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DHS & TSA: Making A List and Checking It Twice

So, their response to the backlash is to label anyone who objects to their constitutional rights being violated a "domestic extremist." Folks, SIMPLY STOP FLYING. A recent poll indicates that what people will do. There goes the domestic tourism trade. And foreign too. Who in their right mind would fly into the US now?

In further news, there was a poll by Reuters.

Asked, "Are you less likely to fly because of stepped-up security procedures such as full-body scans and patdowns?" a stunning 96 percent (65,990 about of 68,809 respondents) said, "Yes, I will make alternate travel plans to avoid intrusive security scans and pat-downs."

New Jersey is implementing laws to protect its citizens' constitutional rights:

Class action lawsuit filed against TSA

22 Revealing Quotes To The New TSA "Enhanced" Procedures

TSA Theme: See Me, Feel Me

Someone points out the obvious media oversaturation on this issue and wonders why...

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Mount Bromo typically erupts once a year but - unlike nearby Mount Merapi - rarely spits debris and hot gas far from the crater and nearby towns are not considered to be in harm's way.

The government decided to raise Bromo's danger level after it started shooting ash into the air, the Ministry of Mines and Energy said in a statement. It warned that a bigger blast could still be on the way.

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If you are flying, take a stand. Here's how one guy did it...

Ron Paul has introduced legislation to remove any immunity TSA agents might have to commit sexual assault.

Hillary Clinton has stated that she would certainly avoid the pat-down procedure if she could.

The definition of an assault is the fear of an unwanted touching. Battery is the commission of the unwanting touching. TSA policies are unconstitutional. It has been said the pat-down procedure was implemented to bully people into the radiation screening. Further, they do not change their gloves with each passenger. The gloves are simply to protect the TSA agent. The same pair of gloves touch upwards of hundres of people a day when they pat down clothing as well as passengers' skin inside underwear, thus spreading contamination...colds, flu, STD' name it.

The best defense is a good offense. And targeting the pocketbook is always powerful. If you find the procedures objectionable, decline to proceed, get a refund and tell the airline agents in no uncertain terms that you will not fly again until the procedures are no longer health hazards or humiliating. That will get their attention. Okay, so you miss turkey at grandma's this year. The principle of this issue is far more important.

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