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I am able to remember most of my dreams ever since I have had lucid dreaming or out of body experience.

Recently, my dream becomes my guidance, consistently giving me information on what I should concern, although most of my dreams are in chaos, the important information often comes just before I wake up, since most of the dream memory is the strongest at the end. It has developed into a pattern where I can constantly see a trend.

This maybe due to my channelling, telepathy and meditation practices. See the very last pages of the two documents at the link within the link below.

I have been following my "imagery self" or "another self" guidance on when and how to sleep every time. I will channel him on my bed and let him adjust my sleeping posture. Then I stay focuses on the channelling until I fall asleep. Sometimes lucid dreaming occurs and I continue to channel, this is where I have been feeling energy flowing through my whole body and mind. I remain in contact with my anotherself in my dream, my consciousness becomes dormant while he takes charge in my dreaming.

Another thing add in my journal here. Since I do spiritual practice consistently, it is often happening to me that I got messages during the practice as well.

I will call my anotherself as AS in short. He is the main reason I am dedicated to do spiritual practice.

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There is a puzzle attached to my laptop that I am stuck to solve. Some MIB cartoon characters show up and tell me something strange about the puzzle, an alien who work on earth and get stuck here because he has no passport, but he likes earth. I give up on solving that puzzle. 

>>>I guess I have to stop guessing things I found online. 

I have a headache and suddenly realized that it may be similar to my telepathy instinct. As I telepath, my AS instinctively move me to bad and do a spiritual practice. I just realized it is better to include both dream journal with spiritual practice.

The headache gets better a bit. Usually I only practice when I feel tired and AS is telling me to go sleep and then we do before sleep. This maybe the first time we feel the instinctive drive to do a practice out of sudden.

The mantra and mudra I did just now are quite different from what I recall. I drew an anticlockwise at my chest, with many movements and noise, various yoga postures, and then I vomited again, when it came near to end, I drew clockwise, at my chest again. There had been a point an arm away in front of my third eye, like my eyes' blind spot, pinching, pulling and pushing with my fingers. 

A few days ago I dreamt about peoples are switching their personalities, this time it happened again...

It started with me shopping at a peaceful market and this market had been reoccurring. I got into an elevator and then it became time machine travelled into past. Something wasn't right. There were aliens attacking earth people, but then oddly earthlings were switched with aliens? And then the aliens were unable to switch back got stuck on earthlings body? Some time travellers jacked up with the history, and then the aliens kills... aliens? It was confusing.

>>>It has been a long time since I last dreamt about aliens. Always been invasive one.

It is rare for me to have a dreamless sleep, but it is actually more refreshing.

Three times a row that I have dream about identity switch. This time, I took the main protagonist to do the planning and I did not realized I took that character until I wake up. 

>>> ???

Have been drifting lately, just remembered something to write.

So, it is possible to create multiple mantras during meditation, it is just imagination of a source of sound instead of imagining how the sound is like. The method is to imagine the right focal point of sound during chanting the mantra and will stop when it is found, with that, multiple sources of sound is made. Have to correct this into my work actually... anyway it is not important for now, since there will be always correction to make.

I am always forgot to partially meditate (channelling + telepathy) myself when I am just waking up, the strange pain in my head is really something. It is better to do it when the feeling comes.

This is the strangest dream I ever had.

I was somewhere else at waiting my brother to come back, I played some video games and saw a dragon, then it sudden changed into me practice some meditation and I got suck in so much channelling so many information online that many people were saying me crazy. I then woke up at another place with prostitutes and I thought I was totally screwed. I cannot remember if I was had sex with them but people told me about I was getting mad after buying a lottery. I told them I did not remember all these and there were surprised. 

Just as I was trying to understand myself from them I woke up from the nightmare...

I know what they mean but have no idea if I am doing right... So much with the accuracy of the dream but there is no clue if I am doing wrong...

Had been many times dreamt about a manipulative woman in my dream. Hypnotized me to get my voice out and then played my feeling, found my faults on job so that the company can fire me. I don't think many people will believe in that fault-finding women any more, not even other females can agree that.

Again, had been many times dreaming about being in old school... I ask my friend in the dream: what gred your are been?

When I woke up I just recalled that we are already long out of school and working... I do not understand, am I the one who in the school now or what? Why was I thought that he was unable to graduate when I was dreaming? 

I got nightmares of zombies when I practice astral travel wrong. 
So I shouldn't be focusing on thoughts(words) and movements(desires) during sleep.

Maybe I need to focus on sound and light, not the words and desires, which I already has knew. Just experimenting.

Was dreaming about hand-writing gold writings that said it was to prevent from fraud...



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