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Master Kuthumi: Encouragement For Doubters Posted on 02/11/2021 by EraOfLight

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Comment by Wm on February 12, 2021 at 5:28pm

Master Kuthumi: Encouragement For Doubters

master kuthumi eraoflightdotcomACTION!

Human, why do you let your thoughts wander to a distant future, when it is now that you can promote, design and cause change!

Beloved human,

It is easy to despair at the face of the current events, when your focus lies merely on daily snapshots.  When you stare like hypnotized at events as they occur, you yourself are bound to become rigid, immobile, timid and doubtful.

What is needed now is action – action coming from you and taking place inside of you.

Each human being was born with missions. You came to this earth to do your part in the bright and luminous redesign of the earth.

Some of you are giving up hope, start wavering and are unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

You are seemingly overpowered, which is why some of you are giving up – and thereby giving up their missions, too. This is a situation that needs to be corrected here and now!


who are no longer certain, throwing the towel prematurely, praying to God and still waiting for an answer!

Beloved humans who are unable to find your way out of doubt, these words of solace and encouragement are for you.

Many of you are younger souls that have never had to face their psychological and physical limits before.

You are beings of light of a high makeup who are still having a hard time with the conditions on this earth. This density, these circumstances and this heartless environment can break your hearts and present your souls with unsolvable problems.

Even though you absolutely wanted to be a part of this final event on this earth, you are now confronted with a situation where you have to live with and deal with the environment and events that are set in motion by this process. Many drop their chins and give up! This is the wrong path! It needs to be corrected now, they need to leave this path now.

What can inspire you to do so?


You find inspiration by consistently turning to God and your divine family! Only by your inner connection to your spiritual home you will be able to persevere and contribute to this time.

This connection is the holiest that you brought into this life. Meaning:

Anyone who is wavering today and no longer sure of themselves, has one task and one task only:  Reestablishing your inner connection to their own source, their spiritual family and to God!

No one who has got an intact relationship with God will consider giving up, will have doubt or withdraw from their missions!

No one who knows that they are not only human but above all an endless and immortal spiritual being, will leave the path of light now and forget their missions.

As long as your heart is tied to God and your soul is nourished by the divine love, nothing can cause you to deviate from the path of truth.

The meaning of life is revealed to you as you proceed, but you can only proceed if you keep your inner focus and don’t get discouraged by outer circumstances.

That is to say: First and foremost, take care of your own matters! Rather than becoming desperate about the world, realign with your inner core and your divine sense of self.


The main reason why human beings of light leave the path of light is that they can’t see the light anymore and their connection to God was interrupted. This needs to be undone, so that you awaken refreshed just like after having had a good night’s sleep.

Anyone who doubts, who wants to give up, who is discouraged due to the current events on earth, is called upon to forget what’s outside and revive what’s inside!

Why care about the world when you yourself are withering, why care about mankind when you are drowning in your own sorrows, why look for external solutions when your inner questions remain unanswered?

Beloved human,

you benefit from the full support of your spirit family. On both sides of the veil, in this world and the world beyond, you receive guidance and companionship. You are never alone, never is it entirely on you!

You are supposed to change yourself, not the world, you are supposed to save yourself, not the world!

You may tire and fall, rest and rejuvenate. But never succumb to the fallacy that the role you play in the shift is not important and that your possibilities are limited.

Armies of angels and beings of light are by your side.

Living your life means mastering the challenges that a human life is facing you with by your inner connection with God.

You are never alone, you are one of us, someone who once knew and who knows now why they have come to earth at this very moment in time.

Love your life and live your missions, because both your life and your missions are unique and will never be repeated in the same way.

With endless love,

**Source **Channel: Jahn Kassl


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