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Dolores Cannon QHHT…“We Are Living In The Most Important Time In The History Of The Universe”

I had a session with a nearby practitioner, Patty Lake, in South Carolina.  The audio files of my session are available upon request. The transcript is here: and contains lots of verified information.

My second session is at:

Lee's session, conducted by Dolores Cannon herself, is compared with mine at the bottom of this blog, and is available at

I have to say that I think Dolores Cannon's QHHT is a major game changer, the most important thing to impact this planet in a very long time.  It's going to assist in a major way the awakening and ascension of this planet, as well as Disclosure! 


What's so amazing is that these are two people who have never met this lifetime, but yet share similar experiences.  This is what Dolores Cannon has been investigating for over forty-five years.  Over time and space she's been piecing together a bigger picture:  that there is a larger story going on, unseen to most people... that there is a greater Galactic Community and that our souls are immortal and contain the truth and knowledge of what's out there. 

Lee had an abduction related to genetics, and Cheryl had a connection to the hybrid program.

They both were on missions (he was observing and she was measuring tectonic plate stresses).

They both telepathically transmitted their findings back to "HQ".

They both were wearing white-ish colored suits with boots.

Lee said that he looked like a humanoid, his arms were very skinny. Cheryl saw that she had four long, skinny fingers.

They both were walk-ins. His walk-in was due to a drowning of a 3-4 year old child and Cheryl's walk-in was due to a toddler being hit in the forehead with a baseball bat her sister was swinging when she was toddling behind her. 

They both nearly drowned and were saved by unknown forces. Cheryl heard a voice telling her to get up, she was drowning. Lee saw "others" under the water rescuing him.

They both saw an alien yellow sky.

They both saw large UFOs. Lee saw one docked on a large pylon, as big as a city. Cheryl saw one parked on the sea bed, also very large, as well as one hovering above the jungle. (They both expressed it was good to be home when they returned from their explorations.)

They both said there were many others in those UFOs.

They both had instances of feeling like they were floating.

Cheryl went through the wall of the undersea UFO to go inside and Lee said whatever was supporting him, he could go right through.

Lee's purpose is to teach and heal, and observe. Cheryl's purpose is to help earth rise, by teaching and showing the way.

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Comment by Byron wilkins on June 10, 2019 at 2:33pm

They must have let a pretty healthy life to get to that age together. Some of the people around here are dying in their  early 60's from strokes heart attacks and cancer.

Comment by Kim B on June 10, 2019 at 12:42pm

Byron - they are both 79.  Moms bday is on June 2nd and my fathers is June 3rd.  

Comment by Byron wilkins on June 8, 2019 at 10:54pm

Almost everyone I know has some kind of sickness and my best friend Just died and a few with cancer.  How old are your parents Kim, get better Cheryl.

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on June 8, 2019 at 8:35pm

Yes, I sure did.  It was a surprise.  I still owe DW's data on rainbow bodies if I could ever get to feeling better.  Every day I run out of time and I can't skip naps anymore. 

Comment by Kim B on June 8, 2019 at 8:22pm

So, HS gave you clues so you had to dig.  And you found what you were looking for.

As to the rainbow body, someone on FB posted a video of this the other day.  I don't know if I can find it as I have been busy with sick parents...

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on June 8, 2019 at 1:22pm

I found another past life, this one being my life just prior to this one.  I didn't use QHHT.  It started out like this: 

I had been contacted by several people for QHHT sessions and I was questioning whether to do them or not.  It's been a while.  I suddenly heard my HS' voice saying not to worry, you did this in your last life and you were quite good.  Later, in meditation, I started asking questions about my last life, which ended up with the HS providing a number of clues.  Then she said, go dig!  And, you know me, I did. 

I was given ten clues, eight of which were exact matches or close enough to count.  One I couldn't verify (at least not yet, but saw no indication) and the other had a curious twist, seems a negative result but in a broader context could fit.  I got that this is done on purpose to get me to find information for which I wasn't asking the right question.

One of the clues was that the past life was female and I inferred it had to have ended prior to my birth year of 1954.  I was also told the past life was a "professor of psychology."  I made the assumption she was a regressionist (she wasn't), so I went hunting for a female professor of psychology or regressionist who passed prior to 1954.  And, there was exactly one.  Female leadership in the field of psychology/psychiatry was very scarce in those days. 

This person apparently had no affiliation with the University of Virginia (the clue I couldn't verify), however, another clue (one of finding her north of DC) did work out.  (She could have been a visiting professor at UVA, but there does not appear to be any link of her holding a regular position there.)

I mention DC because one of my questions had to do with Dianetics and Scientology (D&S) and L. Ron Hubbard.  One of my first past life recollections, in 1979, was meeting Hubbard in his DC office in a past life.  In my adventures in D&S, I was found to be a Dianetic clear (meaning someone who attained the state of "Clear" --a being without mental baggage, to put it simply-- while receiving the early Dianetics technology, which for me was in a past life).  And, what did that technology consist of?  Well, a lot was plagiarized from Freud, which I found out after I departed D&S.  It has to do with contacting moments of trauma and by bringing the memory (lodged in the unconscious mind unseen where it can still affect you) into your conscious mind, it helps lessen or rid the symptoms which emanate from it.  Which is what QHHT and other past-life regression techniques can accomplish. 

