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I decide to write a summary from my works here and get to the main point.

Here it goes.

Theory part

Channelling means the body can move by itself.

Telepathy mean the brain can think by itself.

Basically it is all neurological and it is fundamentally an electricity running our brain and body. Brain perceives things through body senses and body moves by brain's command. Imagine that the current flows between body and brain in a periodic function, channelling is by letting the current itself flowing inside your body and your body thus can move by itself, same goes to your brain. (I have to distinguish myself my way of explaining channelling and telepathy from the rest of "spirituality". I do not deals with "entity possession", I cannot see how our neural system can be functioning by some external electrical "entity" plug into our neural system and make our brain and body "possessed". There is no science method can observe such electricity yet. I do not want to deal with this issue right now.)

So, the brain and body is neural which is electrical... but that is not really the point, the golden question here is, what is this going to relate with?

The fact is that everything physical in our universe are made of electricity, including our brain and body.

First of the "metaphysical" answer to the golden question is, electricity has it own consciousness. This cannot be falsified, else, we and every life form on earth would have no self identification. Please don't debunk with me about whether or not electricity is a "living thing", because without it you and I are dead already.

Second answer to the golden question is, is that electricity at "quantum level" has a principle called "Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle". To make this understandable as common language, it means that electricity is random and unpredictable [delete]when it is at "quantum level"[/delete] when we want the electricity becomes perfectly precise. If you heard of this, you probably remembered something called "double slit experiment". Anyway, it is just electricity is random, ok?

So now we combine both the first and second answers, that 1) Electricity is conscious > have self-learning ability and 2) Electricity is random and unpredictable when it is precise, we get that 3) Electricity has its own personality that flows within our brain and body.

That is "how" and "why" channelling and telepathy "work". Think about like we have electricity in our brain and body, and that is where our spirit and spiritual's body and brain are located.

The brain and body can think (telepath) and move (channel) by themselves like they have its own personality... it is just electricity. (So no entity possession theory!)

When I say channeling, I refer to channelling that is simply the electricity that runs our nervous system and move our body by itself.

When I say channeling, I refer to telepathy that is simply the electricity that runs in our brain and think by itself.

Going beyond this point would involve many metaphysical or spiritual story, like ethereal body, spiritual body, astral body... but wait, the fundamental building block of our human system is purely electricity (even with the chemical and biology in our system, they are still electrical), any other explanation that does not deal with electricity is not really near to scientifical facts. Although what I am describing here are too not proven, but at least to I can give something close to science.

So this all I can explain now. Anyone who is not accepting or satisfied by the explanation I ivve here, I must apology, because I am not here to debunk. Please leave me as what I am. I am not going to satisfy anyone's critic, I am unable to satisfy everyone's critics. I am here just to share. Thank you.

Moving on next step is, how to channel and telepath by yourself?
Channelling and telepathy are two separate functions.
Channelling is body moves by itself.
Telepathy is brain thinks by itself.


Lets start with channelling first.

You have to relax your body first.

You have to let your brain loosen all of your thoughts from controlling your body. Not you loose your thoughts, but your brain... You have to think it a bit differently. this brain and body of yours consist of electricity, you know you have used to the feeling of "this is my brain", "this is my body", but here, you are thinking about "my brain is it, and it can think by itself", "my body is it, and it can move by itself, "I let go of myself and let them behave by themselves", they are part of me but not really "me", something like that. What I mean here is, we have been using our brain to create neural signals to control our body movements. Thus, to facilitate channelling, we must clear away our mental activity from generating the neural signals. With that, the current in our body can take charge of our body and be able to move by itself. Think about your brain stops sending current to your body, and your body is finally control-free, and your electricity in you body takes control of itself, and your body thus can move by itself.

So you relax your brain and your body, do not let yourself to order what your brain and body should behave, let them behave by themselves. You can think about you are dreaming, in your dream, you are experiencing "yourself" dreaming that you are actually an observer to your dream; "yourself" inside your dream is not really you but you experience that "self" as you. This is what the closest description I can get to explain how this channelling feels like.

