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June, 1015

Howdy Folks,

This newsletter is to hopefully help you understand what is happening to you.
I have cancelled several classes this year due to lack of people registering early. This has never happened before and I wondered why. There may be more than one reason but the one that is consistent is ‘fear’ in the place where the class was planned. On a scale of 0 to 100%, the fear in these towns is over 200%.

My guess is that when people feel fear, they are very cautions and just don’t make deposits on a class. Another organization I work with has also had slow prer-egistration, so it isn’t just my classes.

The areas where people are signing up early, have a low 'fear factor.’

You might want to check the amount of fear in your location and determine the effect on you and your family and then use your dowsing to neutralize it. Please DO NOT write and ask me to do it for you as am overwhelmed with similar request.

If you know how - - - then just do it. If you don’t know how - - learn. You can do that in the comfort of your own home with our webinar in early July. The the date and registration information is on my site here.

I do phone sessions when there is time. DO NOT call me, if you want a phone session, send an email to BRIEFLY stating your need, phone number, time zone and times you are usually available. Will call you as best I can within your time of availability. However,when traveling I don’t get to read the email and it may be a while before getting back to you. I just do the best I can with the time available.

As for classes the rest of the year, there are some scheduled and will take place if there are enough folks who register. As of now, the only ones that are certain are The Monroe Institute the last weekend of June , the one in Portage, Mi. in early July and the local class in Abingdon, Va. the last weekend of August, and the October class in Cumming Ga. If you have questions on the Portage and Abingdon classes, you can contact me at

For those of you who are dealing with a lot of stress and sleep problems, and lack of energy, would suggest you might visit a website I tried the herbs and they worked. In my opinion, herbs are far safer than drugs.

My friend Steven Hairfield , A Buddhist Monk, has some things to say about the energy shift we are experiencing and rather than me telling you what he said, it seems better for you to read it for yourself and decide if it sounds reasonable to you. If you have questions or comments about it, contact him, don't contact me. His contact information is below.

Hope you folks have a FUN SUMMER,


And now, Steven Hairfield~~~~~~~

An Update on Global Energy Streams

I have been fascinated by prophecy for most of my adult life and have studied it for over 30 years because of a vision I had at the age of around 10 which frightened me. Since that time my own abilities to see things expanded greatly and I have known for many years what is going on in our world today. It was stated by me five years ago that it will appear that people are going to go a little crazy, being subtle here, and in truth we have seen nothing yet in the way of human behavior. I have asked many people around the world if they felt that something was going to happen. The response is always yes and that it felt really huge in its scope.

What is happening with energies and what can we do to help our selves stay calm and sane? All things in our reality are all energy first and as energy changes so does our three dimensional world and mind. We at the present moment are going through a shift of polarities, a cycle of 25,000 years according to prophecy. This was told to us millennia ago yet we have forgotten. What is this shift? We are shifting from a dominant patriarchal energy to a matriarchal energy. These are a negative and positive charge like the poles of a battery that starts your vehicle and nothing more. We humans are the only living thing that can realize our experiences, key thought here, but because no one alive today has experienced this type of major shift there is a fear of it. What will the impact mean to u! s?

That is diverse but here we go, first do not fear it. Fear will not help you. Ancient prophecy tells us that there will be a war between the forces of light and darkness. We thought that it was, so to speak, a war between good and evil. This war we see portrayed in the idea of the symbols of; Yin & Yang, the black wolf & white wolf of the native American, God & Lucifer, these all imply the same message. It is the polarities shifting! Questions; do you feel light headed at times, lost, or even in limbo? These are the human mind sensing, analyzing, and feeling the energies moving and we always place it in three dimensional thought to explain it. Logic is funny because it will not trust anything it cannot understand? It is patriarchal thinking fighting the other polarity! This! creates conflict which we see being externalized right before our eyes with interactions between humans of all walks. I do not only mean the wars, patriarchal dominance, and we have seen nothing yet. This energy is being externalized from within us as conflict. In truth prophecy says that all that is hidden shall be made known, what is hidden within you? What is hidden is being revealed before our very eyes. As within so without I think the phrase is!

Question; do you think politicians are deceptive, is the economy not the same? What is actually working out there? Consider the caterpillar in ‘Alice in Wonderland’, it did not ask what, patriarchal, are you, it asked who, matriarchal, are you! That is in essence what we see in us and the world, what verses who? We will experience this internal war even in greater levels! Look at the world of authority, patriarchal, police actions recently, authority is being challenged! I was told many years ago to observe sign posts and geology is the major one, there are others like Mother nature, look at weather, some have already occurred even at this writing. In geology it is frequency and magnitude, of which both are really increasing presently. That is showing what we are experiencin! g inside, internal earthquakes or shake up, removing the negativity. Become aware of this activity within yourselves.

