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Dear Mr. Comey,

You are Baloney Supreme.  I call B.S. on you.  You let a more than guilty person skate, while holding anyone else with similar/same charges accountable. 

We truly live in an Orwellian age where the "Ministry of Truth" is nothing but lies.

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Montague Keen - September 4, 2016

The recent attempt to start World War III was foiled by Angela Merkel who found the courage to stand with the German people and refuse to allow them to be the victims of a false flag invasion. She deserves protection and respect for her bravery in daring to say NO to the Cabal. You are all indebted to her. The Cabal always follows a pattern; World War I and World War II started in Germany, and true to form, they wanted World War III also to begin there, and then blame Russia for it. They do not like to be thwarted and will take revenge. Watch carefully what happens next. Their plans to wipe out Europe will have to be altered.

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