Okay, so the past life personality wasn't a regressionist per se (though many current regressionists believe having a basic foundation in psychology is important, as you can use other tools if things come up that regression techniques can't handle), but she was a patient (having received over 500 hours of Freud's psychoanalytic techniques) and quickly became a follower of Freud because of the benefits she reaped.  Deja vu.  History repeated itself when I studied Dianetics and joined up.  But like my prior life, I quickly began to see flaws and started questioning authority.  Smack!  So, at the time, I thought the benefits of delivering Dianetics outweighed the small flaws I was seeing.  (But then the flaws grew, not so much with the Dianetic tech, but with the Scientology organization as a whole, from what I could see from within the organization.  It was after I left that I started seeing the big picture.)  I was very good at delivering Dianetic sessions and did quite a few.  It seemed natural and explains such "natural" ability (my prior experience with psychoanalytic techniques).

My research into the connection between D&S/Hubbard and my past-life personality led me to the Dutch school of regressionists, specifically Dr. Hans TenDam.  He saw good value in Dianetics, but he also saw the flaws, and the obstinate refusal to fix them.  He likened Hubbard to Columbus, who stubbornly did his thing, but with surprising epochal results.  (Meaning that while D&S diminished because Hubbard didn't handle it correctly and refused outside critique/help, he opened the door to the field of regression therapy.)  Dr. TenDam believes Hubbard was the first actual regressionist of modern times.  (Dolores Cannon started in 1968, Hubbard published Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health in 1950.) 

So, that is how D&S/Hubbard got into the picture. 

So, who was this past-life personality of mine?  Karen Danielsen Horney (pronounced Hor-neye).  Born in Germany in 1885.  Died 12/04/52.  She graduated medical college at the University of Berlin in 1913 and was a founding member of the Berlin Psychoanalytic Institute.  (Most of the information I found on her was at this link:  (I just realized that it also explains my relationship and interest with the Dutch, as her/my then-mother was Dutch, whom she/I had a very close relationship with.  The picture of "mom" looks so familiar to me.)

She was later tapped by the Chicago Institute of Psychoanalysis, then moved on to the New York Psychoanalytic Society, where she taught at both places and delivered psychoanalytic sessions.  She was a very popular lecturer and had a large following, enough to arouse jealousy in her co-workers.  She became an outspoken critic of Freud on certain of his theories, like penis envy and biological roots vs. environment and relationships as causes of neuroticism (as I was an outspoken critic of Hubbard and his organization).  She got beat up pretty well for doing so (as I did for going against D&S).  She was demoted, then resigned at the Chicago Institute.  I had my certs and awards canceled when I left D&S.  It does shed some light on my inexplicably negative view of NYC.  I have always found it a creepy, negative place. 

Anyway, after reading a number of her biographies I was beginning to see personality similarities between us, too many to regard as coincidences.  If you are interested just ask and I'll email you what I found, but I'm not going to post them publicly.

So, what does this mean in regards to QHHT?  It means I found a past life through hints and intellectual pursuit.  It does not mean that I contacted specific traumatic past-life events and gained any psychotherapeutic benefit.  So, QHHT is still a valid "thing" and I am now very interested to compare early Dianetics with Freud's psychoanalytic techniques.  Yet another research project.  There is much more I could say, but I'll end it here. 

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on April 13, 2019 at 12:19am

I will.  I had to miss last week's session because of work and haven't had a chance to watch the replay, but I believe it was going over sacred geometry. 

Comment by Kim B on April 12, 2019 at 8:15pm

Let me know what DW has to say on the rainbow body.....

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on April 5, 2019 at 10:31pm

I have recently learned of rainbow bodies, and David Wilcock will be speaking on it, so I am interested to hear what he has to say about it.  Now, if that is what is meant by "resurrection of the body," very cool.  However, I doubt that was what occurred 2,000 years ago with the sightings of the "saints who had fallen asleep," simply because there was only One who was ready to make that trip.

Comment by Kim B on April 5, 2019 at 9:44pm

In writings of the Tibetans, it is said that some have reached the level where the soul merges with the body.  They call this a "rainbow body" if I recall correctly.  So in this state one does not die a physical death where the soul leaves the body.  I do think resurrection/ascension is this "rainbow body" in that the dna is activated in the body, it transforms, thus the soul and body become one into a new different Being which ascends into a higher vibrational dimension.  Jesus being at the level of "Christed" (as ordained by God) proved that ascension is possible with His resurrection.  The ascension of the entire planet is imminent.   The wheat will be separated from the chaffe.   How many that make it who knows...


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