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Veronica Keen - Channeling Montague Keen - January 14, 2018

    Is there any intelligent human life left on Earth or have you all been turned into zombies? Every day your eyes are being opened with irrefutable evidence of what the Cabal is doing to wipe you out. What are you doing about it? You do not even get together to share ideas about your plight. You are allowing it to happen by stupidly saying: What can I do about it? Together, you can stop it! Think for a moment what it is like for us, on this side of life, seeing you doing nothing to save and protect humanity and the Earth. By doing nothing, you are as guilty as those who destroy you. Look at them. They are no longer hidden from you. Yet you still serve them. Have you lost confidence in who you are, and why you are on Earth at this time. I tell you that you are going to face BIG CHANGES very soon. How bad those changes are, is up to what you are prepared to do now, to ensure the human race continues.

   The power of the Banks has been used as the BIG STICK to beat humanity and keep it down. We are endeavouring to remove the control of money from the few, so we can create a more level playing field. This will require the shutting down of the Banks for a short period in order to rearrange procedures. We hope to ensure that poverty will be but a bad memory of the dark past. Those of you who want these changes must get on board to ensure things happen quickly without incident. All the attempts the Cabal has made to start World War 3 have been thwarted. They are losing their vice-like grip on the throats of humanity. All the Cabal’s plans to destroy humanity are on the following YouTube video. Please watch it and take note.

Earthquake, EMP, 5G Attack Plans and More Bad News (YouTube)

   Just think for a moment that while you were serving the Cabal, THEY WERE PLANNING TO WIPE YOU OUT. Do you still rush to vote for them? Do you still worship them and kneel before them? What will it take to open your eyes to see things as they are, not as you are told they are? The vultures are surrounding you, eager to kill you. Are you going to stand by and allow this to happen? Connect with who you are. Step into your power. When the 99% do this, the Cabal will quickly retreat from the Earth. All the power that you have given to them will be gone forever. They are PARASITES and should be treated as such. You must wipe the slate clean and start again, knowing what you know now. Remove from your minds all the lies that religion has taught you. Religion stole your souls.

[Look on the main page of this website and you will find out how to take back your power, take back your souls, and free yourselves]

   Forget all the lies you were taught about your history, all orchestrated by the Vatican. These lies ensured that you would never learn your true history because it would expose the lies they are guilty of. Your true history is nothing like what you were taught.

   When you learn your true history, THE PARASITES WILL RETREAT WITH THEIR TAILS BETWEEN THEIR LEGS. There is one thing that terrifies the Cabal: the awakening of Ireland. This is why the Pope is visiting Ireland this year. He wants to ensure that the Irish REMAIN ON THEIR KNEES. What are you prepared to do to free yourself from the parasites?

   First, free your soul, become a complete human being. The truth will set you free. When free of the shackles of religion you can connect with All That Is and become a complete human being, having an experience of life on Earth, as it was before the parasites arrived here. You are, at last, waking up to the fact that the Cabal controls every aspect of your lives. It is always a shock when the truth of your situation hits you and you see the parasites for what they are. They still try to hold on to control and blame Mr Trump for exposing them as he did. There is a plan to try to assassinate him, so it is not advisable for him to travel to London. He would not be safe there. There is no respect for him in the UK. Even the Mayor of London does not want him to come to London. What does that say about him? Ask yourselves why. Is he speaking for himself, or being told what to say? Mr Trump has better things to do with his time, saving humanity.

   My dear, the Cabal is making life very difficult for you. What you thought was bad has got worse. They are desperate and they are losing their power. Big changes are on the way.

Always be on guard, my dear.

Your adoring, Monty.

Justice for Dave McCann. Irishman framed in California | Legal Expenses Fundraising with GoGetFunding

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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Violet Consuming Flame

As you flash the Violet Consuming Flame and watch the Spiral Blue Flame within, see all substance within the body which is not pure, free, and self-luminous and as beautiful as the Higher Mental Body, pass out at the top of the head through that Violet Consuming Flame, just like smoke or a shadow! See that substance pass off, and you stand forth blazing and Self-luminous like your Higher Mental Body, dazzling in Its Sparkling Qualities.
“I AM” blazing, blazing, blazing! with the Violet Consuming Flame everywhere I move and into everything I contact! “Mighty I AM Presence,” make me blaze! blaze! blaze! with that Violet Consuming Flame, until no discord can survive in me or my world! See this comes into Perfect Manifestation in the physical octave, swift as a flash as the Ascended Masters see It!

Excerpt from Instruction and Decree #20 from “I AM” Decree Booklets, Book One, page 137 and 15
For “I AM” Decree Booklets or any of the Saint Germain Series for download, visit:

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Since 3 days, Space Weather has this picture posted on their website

The text mentioned the following:

When dawn broke over Cheyenne, Wyoming, on Jan. 10th, a bright orange source of light appeared in the east. Strangely, it wasn't the sun. "The sun wouldn't rise for another 9 minutes," says Jan Curtis, who took this picture:

"This atmospheric optical effect is caused by the reflection of sunlight by ice crystals in the clouds," says Curtis.

On that wintry morning in Cheyenne, plate-shaped crystals of ice fluttered down from cirrus clouds over the eastern horizon. The crystals' flat faces caught the rays of the advancing sun and spread the light into a vertical column--a sun pillar. A clump of crystals in the cloud deck produced the bright mock sun.

With low-hanging suns beaming through freezing air, northern winter is a good time to see sun pillars and other ice halos. Watch for them especially at sunrise and sunset.

