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Memories of childhood of our beloved Saint Germain and his connection with the May 1 - "May Day"

The Seven Sacred Weeks

Memories of childhood of our beloved Saint Germain
and his connection with the May 1 - "May Day"
As you know, beloved ones, today is "May Day." Those words "May Day," mean so very much to me personally, for even as a small child, that day was always set aside for me by my mother as a sort of holiday for us both. Nicholas and Lady Bacon (in whose home and family I spent the very early years of my life), would always dress me with such care for this holiday, often placing around my shoulders a violet cape (sometimes of velvet or, if the weather was too warm for that, of some lovely lighter material). I remember thinking about that coming day all the night before, as your children dream of Christmas morn on Christmas Eve. Then on "May Day," my own mother and I would go into the lovely woodland to leisurely walk and talk together, pick the early violets and, generally, enjoy the feeling of the close companionship.
Then, much later, (but also on a May Day), I took my leave from all further physical embodiments upon this Earth, when I finally accepted the full victory of my ascension. I remember that day so well – the sweet fragrance of the flowers in the garden of that home in Transylvania, as it came on the soft breeze, through the open window of the room where I was. I remember well experiencing the feeling one has when he is obliged to leave a task not quite completed. You see, at that time, my "Utopia" was only a book, my dreams only written into the lines of the Shakespearean plays and upon the hearts of a few faithful students. If it had not been that my superiors thought it wise for me take the ascension at that time, I think I could not have left the Earth in that hour, with my vision still unfulfilled. Yet, in loving obedience to their great wisdom, I did.
Grateful, indeed, am I to you, my faithful students, who have embodied again and again since that time, taking that vision into your own consciousness and endeavoring to make it real, tangible and practical in this world of form. The establishment of the reality of this vision is taking place first here, in your beautiful United Stated of America, which was brought into being through the loving co operation of my faithful students and myself. It shall expand and expand, until it is worldwide – a great spiritual freedom, which has no regard for nationality, creed or color – having regard only for the light within the hearts of all people, that light which is endeavoring to illumine their souls.
We are now coming into the day when world brotherhood shall be completely understood, as an activity which raises the soul to the place where the individualized Christus of each one is externalized, by the expansion of the immortal Threefold Flame of Eternal Truth, through that soul, into outer manifestation. In this New Age into which we have now entered, every lifestream, regardless of color, creed or individual status, shall externalize that Holy Christ Self!
"May Day" has become universally accepted as a day of happiness. Do you think it happenstance that your Air Corps uses the words "May Day" as their distress signal? Ah, no! There is no such thing as "happenstance." When those men are at a point of great distress in the high, blue sky and that word "May Day" goes forth from them, who answers? I do! Of course, in their outer consciousness they do not know that, but it is the reason for their having made "May Day" their S.O.S. call for assistance. We are interested in your Air Corps and we are interested as well in every constructive activity which takes place within the Earth, on its surface or in its atmosphere, for this Earth is to become "Freedom’s Star." This achievement I have dreamed of for so long, as I have told you often before – my vision of world brotherhood which I tried to force into existence here before its time. I, for one, can tell you that human feelings of disappointment do not last long when the soul is filled with grace.
Book: Journal 4, The Bridge to Freedom, Ascended Master Teaching Foundation – AMTF

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Comment by Wm on May 1, 2019 at 9:03am

Law of Life
I wish each student to understand and feel deeply that the Great Ascended Masters and Myself stand ready to give every Assistance to the individual that the Law of his Being permits. The need of the students is always to stand firm and unyielding in the Presence until the outer human creation about them is dissolved—consumed; and then the Mighty Light, Wisdom and Power of the “Mighty I AM Presence” will flood their minds, Beings and worlds with this Glorious Radiance, filling them and their worlds with that harmony, happiness, and Perfection which every heart so much craves…Words are inadequate to tell you the fullness of My Gratitude for your earnest, sincere effort. Your ability and power to bless and prosper will ever increase as you hold firmly to and within your “Mighty I AM Presence.”
Excerpt from Discourse 30 by Beloved Saint Germain, Volume 3
The “I AM” Discourses
For Volume 3 or any of the Saint Germain Series, visit:


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