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From an email from Sheldon Day:

These sinkholes are popping up all over the place and they're usually attributable to a "water main breaK"... I believe that the 'Red Comet' out by Jupiter is behind this..And BTW, Jupiter got hit AGAIN by another Fireball 5 days ago-UNPRECEDENTED.. The 'Red Comet' or 'The Planet of the Crossing' is causing more & mre Earthquakes to occur here, causing more Water lines to break underground, thus creating the Sinkholes.....

Even an OFFICIAL in THE Phillippines has stated this-
Berador said a sinkhole can only occur if a corroded limestone area is disturbed by natural tremors such as earthquakes or by human-induced activities

Sheldon Day, Host of 'THE LIGHT OF DAY' Online-Based Radio Show
Saturday nights 9-11 PM, West Coast Time

Devoted to exposing the Inbound Passage of Planet-X & The Ruling Power Elite's preparations for the Cosmic Event...
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Here is something on the lighter side

The term “exo” throughout many different branches of science has come to mean the speculative exploration of what forms science may take “outside” of the boundaries of earth. There are exo-biologists, exo-archaeologists and even ex-musicology (I kid you not). Some of these speculative theories are pretty interesting, especially when exploring what forms life on distant planets could possibly take – a bacteria, a colony of mutant ants, or humans just like us?

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A Gulf Science Blackout

THE Deepwater Horizon blowout may be capped and the surface oil slick dispersed, but the scientists’ job has just begun: hundreds of us are working in and around the gulf to determine the long-term environmental impact of the drilling disaster.

Although we are all doing needed research, we’re not receiving equal money or access to the affected sites. Those working for BP or the federal government’s Natural Resource Damage Assessment program are being given the bulk of the resources, while independent researchers are shoved aside.

The problem is that researchers for BP and the government are being kept quiet, and their data is unavailable to the rest of the community. When damages to the gulf are assessed in court or Congress, there might not be enough objective data to make a fair judgment.

Transparency is vital to successful science: researchers must subject their proposals to the scrutiny of colleagues, and publications require peer review. When it comes to field research, scientists need equal access to the same sites to test competing hypotheses.

But BP, which controls access to the Deepwater Horizon site and vast stretches of the water around it, seems unconcerned about those principles. Some suspect that the oil company is focusing its research on gathering material to support its legal case; we can’t know for sure, though, because researchers who get money from BP must sign strict three-year confidentiality agreements. In any case, whatever research comes out of BP’s efforts will be tainted by secrecy.

The damage-assessment process isn’t much more accessible. It has amassed enormous amounts of data but offered only vague promises to make it public, and it likewise requires confidentiality agreements from the researchers it finances. This research will probably be used against BP in court; chances are, then, that it will not be subject to outside scrutiny out of fear that a weakness in the government’s case could be exposed.

Independent researchers like me and my team — we study the effect of things like oil and dispersants on insects — have had to rely on the meager discretionary funds provided by our university departments, particularly in the early weeks of the disaster. And, as the weeks have rolled into months, we have found ourselves blocked from a widening list of sites, all of which are integral to completing our investigations.

True, the National Science Foundation has a rapid-response grant program that has been a lifeline to independent researchers, dispersing more than $14 million to 90 short-term research projects associated with the disaster. My team submitted a proposal that was quickly peer-reviewed and approved, allowing us to continue our research. But given the unprecedented nature of the disaster, that’s not nearly enough money.

Instead, we need a unified national research plan administered by the National Science Foundation. It would place a priority on coordinated, independent research, with a finance stream unconnected to BP or the damage-assessment process. Proposals would be peer-reviewed and methods vetted, and all results would be available for public scrutiny.

Moreover, the federal government should require that all credentialed scientists have access to the affected sites. Without such a commitment to independent financing and equal access, the legal process and the rehabilitation of the gulf will be seriously undermined.

Linda Hooper-Bui is a professor of entomology at Louisiana State University.
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Mexico City, Mexico (CNN) -- Four people died and at least 30,000 residents were affected in southern Mexico as a result of heavy rain and winds from then-Tropical Storm Frank, which has now intensified into a hurricane, the government-run Notimex news agency said Wednesday.

The deaths and damage occurred in Oaxaca state, on Mexico's Pacific coast, Notimex said.

A mudslide in the municipality Totontepec Villa de Morelos killed two farm workers, Notimex said. A mudslide in another part of Oaxaca caused at least six vehicles to drive off Federal Highway 182, leading to another two deaths, the news service said.

Several rain-swollen rivers -- including the Valle Nacional and the Atoyac -- overflowed their banks, affecting at least 10,000 people and leading to the loss of 4 tons of corn and 50 head of cattle.

Hundreds of people have been evacuated and placed in temporary shelters, officials said.

In the nearby state of Tabasco, also in southern Mexico but on the Gulf of Mexico coast, heavy rain has affected 48 localities and nearly 7,700 people, Notimex said.

Tropical Storm Frank formed Sunday in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Mexico and became the third hurricane of the season Wednesday. It was moving to the west-northwest away from Mexico, the National Hurricane Center said.

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Something strange.

I am not sure if this is the norm or if its only happening to me but I seem to have posting access for all groups even though I am not shown as being a member of a few. I found this out by trying to join some of the newer groups and I was un
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These objects may be comets from the distant reaches of Planet X's force field of gravitationally gripped celestial bodies. The most likely reason for their quasi-straightline formation would be that the Sun is radiating a magnetic field at that sector, which is acting to align the comets, just as electrically charged particles from the solar wind strike Earth's magnetosphere and become aligned along the the invisible "B" magnetic lines of force of the magnetosphere. Let's keep watching to find out if they get drawn into the Sun. Incidentally, we might see these "signs of the cross" more frequently as comets come closer to Earth.

~John DiNardo

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don't be alarmed i decided to spruce the posting up a bit by adding logo's or pictures of quakes. there are other things i will be starting to make the group more than just numbers.







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Today alone I have noticed over a dozen people join the site..... Is there an exodus going on that I am not aware of? If you are one of our new members please take a moment to post a quick hello to everyone so that we know you are an actual person as opposed to a bot creating accounts. Thanks and welcome :)
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Probably all CC are man made !

It is very hard for me to come to terms with this but the more I research the more I'm pissed that I been had all this time. If you spend more time enough researching into you'll find some of the made man CC was even passed off by zeta as being genuine and were discussed on the blog as it was sign from heaven. I think some of us here may have already found many sites of this kind but was cautious not go against the stream. Anyhow, I'm glad I'm on this site that are more interested in seeking the truth than joining the parade pontoon.

Come into the light:

Check this youtube:

And then grope over everything in this site to learn:

PS. Nothin detract from our preparation of the pole shift.

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