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The source for this is James Deardorff's "Celestial Teachings," p.198-199, who undertook an extensive study of the Talmud Jmmanuel.  I found it interesting for several reasons, but the primary one is "ET Hoaxes."

"An especially interesting case of an apparently "false Jmmanuel" arose just before this book was completed.  It is a channeled version of the TJ, in English, in which the channel sources claim to be Jmmanuel and Judas Iscariot, with J being given the name Sananda also.  Although it correctly renders most of the TJ, it incorrectly renders parts of it while containing insertions and deletions for purposes of clarification, according to its channel sources.  It perpetuates errors present in the 1984 English version of the TJ.  This channeled version does not let the reader know that the original Aramaic TJ was first translated into German or that a German version even exists.  Hence, most readers of the channeled version would not know that it differs from a more original German version.  We now see the foresight [Billy] Meier had in insisting that the German version of the TJ accompany and be part of any later translation into a different language.

The main ways the channeled version differs is in blurring the distinction between god and Creation, or between the ET "god" and God, and between J and God.  It also portrays J as a little less provocative.  It utilizes much of Meier's introduction to the TJ, while not accrediting him for it or ever mentioning his name.  Nor does it mention the TJ's title.

This channeled version seems designed to be more appealing to dissatisfied Christians, particularly American Christians who have not heard of the Meier UFO case.  However, there is every reason to believe that it is no hoax perpetrated by either the human channel or the document's distributor.  It instead appears to be a hoax perpetrated by an ET who calls himself Hatonn**.  Such behavior on the part of ET's is by no means new, but causes us to continue pondering its motivation.

*Sananda and Iscarioth, "They Called His Name Immanuel."

**Hatonn is mentioned in the Phoenix Journals.

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