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  "I am Judas Iscariot and I come with big news today. Peace is standing at the door dear children. Many efforts have been made to achieve peace on our Earth and it has yielded big results. There have not been as many countries that are at peace at the same time on our Earth for hundreds of years as there are today. It is a blessing dear children – A large blessing for you and for our Earth. How would we otherwise be able to build up a better word, if there is a continuously on-going war? It is hard almost impossible since all your resources are going to the war industry instead of for humanitarian ends. It is your world dear children on Earth and it is you who determine where the money should go and it is now time for you to invest them in yourselves and the Earth that you love so much. It has already started in some countries where they have realized what it is that needs to be prioritized first, for instance their own population so that they have food, water and a roof over their heads."

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A Vision for Conscious Casual Conversation

A Vision for Conscious Casual Conversation

We see a world where we have awakened to what is is that we are creating with our everyday thoughts and words; where we no longer sit around with our friends and acquaintances talking about Aunt Martha's disease, or Billy Joe's misfortune, or hard times, or sad stories of any kind because we have realized that what we put our attention on is what we're creating and becoming. We understand that the ideas, values and beliefs we talk about are what we're reinforcing, making stronger and bringing to life.

Now, we are more conscious about that which we create. We refrain from taking part in conversations that don't serve us or anyone else. Instead, we enthusiastically talk about the beneficent projects and positive things that are going on in our lives - and in doing so, our casual conversations have turned from the morose to the mindful. Now the time we spend with friends and family is fun again. And when we leave to go home we feel good about our visit and the things that transpired around our kitchen tables, patios and living rooms.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!
You can align with this Vision
by double-clicking the "YES!" Button below.
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Mother Mary Saturday, January 13th, 2018

Mother Mary

Saturday, January 13th, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

 I am Mother Mary and I have big news today. Life is changing on Earth. A new era has started and the light has now spread even to the darkest parts of our Earth and in our minds. Everything has come up to the surface to be dissolved and disappear. It is a true day to love dear children on Earth. It is true day to fill all your hearts with love. Let your ego now move into the third eye and become the true visionary that it initially was. You can use all your bodies when you walk here on Earth dear angels. Everything is a part of you and it is your task to integrate them all so that you work as One – One with the soul and the higher part of yourselves. In order for this to happen you need the right focus and much love for yourselves regardless of what has happened in your life. It is here that forgiveness and understanding comes in. Forgive yourselves for what has been and understand that you acted from the perspective that you had then. Since then you have grown a bit and the perspective has shifted. This is what is important dear children – that you have grown in your love for yourselves and the world around you. It is this love that is flowing around you today and it is this love that changes the life you live. Yes, it changes not only your life, but it changes many people’s lives here on Earth. It creates a boomerang effect that bounces from one to the other.

We are very pleased up here with the work that you have done and still do on Earth. It is a time for love now children, so let the love grow in your hearts. It is love that is changing our Earth today. Hear its wings. Feel its mild wind and understand that you are a part of something big. Biggest of all is the love. You have surely heard this and there have been songs written about this and truly I tell you that truer than this it cannot be. Love is greatest and most powerful weapon that exists and it lives in your hearts. Is this not wonderful? You are the weapons that can change the world just by loving yourselves and let the light shoot up from your hearts. This is what you are doing right now dear children on Earth. You shine with your love-lights and you change your world for each step you take. Have you not seen the large change that has taken place? Have you not noticed that your fellow humans have a changed approach towards life on Earth? You will discover that more people will choose that which is good for them and their family. They choose healthier habits and prioritize a better diet. They have started to see with clearer eyes what needs to be done here in the world.

It is a time for restructuring of our Earth so that new technologies can come forward and replace the old and worn out. Caring for health needs to replace a focus on illnesses and this is true for Earth as well as body and soul. It has started dear children on Earth. A big change is now under way that is going to impact your life and life on Earth in a positive way. Have trust dear children on Earth – have trust in yourselves and the Earth you belong to. Feel the light and love in your heart that reside there and which is spreading like wildfire to many more hearts. There are many who now have lit up their hearts and they light up like small fires on Earth.

My hearts is on fire for you dear children and together we light up this world. I can see a light future ahead of us.

I love you so much,  Mother Mary

Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan  /  Source:

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Volume 4, Ascended Master Instruction, XVI, p. 156

The Seven Sacred Weeks

Saint Germain says “Once the Great Inner Power, which is the “Mighty I AM Presence,” starts to act, in reality It never stops.”

As We said in the beginning, a definite Work is being done through this Instruction of the “I AM,” and It cannot be undone. The Inner Work of releasing the Great Cosmic Light for the Blessing of mankind, goes on regardless of all outer conditions. This Work is not an ordinary thing, and when the Students come under this Observation, there will be the Irresistible Power of Cosmic Light and Love drawing them; and the moment they begin to turn right or left away from It, they will find something confronting them. When they would forget the Inner Glory of their “Mighty I AM Presence” for the outer, they will find they cannot do it. You see, the fact is that they have entered into the Activity of the Great Love, Wisdom, and Conscious Power of the “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Great Host of Ascended Masters, and that Mighty Activity is All-controlling and Eternal. Once the Great Inner Power, which is the “Mighty I AM Presence,” starts to act, in reality It never stops. These individuals have said they wanted to serve the Great Light. It has taken them at their word and goes on!

Volume 4, Ascended Master Instruction, XVI, p. 156
Book: Saint Germain Press.

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