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Drake's Transcripts from Radio for July 8th

Drake Radio Transcript 7/8/12
By Paul Thompson in The Global Voice 2012

Drake’s Weekend Update, Sunday, July 8, 2012

Q: Drake, what did you have in your back yard today?

Our friends the White Tail. Had a birth yesterday. Had a spotted baby dear running around. Wobbly, maybe a day or two old. Etc, about deer....

Drake’s announcements:

The FB page has been getting some fun and games from certain entities tied to a certain group. They are named, reason I named them because they seem to negate news I bring. I am a voice and a messenger and hold command functions. I have good info, tell me what to release, but the post on GV FB page you get a better understanding as to what is going on,where they are headed, etc.

Been talking to Keenan, Fulford to get skinny. Last few days, JPMorgan being investigated for money laundering. Goes to a couple of things:

Illegalities: No existing UN gun ban treaty coming up that is to be signed on 27. Posted a link on my website ANmilitia. Rand Paul has link to stop gun ban. Lot of people out there that don’t agree with violence. (bit o ranting)

United nations JP Morgan, money laundering. Making a deal,

They are on run

Financial problems

Military (ours) becoming actively involved

Writing on Wall, days are numbered

It’s just a game to them

Do as much damage on the way out.

They have already lost, but lost badly

G20, split was between G20 and US, Clinton and Obama.

Sovereignty ... as a sovereign nation, you make your own internal decision, external

Communist Manifesto

take over health care (that’s how they legally did Cuba)

England - confiscation of guns (once they disarm general population), home invasion type crime went up.

US -

Talks about conditioning of our society.

Pavlov’s dog

Got used to a convenient society

Instant Gratification - credit cards

Public Custody happen

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