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Media representatives please be advised to contact your Detroit affiliates and / or use the contact number, 1-734-945-1547.



I am now allowed to speak about the subject that Boris Artemenko and I covered on last night’s show. Our science producer, Boris Artemenko is working with a group of scientists analyzing a group of radio signals.

This group of scientists asked us to break the news that they have identified structured signals emanating from the direction of Ursa Major (part of the Big Dipper or the bear) from 3 separate locations. These signals contain voice data and are above the ecliptic plain at around 70 degrees at a distance of 1 AU or less.

Our science producer, Boris Artemenko was attacked during the show and we had to end the show early. He was physically unharmed although much of his computer records were destroyed in the attack.

Also, media representatives please be advised to contact your Detroit affiliates and / or use the contact number, 1-734-945-1547. We will be willing to make a limited number of interviews available after the show airs.

Because of the serious nature of this particular episode, we also request that all persons in the chat area stay on topic or you will risk banning from the site.

Disinformation specialists, be aware that we take your efforts seriously and will respond in kind.

The first interview with Boris Artemenko is here.

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Last Night’s show with Boris and Bill Xam was pulled by Youtube!


The Lousy good for nothings in charge of the massive disinformation program intervened and pulled Bill’s uploaded show on Alien Contact last night for “Copy Right” infringement!


Here is a link to Bill’s response to this outrage …. 

“Uploaded by sunskymysteries on Dec 27, 2011

We have obtained recordings from a group of international astronomers of recordings of alien signals with voices coming from space. This is NOT the starviewer group but another one.

Kondor media issued a copyright infringement against the sounds of aliens in space. We are claiming Tortious interference against all parties involved.”


Bill posted a link to his Web Site, and gave a link to the recorded show … 


This is a request from Bill this morning ….

Alien Signals Update”

“With the continued attention on YouTube and apparently other venues, last night's show is having a constant stream of viewers and downloads of the MP3 of the show.

I would like to ask the help of one of our previous guests who has access to shortwave broadcasts as to whether we could get this out over the airwaves.

The attention is mounting and I expect the dis information will mount. All dis-information attacks will be considered tortuous interference with our network and be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Keep hitting the media with the information, contact phone number is 1-734-945-1547.

Bill Xam”


If anyone can help please repost this to your groups, and to anyone who is willing to put this show out on the Airwaves.

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anonymous tip given to the intelhub

I-40 in Arkansas Being Used as Military Staging Point for Future Event?

The Intel Hub
December 27, 2011

Unconfirmed News Tip

The Intel Hub has received multiple tips that indicate that Interstate 40 in Arkansas may be being used as a loading point for some sort of military operation that has been going on for a better part of a year.

Eyewitness report:

Not a trucker but regularly on the transportation hub of I-40 in Arkansas. I’ve been watching truck after truck loaded with military equipment on this stretch for the better part of a year.

It’s mostly humvees with gun turrets and what appears to be urban assault vehicles and troop transports. They all have gun turrets and some sort of shield on the front that holds a weapon.

The thing that struck me was that some are desert colored but most are traditional camouflage. Just wondering where we are sending all of these vehicles if we are supposedly winding down wars.

After responding to this tip, the eyewitness further stated:

Anyone traveling the stretch of 40 between Memphis and Little Rock sees this every time they travel.  

They all seem to be fitted for urban warfare rather than battle equipped.   I travel a lot of interstates and, in our are of the country, you seem to see this on East/West roads.    I really don’t see a lot on I-55.  

Considering the fact that Indefinite detention of Americans by the military is now the law of the land, this information is very startling.

While many within the military are on the side of the American people, the fact remains that the powers that be are clearly attempting to use them against the people.

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Siberian Earthquake Related To Rocket Failure?

Earth Change Media is raising this question.  You need a subscription to read the full article:

Siberia 6.6 Earthquake Hits Same

Area of Soyuz Rocket Crash

by Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media



A magnitude 6.6 earthquake occurred earlier today and is in same area of Russia's Soyuz crash site after failing on Saturday 12.24.2012. It could be just a coincident, or there could be a direct connection.



Russia's Soyuz-2.1B rocket crashed into Siberia minutes after its launch due to rocket failure. Fragments crashed approximately 120 kilometers south of the Novosibirsk region of Siberia. This is the same area of today's 6.6 quake which was located 361 km (224 miles) from Abakan, Russia.

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