails from this group to go. 

I waited 10-15 minutes and it didn't show up in either place, nor did it post to "Latest Activity."

Another thought is that all the modules link outside of this group, so maybe it's just better to leave it open to everyone.  If you want to keep something private, use private ning-mail.

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For some reason ever time I talk about Spiritual stuff I get hit with extra stuff it like we are being watched and if we talk about anything they do not like to inform people how it's done we get hit sometimes pretty hard do you get this to?

What do you mean by "hit"?  I've not noticed it with spiritual stuff.  Maybe you're more sensitive than I am?

It's Like they(cabal) know when we talk about Spiritual things, especially when helping others to understand!

So, they try to interfere to prevent it?  Yeah.  Every time I've gone back to school (except on-line school), I've been hit with so much.  I'm taking some art classes at the community college and right before the semester started "all hell broke loose."  First, my sons gf lands their car in a ditch.  Then they had to take my car for a vacation that was already planned and too late to cancel.  So, the first day of school, I had to borrow a car.  The second day, the person I borrowed the car from got my schedule confused and thought that day was a night class, but it was a day class, so I missed it.  Then, my son returns and the car is making a noise.  So, an engine mount had to be replaced.  Then Wednesday, on my way to school, my car was making a whining sound, probably a belt.  But when I gave it gas, it stopped, so I went.  When I left, the battery was dead, making a clicking sound when I turned the ignition.  A couple of students from the automotive tech class came out and gave me a jump.  They thought the alternator belt had frozen and stopped charging the battery.  So, I had it towed to my garage.  So, I had to catch a ride for last night's class.  And, my garage was hopping on Wednesday, yesterday evening they hadn't been able to get to it yet, and it's now mid-day Friday.  I'm going to call them. 

(I live in an area where there is no public transportation, and you need a car just to take your trash to the public dumpsters.  No car means I am grounded.)  And, now, yet another optical migraine is starting.  *sigh*  And still I persist.  Damn the torpedoes. 

I think this is my version of what you experience.  Someone(thing) doesn't want me in school.  In 1972, second semester of college, I got sick and had to withdraw.  I kept going back but having to withdraw, because of health, but I finally finished. Later, when I was in law school in 1994-95 (yeah, I did the first year), my disabled son was fourteen and became so much of a problem, I had to withdraw to deal with his issues.  In 2006, I was going to try again, and my then-husband (now ex-) developed malignant hypertension (he had a quadruple bypass in 2000), and I had to give up my plans to go back to law school to help run the family business.  And still I float.  I haven't been sunk yet.  Just delayed.

Yes anything of the Arts is most definitely being targeted, it's helps bring people together and that is not good divide and concur is there approach! Remember when we talked about how they have all of our frequencies an that they can target us? US being Light workers!

Yes.  And it sux.

That is why the use of the pillar of light when it becomes you every moment nothing can enter that is not of light!

Thanks, Bill.  I've updated the Basics section of the syllabus to include protection.  I found a good article with lots of different information, and I also linked your Ashtar information you posted today in another discussion.

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