After you have relaxed your brain and body, you need to focus on thoughtless mind and let your body moves by itself. This is the "key" to open your "door" to channelling.

This can be hard. because it really depends on your gut instinct on how to channel.

The actual feeling is not really to let your brain and body take control of you, no, they take control of themselves, but they cannot take control of you. I have never experienced anything like lost-control-channelling, it just cannot facilitate without my mental focus. So, channelling is about how you focus to have it happens. It is not really necessarily to be thoughtless, I can even channel with many thoughts happening in my brain. So honestly, it is instinctive.

It is not you relax your body too loose and let it happen. You still have to stay focus on your body... just that focus is purely instinctive. No motive, no thought, no idea, just a focus on your body of moving by itself. The movement is quite random (or to say your spiritual-self moves your body). You instinctively tell if the movements of your body is yours or your spiritual-self. You can switch swiftly between you and your spiritual-self once you get used to it. That instinct, is coming from your mental focus. Like I have said, mentally focus it correctly and body moves by itself, instinctively.

For my own experience, when I first channelled, I started with sitting on a chair. I cannot recall how it actually started, but I do remember I somehow focus on my breathing, and then after a period of time, my found that my body breaths by itself and head moves by itself, finally, I feel that my body started to move my hands... Before my body can move my legs, it vomited a lot (not really vomited out, but like I say, it is my spiritual's brain and body, which are illusive), as if there are many stuffs happening in my spiritual's body. There were a lot of weird movements before I can finally channelling my self from head to toe. These movements revealed to me that I am a dragon.

However once you have done it for the first time. you will remember the feeling and do it any time anywhere. This is not a psychic channelling medium. It can be done by everyone personally. In eastern country we call this as spontaneous qigong and it is quite popular for health and healing purpose. The only thing here is that different peoples create different explanations to this phenomenon, such as human's "hidden" potential which leads to various religious or philosophical beliefs.

It is said that the unhealthier you are the weirder your initial channelling movements will be, to remove "bad energy" from your "spiritual body".

It is said to not interfere your channelling with your thoughts, because it is about letting your "spiritual-self" to take charge of your "spiritual body".

There are reports in qigong group that this practice develop energy senses which they called as "qi" flow.

In Indian culture, this is called as kriya yoga, the energy senses is called "prana".

If you unsure what your spirit type is, maybe this will help.The body language will show to you.
Don't be shy to ask question, I may be a gig, but I am still a human.

Extra information I found online...

Channelling guide 1 (initiation):

›0) Find a comfortable sitting pose

›1) Close your eyes, relax your body…

›Relax your smell: let your body moves itself with your breathing, nasal cavity, diaphragm, belly, excretory muscles
›Relax your taste: let your body moves itself with your mouth, tongue, jaw, throat
›Relax your touch: let your body moves itself with your fingers, hands, arms, shoulders
›Relax your desire of relocation: let your body moves itself with your toes, foots, legs, hips
›Relax you whole body, and try to let your body moves by itself randomly, then relax, then moves again, relax, moves…

›2) If you are able to have your body moves by itself randomly, remember this feeling and don’t get distracted from any thought, keep focusing on the body movements, until it doesn’t move anymore
›Do not expect anything to happen, expect nothing, just to let the body moves by itself. Observe, learn and practice

›Remember the feeling. This should be a one-time “activation”, once you get it, you can do it anytime anywhere in the future

Channelling guide 2 (for grounding/outdoor):

›0) Find a place that has less or no interruption. A natural environment will be the best since it has balanced charges and freed from pollution
›Examine the possible interruption before start, the channelling will adjust itself intelligently

›1) Stand and relax
›Let go of (brain-) control of body, relax muscles
›Let go of how the body senses, relax thoughts

