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8.9 Earthquake In Libya A Bunker Buster?

*** First see earlier blog for context at ***

Now, this...

Email from John DiNardo....

This is a message I got from a seismic analyst regarding this UNreported 8.4 magnitude earthquake in or near Libya. He asked me to withhold his identity. He may be correct.  I recall the massive bunker buster bombs and "Daisy Cutters" that they used to penetrate Saddam Hussein's bunkers, about twenty years ago.



A quick message. Probably not an earthquake, although it may have registered like an earthquake on local seismographs, and even some distant seismographs. It was likely the shock wave from one of the United States "classified" bunker buster weapons, and this YouTube and information is being sent out to mislead the people. NATO and the U.S. want Ghadafi dead, and Ghadafi, like Saddam was, is known for building heavily fortified bunkers to stay in. I am going with a bunker buster on this one because of its location.

This all started when Steve sent me this message:

> John,
> here is the proof... watch the video
[Dutchsinse caught it on the European earthquake agency]

Crying conspiracy:


from another email from John...

And in addition...
NATO sunk 5 Libyan warships today...

Robert M.

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From Blavatsky in chat:  8.4 ma libya

19.05.2011, 14:49:02    8.4    30    30.72N    10.79E    NEAR COAST OF LIBYA    A

Unreported elsewhere.

Can you guess why?  This is really getting blatant!



It could have been the repercussions of a "bunker buster."



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Shelters: Earthbags


This type of structure is claimed to be resistant to earthquakes and severe weather.  Consider this as a structure to build in the aftertimes, as well.  It uses propylene bags (like rice comes in) and dirt.  Of course, doors, windows, plaster, waterproofing, the bags, tools, etc. are things you would need to get now and store for later. 

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CONTACT: (202) 675-2312 or

WASHINGTON – The House Armed Services Committee late last night finished marking up the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which contains a dangerous provision that authorizes a worldwide war against terrorism. The bill was also amended to include a troubling provision delaying the implementation of the repeal of the discriminatory “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. The American Civil Liberties Union strongly opposes both of these NDAA provisions.

The war authorization provision was added to the bill by the committee's chairman, Rep. Buck McKeon (R-CA), and goes much further than the current authorization of war. It has no expiration date and would allow a president to use military force in any country around the world where there are terrorism suspects, even when there are no connections to the 9/11 attacks or other specific harms or threats to the United States.

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Strange Happening on Lake Washington .

Watch the video:

by bethkearney57513



 Gary Chittim at KING5 had requested to see this video.

My name is Beth Kearney and have lived in the Holmes Point area of Kirkland for 30 plus years. On Tuesday morning May 10th, 2011, my husband & I witnessed the most unusual events unfold on the North end of Lake Washington, unlike anything we've ever seen before.

I was looking out the window at the lake about 6:45am noticing how unusually calm and still the water was when suddenly I noticed large, evenly spaced rings radiating across the lake (like dropping a rock in the water). From our vantage point I couldn't see the source of what was causing it but it had to have been very large to create those large,

Posted on May 17, 2011 at 4:18 PM
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Judge Judy Syndrome?

Several days ago I was doing a task that required me to look at a list, remember three items, look at an alphabetical list and determine if I needed to insert an item.  I suddenly couldn't remember three things, so I cut it down to two.  I couldn't remember two things.  I finally cut it down to one, and had trouble with that.  This went on for a few minutes, but I finished my task anyway.

During the time I was having trouble remembering one item, I kept thinking of non-sensical words.  I wonder if this was what Judge Judy and several others went through on TV.  Because there were a flurry of them around the same time, I suspect the problem is environmental, maybe severe magnetic fluctuations that affect sensitive people. 

If this is related to what's coming, do not wait to go to your safe place at the last minute.  What if you become temporarily mentally incompetent?  What if you don't, but others who do become an impediment? 

It's getting more bizarre every day.  Anyway, I remembered to mention it because I just did that task again with no problems today.

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Hypothetical #2: Mommy, It's Dark!

It's been dark for two days. The kids are edgy, whining, asking, "When's the sun coming back, mommy?"  To keep their morale up, you've almost used up all your batteries.  You had no idea it was going to be dark for so long.  It takes light to be able to read or play board games, the kids are afraid to go to the bathroom in the dark, you have to burn the lights to keep the critters from raiding the garbage cans.  You were rightly afraid to light a campfire because of the earthquakes.  The world has become a dark, spooky place. 

But now, lights have become a liability.  You hear footsteps crunching in the leaves on the ground.

"Who's there?" you call out.

Suddenly, two shadowy figures emerge from the nearby woods.  They saw your lights.  Are they friend or foe? 

What will you do? 

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Didn't know where to post this as this has to do with raising chickens (didn't think it would fit under Gardening club lol).  Any how,  a few chicken breeders in this area, including myself, have noticed a significant drop in egg fertility rates.  Our hatches have been really crappy, for example, 3 chicks out of a dozen eggs (or worse).  My neighbor, who lives about 4,000 feet from me, also is having bad hatch rates (she said she just threw in the towel on hatching chickens this year).  And a friend of mine who raises chickens that lives 1.5 miles from me also is having the same problem.  Now is this just a fluke?  Or could this be related to earth changes?  Or the particles that the sun is throwing off changing dna?? 


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Would it work for EMP/Solar shelter, as well?

10957978478?profile=originalRelatively cheap and easy...

This is the proven pre-built ready-to-bury completed Mini Blast & Fallout Shelter upgraded by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine and described in detail here. This shelter was originally designed by volunteers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, to where in a pending crisis many people could take the simple plans for the shelter (available free at the link above) to a local steel fabricator and have it quickly and cheaply built.

Also, fabricated and available here at KI4U, Inc., utilizing galvanized corrugated steel (14 gauge rated for under road use type) for 50 psi blast and well in excess of 1000 PF fallout protection. Double entry/exit risers with double welded (inside & outside) 10 gauge steel plate bulkheads and 1/4" steel blast doors. With this pre-built, pickup truck delivered, shelter and less than two hours of backhoe work later, it's in-place in (beneath) your backyard. $3,200.00 FOB Central Texas, call (830) 672-8734 for more information and availability. (9 remaining in stock to ship today; as of 4/1/11) Be sure to also see/read the Nuclear Blast & Fallout Shelters FAQ for lots of other DIY free plans, books & additional other 'ready made' shelter sources! You'll be amazed what you can do right now, cheaply & effectively, with or without a beneath grade basement!

Also read:  "Or, If No Basement" section at for additional information.


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