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Egypt’s President Adbul Fattah el-Sisi states the unvarnished truth

You Won’t Believe What This World Leader Said

By Clarion Project

When a world leader speaks candidly — especially with issues having to do with Islamism — do we judge him based on the truth of his words or if his words are politically…


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“Compression Breakthrough”


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Clinton foundation Exposed

"Justice is nigh! Clinton Foundation whistleblowers turned over 6000 pages of evidence to the FBI and “knows where all the bodies are buried”

I know, I know, you’ll believe it when you see it.

We have seen the slippery, slimy Clintons escape…


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Healing attributes of copper 1 .....

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Humanity is revolting against globalist plot to alter the atmosphere in the name of fighting “climate change”

After three weeks of riots in France caused by the government’s imposition of massive new “carbon taxes” that are supposed to fight “climate change,” President Emmanuel Macron suspended them as a means of diffusing tensions.

The imposition of the tax was purposely designed to dramatically increase the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel with the express purpose of reducing the…


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Once Upon A Q -The Greatest Story Ever Told- FINAL Part


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A Big Win For The Deep State?

"Sabotage: The Deep State Has Destroyed Trump’s Chances Of A Trade Deal With China, And The Stock Market Is Tanking As A Result"

Somebody out there apparently does not want President Trump to make a trade deal with China. Just after U.S. and Chinese officials agreed to suspend the…


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Shocking state of Americans’ Health

"The COLLAPSE of health: New study finds that 88% of adults are metabolically diseased"

Would it shock you to know that only 12 out of every 100 American adults is considered by experts to be metabolically healthy? This statistic should be a cause for grave concern to every single…


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Democrats too smart for the average voter?

"Hawaii senator says Dems have a hard time “connecting with voters” because of “how smart we are,” and because “we Democrats know so much”"

by Thomas Madison

I lived in Hawaii for ten years. It is stunningly beautiful. That’s all. It is too…


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EU member nations are awakening and now going into action!

"UN Migration Pact Falling Apart As Attention Drawn to Disturbing ‘Replacement Migration’ Plan"

has become the latest nation to reject the United Nations’ controversial “migration pact” joining the US, Australia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Israel and…


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Federal Judge Opens Discovery Into Clinton Email Usage

Court Excoriates Obama State Department/Justice Department for Possibly Acting in “Bad Faith” and Colluding “to Scuttle Public Scrutiny” of Clinton Private Email Server

Court Criticizes Current Justice Department for “Chicanery”

District Court Judge Lamberth Orders “Proposed Plan and Schedule for Discovery Within Ten Days”

Discovery Must Also Explore Whether…


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