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sencond sun again

taken in xiamen ,china on march 25,2011.
Can you see the videos on the chinese website?

Added by lorry on March 26, 2011 at 1:00am — 5 Comments

Are these videos taken on March 14 and 17 the real capture of nibiru?

the videos were taken in xiamen ,china on March 14 and 17 , and a pair of sun glasses were put in front of the lens to mitigate the glare of sun.…


Added by lorry on March 19, 2011 at 6:57am — 1 Comment

the scecond sun in Jiangxi province ,China

At 17:20 on January 16, 2011 around sunset, a "second sun" wonder  appeared in the western part of Suichuan County in Jiangxi Province , with one sun brighter and another darker, attracting a lot of people to stop to watch it. It is said that this kind of scene is very rare in the county's history.


    According to the experts, this bizarre scene is a special form of halo or "sun dog", an atmospheric phenomenon created by ice crystals in the air at low levels during a cold…


Added by lorry on January 18, 2011 at 9:30am — 9 Comments

"2012 video from a future man"

It is about the so -called "2012 video from a future man" . It is said that in early 2007 the video has existed, which includes up to 6 hours of video shot with a DV, showing the global catastrophe beginning from the December 21, 2012 to the December 23.The sky was quite dark and there are a lot of strange apertures and lights in it with lots of people rushing to escape. . . . . .it's totally a mess and terrible.Those who actually have seen the video are very few around the world, as…


Added by lorry on October 18, 2010 at 6:30am — 13 Comments

Qinling event on October 13 ,China

it is reported that at four o'clock today, a village in the Qinling mountain inexplicably disappeared.Now the military has cordoned off the area.According to the eyewitnesses, a UFO was flying around. The snakes in Qinling Mountains have fled away, and there were also insiders who said that this was a nuclear accident in the nuclear base in the Qinling Mountains

Sohu News: on October 13, a news about " a village in the Qinling Mountains disappeared overnight" is passing crazily on the…


Added by lorry on October 15, 2010 at 6:22am — 12 Comments

Is the nibiru captured in HaErBin ,china on july 24th real or fake?

I have sent these photos of nibiru captured in HaErBin ,china on july 24th to Nancy privately for many times, asking her for finall identification.,but she insists that they are just lens flares and becomes a bit impatient about it .It's not because I don't trust her explanation and comment,but the photographer who took the photos promised again and again to me that he saw the "second sun " first by naked eyes ,then took it down by his cellphone when he went to his home with his girlfriend…


Added by lorry on August 4, 2010 at 12:00am — 12 Comments


Always demand proof, proof is the elementary courtesy that is anyone’s due.  —Paul Valéry, "Monsieur Teste"

Is That Winged Object Really Planet X? Maybe Not!

Here's a NASA deconstruction image showing the central personnel area and three force shields:

See for the video it came from (40:23 etc).

Indonesia Plate NOT Collapsing -- The TruEarth Images offered by ZT as "proof" are 11 years old! 

Oh, Buoy! (Misinterpreted buoy charts)

Deconstructing Nancy Lieder and her Zetatalk



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