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Volume 4 – Ascended Master Instruction, XIV, p. 136

Saint Germain teaches us “Take your questions to your God Self”

If the individual would take his or her stand upon any question in the mind and say, “God, show me and tell me the Truth about this thing,” it would start an activity that would bring the full explanation. One must hold fast until the answer comes, for it always will. If one wants to go downtown, he continues until he arrives there. It is the same activity that is needed with mental work. When one starts a thing, he should continue on the way until he attains it.

It seems so strange that individuals will not hold fast to the idea and use of the God Quality in everything about them, instead of trying to requalify it themselves. However, if the Student of understanding sees a wrong condition, then by knowing that “there is only God in Action” - it might be considered qualifying, but it is really loosing the God Power into action within it. This is really not requalifying, but instead is using the God Quality already there. Regardless of what is taking place, all energy is God’s Energy. If people accepted the natural quality within, they would find it is really God. If they would know but this, it would be recognizing the True Quality, and so only God could come back to them.

Volume 4 – Ascended Master Instruction, XIV, p. 136
Book: Saint Germain Press.

So dear hearts, take your questions to your God Self and know "I AM the Only Presence, Power and Intelligence acting here, there and everywhere!"

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The Seven Sacred Weeks

The Goddess of Liberty says “you must be firm and strong against human suggestions, but humble as a babe before the ‘Great Presence’ which gives you Life”

Today, Beloved Students, I say to you for your eternal, individual Blessing: no matter how great the Powers that you call forth, no matter how great the attainment that you reach, whatever in God’s Name you do, be humble! There is not anything so great in the world as to be humble before this Great Presence and Power, your “Mighty I AM” - firm and strong against human suggestions, but humble as a babe before the Great “Presence” which gives you Life. Then Its Powers will flow in, through you, and out into your world, to bless you and all with whom you come in contact.

Volume 7 – Ascended Master Light, p. 467
Book: Saint Germain Press

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