What can you do to stay calm and at peace? Actually it is simple, stay present, in the now moment. Realize in a sense that this is a birth of sorts. Women understand this. This is actually what is occurring - a birth of a new way of life. No past no future, stay present. It has been said we will enter no time or zero point, perfect balance! Those that are able to do this internally will operate perfectly. Be in this state now or begin to practice it, today, it will assist you. If you know how to meditate do so and maybe more often. If you are feeling light headed at times do not worry that is simply the mind sensing the shift, left brain patriarchal and of course right is matriarchal, so if you experience this do not worry, you are ahead of the curve slightly. All will experience it at! some point! Learn to be more objective of you. What is the universe showing you about you? The thing that I have found to help is to take my focus off of the person, place, circumstance, or event and place it on myself. An example is this sadness; is it you or the energies? Here is how you are able to tell. If you are sad there is a reason we think so we look for a physical target. Give this a try, take a look within and if the reason for the sadness is seen immediately, ask what it has to do with you? It is a feeling, so to speak of the sadness of the world; a part of that same shift, simply a negative charge just hit you. Meditation also helps with this idea as well. Take walks, get away from things, go to a peaceful place, at times simply focus only on breath and breathing, every inhale and exhale. The mind quiets itself when focusing like this and it helps you stay in the present. The more of us that stay in peace with who we are allow this to spread to others much ea! sier. Remember to still the inner struggle not the outer strug! gle.

Consider this for a moment; envision a world where there is no war, no conflict, a place of no crime, jails, laws, maybe even different government. A place where there is no reason not to trust, no greed, no deception, even no illness. Impossible? What would a matriarchal society look like to you? So you see in reality there is nothing to fear as we observe these ancient messages taking place. We have even been told that there will be different constellations in the night sky. How can that be? I know, I feel, from what has been studied by me and even being a monk it has shown me what is shared here with you. We are becoming more of a feeling society, one of more awareness; both of these are matriarchal, so maybe this all just may be correct? All of this being said there is something th! at is going to occur between September 15th – November 15th it is going to be very large I feel and what it is at this writing I am not certain other than it will be very obvious and sadly not necessary to all. They simply have not put the pieces together yet! Like global warming or now as it is termed climate change. All signs, for it is neither climate change nor global warming!

I am Steven and have been told that the gift of prophecy was given me, not so sure, ( humor); I work as an intuitive life coach guiding people especially when in turmoil. I also teach from a monk’s perspective on how to stay balanced in this time we are in. My suggestion is be aware of your inner conflict, the war of light and darkness, that is how I operate, by so doing conflict is not drawn to you. If you have questions, please contact me:

Steven L. Hairfield, Ph.D.

And it is time for the Call to Action......please join in.

And if you want a little gong vibration in your life....come to Memphis or to Ga. In July we have a Claim Your Life and we will have gongs! August brings a learn to play gongs weekend. Check out my schedule of events at

With joy and laughter,

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Comment by Keith H on June 13, 2015 at 5:13pm

No problem.

Comment by feihung1986 on June 13, 2015 at 10:26am

I need to redo my book. There are a lot of things that I learn from meditation which are not available back then when I have finished writing it. There are too many odd metaphysics I done back then and I don't think they are correct any more. If you want the book I can send to you. I am not motivated to do it right now.

Comment by feihung1986 on June 13, 2015 at 10:19am

I experienced some weird pains and healings on my body during the time I work with pendulum, but then no more further development after a while.

My guess is the effectiveness is overlooked, however it may be possible to create mass impact if everyone is doing the healing, yet not much people is interested so this method is kind of limited in a way that it requires tonnes of works.

Instead, I develop myself into non-psychic telepathy due to my previous experience with pendulum, the self-talking in mind. This is a lot more handy than pendulum because you can have answer immediately inside your brain, which has been helping me all the time ever since I can do it. The method is almost similar to questioning-answering like pendulum, just you need to feel the pendulum inside your head, imaginary; You create imagery conversations inside your mind and feel it answer to you there just like you do with pendulum, however, the sense is purely instinctive since there will be no actual physical movement inside your head. You just have to "get it". However, this is better to practice together with kriya yoga/spontaneous qigong, you need body language to double confirm your telepathic message.

Comment by Keith H on June 13, 2015 at 9:56am
I have tried it, but without success. I would be curious in your book.
Comment by feihung1986 on June 12, 2015 at 7:17pm

Hmm, I once uses crystal pendulum to do healing on many things, it is about programming on objects and consciousness, which really requires your understanding on metaphysics.

I have wrote a book on pendulum healing actually, but I put it aside... wonder if I should continue?


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