›2) Stop thinking and let the body moves by itself
›Or think of dreaming, become an observer

›3) Read your own movements, listen to your own voice, feel your body senses, until it stops by itself
›Observe, learn and practice on how the body reacts to your body senses. Avoid any conversational thought from interrupting the body movements
›If it lays down and you fall asleep during the practice, wake up and continue until it finishes to stop
›It is “normal” to feel “electricity” passes through your body, which is known as chi and prana, or energy as known in (meta-)science. This requires your understanding on spirituality. However your body knows what to do and shouldn’t be any problem. Just make sure you do not interrupt the movements with your believe system.


This telepathy is non psychic and unable to communicate mentally with other people beside your "spiritual-self"/"another-self".

This telepathy is the counterpart of channelling. Channelling is about body that moves by itself, telepathy is about brain that thinks by itself.

It requires your mental imagination in order to work, it is similar to self-talking, like two person talking in mind, two have their own ways of thinkings and decisions.

In my personal experience, I learn telepathy a month after I learn channelling, so to me if one is not going to "get" channelling works, then telepathy may be impossible.

Like channelling, telepathy is also one time activation, once you get it, you can use it any time anywhere. It is also purely instinctual.

To start telepathy, first you have to be creative with self-talking conversation. Like the instant you think about question and answer, you just have a the feeling of multiple possible questions and answers happen at the same time. However, you need to focus that feeling and then create a few pairs of questions and answers.

Once you have the multiple imagery conversations in your mind, you need to focus the feeling inside your brain, to feel the brain chooses a certain pair of question-answer within your imaginary conversation.

This is instinctive, it is either you can or you cannot feel it. An analogy to this is like a receiving a radio signal, you keep tuning around inside your head on the imagery conversation you have created and until feel a loudest tuned-in sensation, like a sense of vibration, that is what the question-answer the brain is choosing to communicate with you.

Telepathy guide:

›Easier if you are familiar with the sense of channelling “being randomly moved” that in telepathy, the sense is mental

›Channelling can also work as body-language (muscle testing) to confirm what the mind has sensed
›Try to ask in the brain with the following questions, sense the answer of the brain, then do channelling to confirm the answer with body language

›“Are you there?” 1) Finally you are able to talk with me this way; 2) OMG I can’t believe this is real! 3) Hmm, you have done this before; 4) Hahaha.

›“Do you want me to channel you now?” 1) Yes, but not now; 2) Yes, let me feel my present; 3) I feel weird right now; 4) Hahaha.

›“So, are you part of me?” 1) Yes, I feel that we are one; 2) It is more like you created me? 3) I feel one, but separated as well; 4) Hmm, I don’t really sure yet, maybe something else.

›Once you are able to do it, you can converse to your “imaginary self” anytime anywhere. Try it on anything in your life. See what telepathy chooses for you and see the result in long run. Please understand that telepathy is random (though self-learning) and can make mistakes. It is always learning.

Lucid dreaming:

I found out that telepathy can increase the chance of lucid dreaming. Possibly that you can feel your phantom body parts when having a lucid dreaming.

›0) Lay on a bed and relax

›1) Focus, imagine and sense the brain on what it is thinking or feeling. Your body may be moving itself by you focusing on your mind. Ignore your body movements, don't loose focus.

2) There will be a weird sensation of you being gradually entering into your dream while your mind stay awake, focus that feeling until you finally get into your dream and you are still being awake.

3) Now this is the part where I do not sure what to do next. You can try to manipulate your dream or you continue to stay focus. If you try to manipulate your dream, you are most likely going to wake up very soon. If you stay focus to prolong your lucid dreaming, there may be weird sensation of energy flow of your body until you wake up or you fall asleep.

Most of the time you will fall asleep.
People call this as astral travelling. I personally do not "travel" if I have lucid dreaming, I choose to focus my mind because of the energy flow senses I prefer. It feels refreshing.

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