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With the Earth's wobble blending the seasons together, do you think the plant life will be confused? The plants may think that winter is on the way with the cold spells that have been experienced in parts of the world. It has been very hot here in Mongolia, and during then, during past few weeks we have been experiencing fall like conditions. Meanwhile, Moscow has been in a heat wave and drought conditions.

Does one think it is possible that the trees may drop their leaves, and a few weeks later bud thinking spring is just around the corner?

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Comment by Sizzle on August 6, 2010 at 11:31am
Yes, I think this confusion is already happening, in proportion to the severity of climate disruption in each area. Metabolism in plants, like in humans and animals, is very complex and there are many interdependent processes at work, but like people, plants can be very adaptable too, if the disruption is not too severe or prolonged. Plants (including aquatic) play an intricate role in the web of life, in the cycles of oxygen and moisture on earth, converting sunlight into carbon, replenishing soil nutrients, preventing erosion, as well as sheltering and feeding a myriad of organisms including people, to mention but a few. When the reproductive cycle of plants is interrupted to the point of die-off or that seed is not produced, the impact is enormous and widespread, not only in the failure of food crops but the very nature of the entire environment is altered.
I have noticed a great deal of seasonal confusion where I live this year (west coast) with some plants being more sensitive than others.... stunted growth, premature leaf drop, leaf damage of various kinds, less pollinators, strange growth patterns (twisted or directional). And the greater the stress, the more opportunistic diseases move in. I believe that the plants are being affected not only by the unseasonal and unpredictable weather patterns but also by the same magnetic (and other unseen energy) disruptions that are causing unusual symptoms in people. This is a good time to save and stock up on open-pollinated seed (not hybrid which doesn't produce new seed that is true to the parents) and learn all you can about growing. Don't forget to stock up on seed for growing food for animals and cover crop seed as well. Learn how to harvest and store the seed for when it may not be available commercially. Never plant ALL your seed in one planting in case of failure. Learn all you can about propagating plants without seed as well, rooting cuttings, layering, grafting etc. Learn about creating a protected growing area, such as under glass, poly, shade cloth or hydroponics under lights. For the next few days, every time you put food in your mouth think about .. is this the SEED part of the plant (corn, rice, grains, nuts), the LEAVES, the FRUIT or the ROOTS? You will find yourself looking at plants in a new way soon and noticing their issues with the Changes.
For those lucky enough to have space to grow right now (even a large pot or half barrel will do) where the winters are not severe, many seeds can be sown now for fall and winter cool-weather crops (greens, peas, carrots, beets, chard, broccoli etc). The failure or partial failure of many commercial food crops this season means it's more important than ever to have a Plan B (or C, or...) and gain some growing experience and understanding, even if just on a very small scale. Man cannot live on dandelions alone....
Comment by RLP on August 6, 2010 at 10:32am
Back in June, I noticed that one of the pine trees by my house dropped an extraordinary amount of needles. That only happens in september. Yesterday I noticed 1 of my trees has yellow leaves already and dropping them. That is something it does late August. I'm not sure if the high heat and drought conditions we're having could cause this or season confusion. But something feels "off" for certain.
Comment by Rosemary S on August 6, 2010 at 10:17am
Hello Keith

To answer your question, some plants may be confused by the erratic change in temperature, but other will not. They are dependent on the light... more specifically the length of daylight. Some plants grow when the daylight increase like tulips and other when the light decrease like pumpkins. Some plants are called day neutral and will grow regardless of the length of day. Temperature will have an effect if it bring frost or0 drought.

I used to know which vegetable were long days or short days or day neutral. I would have to do more research on this.I hope this answer your question.


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